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No Attack On Iran!

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Bibi Netanyahu II The Saber Rattlers

Netanyahu must not push America into another War!

 On the eve of the six party negotiations with Iran, and Mr. Armidenijade’s statement that “nuclear weapons belong to the past generations, we see no need for such weapons” it was alarming to hear a casual discussion on MSNBC’s Hardball last night as to whether or not Israel should attack Iran and bomb their nuclear facilities.  The only question for the show’s animated host, Chris Matthews, was if the Israeli’s could pull it off on their own.

At one point Matthews asked why the Israeli’s didn’t just pull a surprise commando raid like they did in Uganda and assassinate the Iranian leadership.  It was a silly question on the face of it – given the vast differences in the military capabilities between Iran and Uganda – and it exposed how little Matthews understands about the world.  In the fog of ignorance I Guess one Third World country looks like another to him.

The answer from the two middle east experts – one a policy wonk from that right wing think tank The American Enterprise Institute, and Bob Baer, a former CIA agent – was that the Israeli’s could start a war with Iran, but they couldn’t finish it without American help.  In every scenario they could imagine: if the Israeli’s attack Iran the US will be drawn into the ensuing war.

What was most intriguing about the entire discussion was the absence of any respect for the sovereignty of Iran, or the morality of the actions they were discussing, or how similar these arguments sound to the rhetoric that preceded the invasion of Iraq.  It is no wonder the Iranians feel threatened.

This situation could turn out to be a foreign policy nightmare for President Obama, who has made it abundantly clear that he is opposed to such an attack by the Israelis.  However Bibi Netanyahu appears to want to make it a contest as to who has the biggest balls, manifested in this instance as political clout with the US media and Congress. The Israeli Prime Minister’s arrogance stems from the fact that Israeli support groups have a great track record at applying pressure on elected officials to gain American support for Israel’s policies in the middle East.

Hence it should have surprised no one that the Iranians recently fired a long range rocket to warn anyone considering an attack on Iran to think again if they believe it will be risk free.  It is no different from what Americans would do.  If the Israeli’s feel that they are justified in attacking Iran because they may be developing the capacity to make an atomic bomb at some time in the future, by that same logic the Iranians could justify a preemptive attack on Israel’, who already has a well stocked  nuclear arsenal and is threatening to attack Iran!

Given the well know history of American intervention in Iranian affairs, President Obama must make it plain that the US is unalterably opposed to any Israeli attack on Iran.  For this nation cannot sustain another war in the Muslim world…or anywhere else.


 Playthell Benjamin

Harlem New york

September 19, 2009

A Great Day On Sugar Hill!

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 Meet Me at Paul Robeson Boulevard


And Count Basie Place!

 Count Basie at the Piano

 It’s About Time!!!

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 247

Well Alright Now!!

 Erecting monuments and naming streets is a time honored way of paying homage to those whose contributions to society have made our lives better. By having lived the lives they lived during their time on earth our lives today are richer, and fuller, because of their deeds.  Sometimes that contribution is obvious, because they are material, as in the case of scientists who cure diseases; or generals who are triumphant in war; or philanthropic businessmen who pay for buildings that bear their name. Yet there are others whose contributions are immaterial, though richer still, because they enrich our inner life through their contributions to art, literature, music, philosophy, social activism and political leadership.

 In west African societies, from whence came the ancestors that shaped some fundamental aspects the American cultural heritage of the two men we are honoring here today, there are ceremonies known as ancestor veneration rituals.  On such occasions there is music and dance and feasting and the recitation of praise poems extolling the deeds of the great spirits who are being honored.  That is how I view our task today.  Both Bill Basie and  Big Paul Robeson were sons of our neighboring state of New Jersey – the former from Red Bank the latter from Princeton – and their deeds are of such a magnitude that, if properly understood, could end all the dirty jokes about that much maligned state.

 Paul Robeson from was one of my earliest heroes. Having grown up in St. Augustine Florida and enjoying the benefit of an education in a school system designed by James Weldon Johnson, our teachers told us of the legendary scholar athlete from Rutgers, who became a great Shakespearian actor, world renowned concert singer who elevated the songs of slaves to great art, lawyer, and fearless freedom fighter.   Although in the 1950’s when I was in high school they had to virtually whisper his name in the racist apartheid south, because of persecution by a white supremacists government and school board to whom Paul Robeson represented a menace to the social order.  And indeed he was!  

 It was in the nature of things that this greatly gifted and proud black man would find it impossible to accept the proposition that white men who were demonstrably his inferiors would dare to deem him their inferior and kick him, and all who looked like him, to the curb where they would watch the parade of history but never join the procession as an equal partner in shaping the grand saga that is American history. 

Since Paul Robeson was as near to human perfection as we are ever likely to see – the personification of the ancient Greek Ideal of mind body perfection – he was superior to all the white men of his generation…and although he never said it, he had to know it!  We would be a better nation today had he served as our President during the period when Franklin Delanor Roosevelt sat in the Oval Office. For Robeson, a hero of militant freedom fighters all over the world, was fighting fascism in Spain while Roosevelt fiddled and IBM built machines that made the NAZI genocide against European Jews more efficient!

At one point Paul Robeson was the most famous of all Americans – singing the sacred songs of his enslaved ancestors on the stages of the great concert halls of the world – and marching with struggling workers everywhere in the advanced industrial world.  His work in behalf of world peace and universal brotherhood inspired the Russians to name a mountain after him even as his own government tried to extinguish any memory of his noble deeds. 

 Yet even the vicious American government, with its inhumane racial caste system, could not contain Robeson’s genius nor extinguish his memory.  As an artist and engaged intellectual  blessed with the physical stature and magnificent voice of a Frederick Douglass; the intellect of a DuBois; the militant fighting spirit of Nat turner; and splendid artistic and athletic gifts, Big Paul Robeson was the tallest tree in our forest. And not all the power of the American government could cut him down. 

 Through years of relentless persecution from  the  US government and the entertainment industry, intended to silence his unrelenting advocacy for the freedom of his people from a fascist like racial oppression, even then centuries old, while championing the struggles of the workers of the world, Robeson’s head was bloodied but unbowed until the day he danced and joined his ancestors.  And as Shakespeare said of Othello – a role Paul played in the longest running production of a Shakespeare play on Broadway – “the elements so blended in him that all the world could say …there was a man!”



 When I was in the tenth grade we got a young hip bandmaster at my high school, Mr. Chuck McClendon, who was a fabulous saxophonist.  This was at a time when many of the big bands were breaking up and the great musicians who had filled their chairs were seeking work as music teachers in the black public schools of the south; it was one of the unintended positive consequences of the evil system of racial segregation. 

 At the time most black highs-school bands were playing the jingoistic marches of John Phillip Sousa, founder of the United states Marine core band, but Mr. McClendon told us right off: “I want our band to be so swinging that when people hear the name Murray high they will start patting their feet.”  So our theme song became “Jumping at the Woodside,” by Count Basie.   Because, as Duke Ellington said “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”…and Bill Basie was the real King Of Swing!  

 Although others have tried to expropriate this form, the big swing band was an invention of Afro-American musicians, the most original incarnation of the orchestra in western music since the European Symphony.  Like Jazz itself, it reflects the most cherished values of American civilization and swings to the up-tempo rhythms of  a modern industrial machine age society, where the miraculous is routine. The artistic imagination of Bill Basie was shaped by the ragtime rhythms of the east, with its complex syncopation and love of melody, and the rough and tumble blues sensibility of the south-western territory bands.

 To the casual observer with an untutored ear, Count Basie simply used the piano to punctuate orchestral statements.  But the Count was a formidable pianist, a master of the Stride and Boogie Woogie styles.  In his memoir “Music Is My Mistress” the great Duke Ellington, himself a master of the keyboard, talks about how one of his favorite things to do was go out and watch Count Basie play solo piano.  Of course the evidence is on record, and it’s irrefutable. 

I refer you to Basie’s playing on the records “House for Rent” and “St. Louise Boogie,” from the album “Battle Of the Bands,” featuring the Duke Ellington and Count Basie Orchestras as exhibit A.  There you will hear splendid examples of Basie’s playing in both styles, as well as the unique and ingenious way he both conversed with the Orchestra and controlled the music from the keyboard.  The rhythmic demands of Stride and Boogie Woogie requires a facility in the left hand that is as technically demanding as playing the score of Chopin’s “Revolutionary Etude,” which is one of the most difficult compositions in the European classical  piano literature.

 Bill Basie’s style is an authentically American classical piano form in which virtuosity is assumed, and the emphasis is on musical invention, in a performance where the score is being created at the speed of thought.  Embodied in his sound and technique one can hear echoes of Jelly Roll Morton, James P. Johnson, Willie the Lion Smith, Dorothy Donegan and especially Thomas “Fats” Waller – who inspired him to play the organ.

 Perhaps Basie’s greatest artistic achievement is that he managed to project his personality through a musical aggregation of independent minded virtuosos who could improvise on their own musical ideas ad infinitum.  But yet in the sound of the Basie Orchestra one hears both the triumphant spirit of twentieth century America, as well as the bubbly, buoyant, gracious, elegant personality of the Count.   And during the golden age of the Basie band when it was powered by “The All American Rhythm Section” – Poppa Joe Jones, Freddie Green, Walter Page and Basie – they were the hardest swinging band in the land!

 While Ellington’s great orchestra was certainly a vehicle for his musical imagination, he was, after all, a great composer who produced endless written scores.  But in the formative years of the Basie sound the orchestra played without any written music at all…It is a miracle I continue to marvel at.  It remains a mystery as to how he could produce such precision and improvisational freedom in a big band without any musical notations. 

 The Basie band was playing from head arrangements with polyrhymic rifts from the brass and reed sections punctuating and driving the soloists.  And through it all the careful listener can hear The Count striding through the wailing horns, grooving to the rhythm he heard, yet always in the corner pocket.  The best guide to understanding how the count developed his band and his unique sound one must read “Good Morning Blues,” Basie’s autobiography, written with Albert Murray.

 In the great age of American big bands, extending from the early twentieth century to the 1950’s, two orchestras came to define the best of the genre: The Duke Ellington and Count Basie bands. Ellington represented the sophisticated elegance of the Harlem Renissiance and the golden age of black Washington society. It was an exemplar of what the Harlem sage and preeminent philosopher of the blues, Albert Murray, calls  “the fully orchestrated blues statement.”

 Count Basie’s band, on the other hand, embodyied the raucous freedom, inventiveness, and earthy blues sensibility of the South-West territory as expressed in the Afro-American culture of Oklahoma City and especially Kansas City, where Basie cut his teeth as the pianist with the famous Blue Devils.  Of all  the definitions I’ve heard of music my favorite is: “Music is a poignant sound portrait painted on a canvas of silence.”

 The sound portraits painted by the Basie band captures the grandeur of the American spirit as filtered through the sensibility of the Afro-American artist, who  was imbued with a heroic optimism that alone can account for the rise of the African American people from the slave quarters to the White House, the miracle of Jazz, and the rare gift that was Bill Basie.


Inside The building where The Great Men Lived

 Inside the Triple Nickel 009

Interiors By Versailles  


 Scenes From An Ancestor Veneration Ritual 

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 041

 The Culturati Joins The Politicos in Celebration


 Grand Daughter Susan Robeson Spoke On Behalf Of Family

 Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 055

 As Matt Jacobs Oh Harlem Historical Society Listens


  Neighborhood Resident Eddie Kirkpatrick

 Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 005

Representin for the Activist community


  State Assemblyman Bill Perkins

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 062

 And The President of the Count Basie foundation

 Internationally Renown Concert Pianist Filipe Hall Paying His Respects

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 014

Professor Hall Performs the music Robeson sang



The Celebrants Retire To Fete At Jumel Mansion

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 225

The Stately Country House where George Washington Encamped



  A Portrait Of General Washington

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 119 

 Hangs in the Hallway


Even In The 18th Century

 Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 124

 The Rich lived Large!


  Jumel Mansion Is…

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 115A

A Fine House Built By A Hooker!


 But On this Glorious Day

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 138 

 It Was A Refuge for the Righteous Revelers


 Who Feasted  Royally!

 Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 149

 On Fruits and Salads


 And Was Serenaded By Margie Elliot

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 127 

 Virtuoso Pianist and Jazz Impresario


 Denny Farrell And Robert Jackson and Bill Perkins

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 132 

 Commiserated with the Mansion’s Director


There Were Ladies of High Style!

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 107 

Who Were No Slaves To Fashion!


A Bride And Groom Dropped By!

 Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 206 The Guzman’s!!


 Some  Hip Hoppers Paid Homage!

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 195

 Spittin Rhymes Praising Their Ancestors!


 Men Of Vision Brought Their Little  Daughters

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 212 

 And Stimulated Their Senses!!


 Cats Of All Ages

 Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 203

Were Representin!!


  The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Represented

 Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 171

 Peter N. Carroll told Us How Robeson Sang For the Soldiers In Spain


  “Freedom Eddie”  And Susan Robeson

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 179

 Discuss The Great One’s Legacy


  Neighborhood Folks!

 Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 152

 June And Jane Pay Their Respects


  The Man Of The Hour!

Meet me at Robeson blvd. And Basie Place 167Mark Jacobs (center) Director HHS

He Made It all Happen!!




Aftermath Of The Disaster!

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Disaster in New york 

 Irony, Rage, Denial, but Little Truth

 October 02, 2001

Playthell Benjamin

As I awoke on this first Sunday after the great terror rained down from the skies over the nation’s Capitol, and the Financial Center of the world in lower Manhattan, I was greeted with rumors and rumblings of war. And as the day proceed the rattling of sabers became fairly deafening, drowning out any attempt at sober and objective analysis of both the possible causes of the Kamikaze like attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon, and what strategy the nation should now employ to eradicate those causes. Most disappointing has been the pronouncements of our elected officials and Christian clerics.

Both too often speak as if they are addressing a nation of little children or adult morons. The preferred rhetoric of the day abounds with simple-minded equations of those “evil men” who are out to “destroy our democratic Christian way of life” because they envy and hate our “American freedom and prosperity.” Even as enlightened and reasonable a man as Senator Charles Schumer came on WCBS TV and resorted to moronic arguments like “They hate us because we are free, because I can go to a book store and buy any book I want” and – turning to the black woman anchor, a super intellectual lightweight – he said “they hate you because you don’t have to wear a veil.”

The question, put to the senator by the Afro-American anchor that prompted this torrent of propagandistic invective masquerading as wisdom was: “Why do these people hate us so, do they want to turn us into the Talibans?” This, as strange as it seems, is about the level of the discourse conducted by the talking airheads who control the mikes in the major media, whether radio or television. And, rather than take the opportunity television offers to speak to millions in order to raise the level of the discourse by calling for a measured response and soul searching about American policy in the middle east, the politicians and clerics have, for the most part, descended to the level of the media wags.

Yet the present crisis, which has forced the anchors to engage in extemporaneous conversation due to the many hours they are on the air covering unfolding events, has exposed how ignorant they are of world affairs as well as their moral bankruptcy. It is frightening to think that many people look upon these overpaid over hyped media personalities as well informed and ethical sources from whom they can gain wisdom about the world.

The awful truth is that many of these anchors have skills that are closer to those of an actor than what is required of a journalist. One News organization – If memory serves it is the Fox network – recently hired a third rate blond actress whose career was going nowhere on the big screen to serve as a news anchor. While serious female journalists howled in protest, the suits at the network put the blond bubblehead on the air reading the news while displaying her shapely legs ala Katie Couric – that’s what your favorite news anchor does folks, just read copy by an anonymous author off a teleprompter. That she has been successful verifies the claim made by many journalists that it is more important for a successful TV anchor to be physically attractive and able to read news copy with the proper emotions than to develop crack journalistic skills and spend years learning about world affairs. Hence the sordid state of our present public discourse should surprise no one, for it is being conducted by morons!

However the same claim cannot be made for our clerics. Among the ranks of men of the cloth who are entrusted with the spiritual guidance of our nation are charlatans like Jerry Falwell, and pious preachers like Wyatt T. Walker, and many who have extensive educations in philosophy, religion, history, and the social sciences. But most of all, for Christians, the canonical text is the Holy Bible. The New Testament, which contains the teachings of Jesus Christ, expressly forbids the use of violence and instructs us to “Love thy enemy” and “Turn the other cheek.” Advice all too readily given to black folks suffering from centuries of horrid oppression, whether in the USA or South Africa, by the same white folks who are now whipping up the war hysteria.

I have heard one Christian cleric after another call for war against the Muslim terrorists with all the fervor of a medieval monk recruiting knights for the crusades – a term actually employed by President Bush. The teachings of Jesus – whom they all give lip service to – along with reason, are the first casualties of the nationalistic war fever that has gripped the nation. In fact, the orgy of self-righteous anger my countrymen are engaging in just now is such that it is dangerous to try and offer a reasoned argument based upon the Christian principles taught by Jesus. Indeed, in a flurry of jingoistic indignation the clerics have scrapped the biblical injunction, “Vengeance is mine! sayth the lord,” faster than the Lone Ranger could draw his gun.

It is not surprising that the clearest voices calling the nation away from this course of blind vengeance and setting forth arguments based on Christian charity and reconciliation have come from the African-American community. The first voice that I heard clearly calling for the nation to reflect upon its policies in the Middle East, and the Bush administration’s increasingly unilateralist posture in world affairs, was the Reverend Jesse Jackson who, despite the recent exposure of his adulterous affair, remains one of the clearest voices for Christian charity in governmental policies.

And the other was the courageous warning of the black Episcopal priest who spoke to the nation at the “Day of Mourning” ceremonies in the National cathedral. With all of the high and mighty congregated to express their anguish at the sudden attack on the nation’s centers of power, including four former presidents who are far from innocent of blame in the present tragedy, the compassionate Cleric admonished the nation not to become the evil they were seeking to redress.

Here in New York this Sunday, progressive black preachers long committed to the struggle for social justice through public policy informed by Christian charity – Herbert Daughtry, Calvin Butts, Al Sharpton, etc – called the nation away from blind rage and reminded us of white America’s long record of sinful treatment of people of color. These insightful clerics, who refuse to join in the national chant for war against the infidels, made it clear that the American government is not blameless in the disaster that has befallen our nation. That such an obvious conclusion may soon become grounds for the government to tap our phones and intercept our e-mails – scrapping the civil liberties that are one of the finest features of American civilization – is a true measure of the abysmal mess we are in.

However if the poet James Russell Lowell was right, that “Truth crushed to earth will rise again,” as Dr. Martin Luther King was fond of pointing out, then no matter how hard the official mythmakers in our government, pulpits and press try to deny any culpability on the part of America’s foreign policy establishment for the present disaster, the truth will out. And the truth is that American policies in the Islamic world – and the so-called Third World in general i.e. African, Asia, and Latin America – over the past century have created innumerable enemies with a passionate hatred for the USA.

For instance, between 1890 and 1932 the US military intervened in the affairs of third world countries 45 times. And since the close of World War II the US has conducted 20 armed interventions into the internal affairs of other countries, all of which were in support of anti-democratic forces. It is this disgraceful legacy to which the historian and lawyer Gerald Horne refers when he argues that white Americans have promoted a policy of democratic institutions for themselves, quasi-fascism for African-Americans, and fascism for third world countries.

The evidence is abundant and incontrovertible. To deny these fundamental facts is to eradicate the possibility of reaching the kind of understanding that is essential to developing a new world order that can foster peace and prosperity for all peoples. Hence it will not well serve the national interest to deny the history and present realities that so many others in the world are living or share as collective memories.

For instance, none but a Charlatan or an ignoramus can deny that the Islamic revolution, which began with the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, is a direct response to American policies in the region. The root cause of the revolution was the American decision to have the CIA overthrow the constitutionally elected government of Muhammad Mossedeh in 1953 and establish the Pahlevi dynasty – a group of greedy, dictatorial, murderers – to reign over the Iranian people as absolute rulers backed by American military might.

It is common knowledge to anyone who has cared to study the matter that torture was a standard tool for quelling dissent and maintaining the Shah’s stranglehold on the country. There was no pretense at democracy yet the US government supplied the Shah with the most advanced military hardware, which he paid for with the oil wealth of the country, wealth that the Shah squandered as if it were his personal fortune.

But while the Pahlevi’s and their US sponsors basked in Hubris, the increasingly militant clerics of Iran, led by the exiled Ayatollah Khomeni, who would burst upon the scene like and old testament prophet calling for the death of “The Great Satan,” was quietly winning the hearts and minds of the people. And when the people rose in righteous anger fueled by a militant and redemptive brand of Shiite Islam the Shah’s army, the best equipped fighting force in the region, proved impotent as the soldiers turned their guns on their officers.

Sadly most Americans, who are terminally provincial, never heard of any of this until the Mullahs ordered their Muslim troops to take American hostages. I remember well how, aside from the CIA operatives who were the architects of this mess, Middle East Scholars, and a hand full of progressive intellectuals concerned with international solidarity with the oppressed, most Americans were standing around completely befuddled, clueless. The dominant theme of the discourse among my fellow Americans at the time was: “What’s wrong with these crazy people, why are they doing this to these innocent Americans!” But to those of us who had been studying American policy in Iran the Islamic revolution came as no surprise.  Just as only the methods used by the terrorists of 9/11 surprised us, not that it happened; for that was predictable.  Yet most Americans were caught completely off guard.

Hence the dominant discourse in the aftermath of the present disaster is strangely familiar. The same mind numbing ignorance and self-righteous bombast that characterized the mainstream American response to the Iranian revolution now colors the present conversation. And the incredible policy blunders that led the US to arm Iraq to invade Iran provoking a bloody war that Iraq eventually lost but not before acquiring advanced American training and military technology.

However, when the Iraqis decided to use their military might to reclaim a part of their oil rich territory – which Sadam Hussein calls “The fifth province of Iraq – that the British colonialists had ripped off and renamed Kuwait, then placed under the control of a Bedouin Sheik whose vast oil wealth enables him to rule as a benevolent dictator, George Bush Senior, along with Dick Cheney and Colin Powell launched “Desert Storm,” supposedly to save these rascals!

The present conflict with Osama Bin Laden, and the pending invasion of Afghanistan to arrest him, is also the consequence of misguided American meddling. Ben Laden and the fanatical, super- repressive Taliban regime is a product of the largest CIA covert action since WWII, a two billion dollar operation which trained the militant Islamic forces in “urban terrorism” to employ against the Russians. Hence, if the terrorist who wreaked such devastating violence on Washington and New York were trained in Afghanistan it is a particularly horrible case of what the intelligence community calls “Blowback”!

Finally, there is America’s long-standing policy of always supporting the Israelis in their struggle with the Palestinians. On Tuesday the Arab-American leaders who met with the President the day before, held a press conference at which they candidly addressed the issue of America’s apparent unconditional support for Israel as a major source of hatred for this country in the Islamic world. Although acknowledging the danger of being accused of anti-Semitism for speaking out on this issue, they never-the-less chose to speak their minds.

But they are not alone in arguing this point. A retired Admiral associated with The Center For Defense Information made the same point in an interview with former Daily News columnist Earl Caldwell, in a live broadcast on WBAI FM last Saturday. The admiral argued that there is no purely military solution to the scourge of Islamic Terrorism; only a solution to the problems that give rise to the terrorist – whom he said were “made not born” – can finally end this deadly plague. It was obvious to all who watched the television reports on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that Arab parents were not going to long tolerate the steady procession of caskets bearing the bodies of their children, slaughtered by Israeli soldiers for throwing rocks. That’s why the suicide bombers came as no surprise to many observers.

Listening to the swelling howl for blood vengeance that now drowns out any attempt at a rational and honest discussion of the issues surrounding the most deadly terrorist attack in US history, I fear for the future of my children. With one child living in an area where there is a major concentration of military installations, and another dwelling in the shadow of nuclear reactors, a quiet but persistent terror creeps into my soul, and I long to find the voice that could conjure the words powerful enough to turn this nation away from the path of death and destruction to study war no more. I wish for the language that could convince my irate countrymen that now is the time for diplomacy not bombs! For if history teaches us anything it is that violence begets more violence.

Sadly, since the arrogance of the largely Anglo-Saxon white male elite who still own and run this country knows no bounds, they will more than likely rush head long into the abyss and rain bombs on many thousands of innocent people – and increasingly we hear a rising call for nuclear weapons. To claim that this is a Christian response is blasphemy; to confuse it with wisdom is pitiable self-deception, to declare it just is a vainglorious lie! And, like the poet said, “No lie can live forever.” Since no man or woman of the cloth has yet shown the moral courage to say “We have reaped what we have sown” – at least it has yet to reach my ears – like Thomas Jefferson, I fear for the fate of my country and “I shudder when I reflect upon the fact that god is just!”

Copyright ) 2001 The Black World Today.


Clifford’s Blues

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A Unique Contribution to Holocaust Literature


       A blurb on the back of John A. Williams’ new novel, “Clifford’s Blues,” written by fellow novelist and recent winner of the coveted McArthur Genius award, Ishamel Reed, claims that this novel “proves again” that Williams is “the greatest American novelist of the twentieth century.”  To the untutored reader who is unfamiliar with the work of John A. Williams, this claim may sound like hyperbole.  However to those who have read other novels by Williams such as “The Man Who Cried I Am,”  “Captain Blackman,”  “Click Song,” or “The Angry Ones,” – Reed’s claim does not seem far out at all.

            Just when it seemed to many people that there was nothing new to say about the Third Reich and the genocidal policies that was its distinguishing feature, Williams’ original approach to the subject has given us a fresh perspective while deepening our understanding of the work of important holocaust scholars.

For instance, the German Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt’s arguments about the banality of evil in her controversial  book “Eichman In Jerusalem,” and Harvard’s professor Goldhagen’s conclusion that the grisly work of the Nazi  fascist was widely supported by the German citizenry in his recent book, “Hitlers Helpers,” becomes crystal clear after reading “Clifford’s Blues.”

Williams employs a broad based understanding of the history of Nazi Germany and the psychology of fascism, complemented by a fertile and inventive imagination, to provide the reader with a sustained look into the daily lives of the victims and victimizers, i.e. the inmates and guards in Dachau, one of the most famous of the German concentration camps.  The author’s choice of Clifford Pepperidige – a black gay jazz musician imprisoned in the camp – as narrator, insures that the reader will get a unique perspective on the rise of fascism in Germany.

The novel is written in the form of Clifford’s diary during his incarceration in Dachau.  His first entry sums up the situation: “My name’s Clifford Pepperidge and I am in trouble.  I’m an American Negro and I play piano, sometimes, and I’m a vocalist, too. I shouldn’t be here, but they didn’t pay any attention to me when they brought me.  Didn’t listen when I was in Berlin, either.  I’m in Protective Custody, they call it.”

With entries that span the twelve years from May 28, 1933 to  April 28, 1945, the diary covers a period which corresponds to the rise and fall of Adolph Hitler.  We learn from the diary that a wide variety of people were interned in this camp and they are charged with an assortment of crimes, virtually all of which became crimes only after the Nazi’s took power.

Among the detainees are Jehovah’s Witnesses, socialists and communists, Gypsies, homosexuals, race defilers (people in interracial marriages)   people of mixed blood like the “Rhine land bastards,”   inferior races like Africans et. al.  And while Clifford also saw Jews in Dachau, he tells us that most of them were shipped to the “death factories” like Triblinka, Bergen Belson, Auschwitz etc.

When Clifford first entered Dachau it appeared to be more of a slave labor detention camp than a death camp, but as the murderous Nazi‘s  grow more powerful they greatly expand the camp and  build a crematorium.  As they start attacking neighboring countries and carrying out mass executions of captured prisoners, Clifford begins to see stacks of dead bodies everywhere and the stench of burning flesh befouls the air.  Eventually the classification of death factory or slave labor camp becomes a distinction without a difference because the dead and dying are everywhere.  Through the brilliantly crafted entries in Clifford’s diary Williams reconstructs this nightmare with a rare poignance and power that makes it feel real.

But while the novel treats one of the most horrible episodes in human history it is not grim reading.  And that is perhaps the greatest achievement of the author.  What prevents the novel from becoming a depressing experience is the irrepressible spirit of Clifford Pepperidge.  An apolitical artist and trickster who calls himself “The Cliff,” Pepperidge was having such a ball snorting coke, partying in gay orgies, and performing in the nightclubs that enlivened night life in the decadent milieu of Wiermar Berlin – the setting for Berthold Brect’s Three Penny Opera and the popular musical Cabaret – that he barely noticed the rise of the Nazi’s until he was arrested and carted off to Dachau with the rest of the “queers.”

           Nighlife in Weirmar

The Gay Scene was Openly Accepted

From the outset of his detention in “Protective Custody,” he strikes a Faustian bargain with a jazz loving SS captain who is also a closeted homosexual with a taste for cocaine and chocolate buns.  “The Cliff” had sort of known the captain when they were both out in the world, and he recounts his feelings upon seeing him on his first day in Dachau thusly :”It was Dieter Lange, and he had more reason to be here, in a gray suit, than me.  He’d been a Raffke in Berlin – a hustler, a pimp, profiteer, a regular MacHeath, but his lovers were all men.  He was a chicken plucker who’d always wanted to pluck a black chicken because they were so rare in Germany….But…I never went out with men like Dieter Lange.”

However, after checking out the scene in Dachau,  going out with Dieter Lange didn’t seem like such a bad deal.  In fact, when Dieter hit on him Cliff found the offer irresistible :” If I was nice to him, he’d be nice to me.  He’d always liked jazz music and my singing and playing.  He would do his best to look after me.  But if I became troublesome, he’d have me back in the camp in a prisoner barracks in a flash.”  Considering the gruesome alternative it was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Thus began a strange and complex psycho/sexual relationship that would eventually include a menage a trois with Dieter Lange’s wife Anna – a big blond country Freulien who metamorphosed into the kind of house Frau that the SS considered ideal for breeding little Nazi’s – and sexual trysts with Anna and her girlfriend / lover Ursula, who was also the wife of an SS officer.  After a decade of this, “The Cliff” emerged as master of the situation and clearly the smartest and strongest of the lot.

Among the many outstanding achievements of this novel – which include the humanization of Nazi functionaries and the creation of a masterful black gay male who keeps his head when all around him are losing theirs – perhaps the most remarkable is the celebration of Afro-American history and cultural styles that is woven throughout the text.  In fragments of memory during the twelve years that Cliff Pepperidge confided his most cherished reveries to his diary, we learn much about the history of black Americans of that period.

We are told about Paul Robeson’s visit to Germany; the world renowned biologist and Howard University professor Ernest Just’s researches at the famous Kaiser Wilhiem institute; the spells cast upon Europeans by dazzling black performers like Florence Mills; Bricktop’s  failed attempt to open a nightclub in Berlin in and attempt to duplicate her great success in Paris; the irresistible charm of  Jazz; Jessie Owen’s domination of the Berlin Olympics; Joe Louis’ defeat at the hands of Max Schmeling and his stunning victory in the return match; the spellbinding heroics of Afro-American fighter pilots who blasted German jets out of the skies flying their technologically disadvantaged prop planes etc.

Yet Even if the novel had omitted  this treasure trove of Afro-Americana, John Williams’ transparent love for, and superb knowledge of,  the Classical tradition of  black  American  complex instrumental music popularly known as jazz, and his gift for rendering it in finely crafted English prose, would have been well worth the price of the text.  There are many opportunities for Williams to display his gift for musical explication because Dieter Lange has a serious interest in Cliff’s musical abilities beyond being a fan.

As a seasoned hustler cum social climber Lange recognized that Cliff’s musical talents could help promote his career, since his superior officers in the SS were jazz lovers in spite of the official Nazi party position that it was the decadent wailing of an inferior people.  Cliff’s explanations of how he whipped a group of stiff German musicians – who were mostly trained in European classical music and  played instruments that properly belonged in a symphony orchestra, like the violin and French horn – into a swinging ensemble is a real education in the art of making music.

“The Cliff’s” constant comparisons of the racial practices of Nazi Germany to the racist etiquette of his native Louisiana in the early twentieth century – which is what drove him into European exile in the first place – is like a dagger which rips away the veil of ignorance and denial that white Americans have erected in order to cover up their shameful pastThis is a courageous act on the part of the author, especially in an era when intellectual cowardice and shameless genuflection before the imperatives of a Eurocentric literary marketplace is the order of the day.  And it explains why this splendid book was rejected by 57 publishers!   This is a sin and a shame because “Clifford’s Blues” is a tour de force, a masterpiece of modern American fiction.  It will make a splendid companion piece to the documentary film “Uncovering The Black German Holocaust,” by David Okuefuna and Moise Shewa.


 Images Revealing the German Facination with Afro-American Culture

 Josephine Baker in Berlin 1926

Whassup at the CIA?

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Leon Panetta

 CIA Director Leon Panetta:

Caught in  the Cross Fire

 While the devil will certainly turn up in the details, from the limited understanding thoughtful observers are able to glean from the facts that have surfaced there is a big mess brewing at the CIA which has the potential to wreak havoc on the Republican Party.  On the face of it one could easily view this as a democratic fight – as some pouting Republicans are all too happy to do – but thorny questions regarding the limits of executive power vis a vis the Congress and the Courts may well lead to a full fledged investigation into whether top officials in the Bush administration ordered the CIA to withhold information and thus mislead Congress.  This would be a serious crime!

Such a course of investigation might well reveal that the CIA was ordered to lie to Congress, in which case the investigation could lead right into the Office of President Bush.  This is a reasonable assumption, based upon what we know from past renegade actions by the CIA.  Although you’d never know it based on the ahistorical chatter among the talking heads in the media, there is a rich literature written by former CIA agents that document illegal or immoral actions carried out by the intelligence agency  around the world unbeknownst to the Congress, who is charged with oversight of the nation’s intelligence establishment.  Among the classics of this confessional literature are the works of Phillip Agee, John Stockwell and Ralph McGhee.

Together these books detail how the CIA engaged in activities that were or ought to be criminal – like organizing coups and assassinations of foreign leaders and ideological dissidents in the service of US foreign policy.  Much of what these agents revealed was supported by the historic Church Committee’s investigation into the activities of US intelligence agencies, and the way the growing controversy around clandestine CIA activities is shaping up another sweeping investigation may be forthcoming.

One thing is certain: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and CIA Director Leon Panetta cannot both be telling the truth – she says he said the CIA has misled congress in private; he says he said no such thing in public!  But from what I know for sure about the activities of Dirty Dick, Clueless George and the renegade Republican regime that led us into a disastrous war of choice in Iraq, I believe Nancy.  So let the investigations began, because Thomas Jefferson was right: “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance!”



Playthell Benjamin

Harlem New York

May 15 2009

Rush Limbaug and Glenn Beck Incite Mayhem and Murders!

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As The Death Toll Rises…

 Verbal Arsonists Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh Egg the Fanatics On

Rushbo! Public Enemy #1

 Is  Rush Limbaugh and his tribe of verbal arsonists inciting unstable people to murder?  I think the answer is a resounding yes!  What does Richard Popolowski, Stephen Von Brunn and Scott P. Roeder, the murderer of Dr. Tiller have in common? They were all motivated by the concerns that are the subject of over the top harangues by Right Wing radio hysterics 24/7. Popolowski ambushed and murdered three cops in Pittsburg with a military assault rifle as they answered a routine domestic disturbance call placed by his mother!  Subsequent investigations have revealed that Poppi thought President Obama was going to take his guns and oppress white men.  This is the kind of crazy inflammatory crap that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh spout ad-nauseum.

 James W. Von Brunn, who murdered a black guard, Stephen Tyrone John’s, in  the Washington Holocaust museum is a long time racist/anti-Semitic anti-government fanatic, And Dr. Tiller, a gynecologist who performs abortions, was targeted by right-wing broadcasters, especially Bill O’Reilly, who routinely called him “Tiller The Baby killer” and even gave out the address of his clinic on the air.  Now we discover a murdered census taker in Kentucky, Bill Sparkman, who from all appearances was lynched, and has the word FED, for federal worker, inscribed on his chest! I believe  Sparkman’s murder was directly inspired by Glenn Beck’s incendiary attacks on the US Census!


A Murder Mouth Poot Butt!

And on a lesser scale, although quite horrifying, was the  vicious beat down of Tasha Hill a beautiful well spoken young black woman – who ironically is serving in the military – in Poulan Georgia by Troy Dale West, a burly redneck cracker male who viciously beat her while calling her a sack of black bitches…all because she admonished the man for virtually walking over her seven year old daughter as they both entered a store in Georgia.   This man was obviously walking Around seething with racist rage, a rage that is fueled and stoked each day by the hysterical diatribes spewed by Limbaugh and other right wing verbal arsonists who  appear to be trying their best to spark a race war in America.  And believe me: this is just the type of incident that could spark a race riot, because if I had been on the scene I would have tried my level beat to take that cracker’s head off!

In a seminar I taught at Long Island University on “Minorities and Mass Media,” we looked at the role of mass media in inciting racist rage that resulted in racist attacks on non-whites.  The horrible Atlanta pogrom of 1906, in which rampaging whites attacked and killed innocent black citizens on the streets for several days was sparked by incendiary diatribes and lies about black people in the news papers.  Radio is a much more personal and powerful media and, as Dr. Goebbles demonstrated in NAZI Germany, can move masses of people to irrational actions.  That’s the role Limbaugh and company are playing in American society right now – and their message is nationwide, immediate, and all the time.

Although none in the Obama Administration dare draw this connection lest they be accused of trampling on the First Amendment, opinion writers in the media certainly can connect the dots and hypothesize about whether there is an organic connection between the growing numbers of innocent people assaulted and killed by hyped up racist and anti-government fanatics, and the vitriolic lies spewed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter etc.  And I for one, am wondering why they are not raising questions about an all too obvious connection!

Those who withhold criticism by arguing that these incendiary racist bolviators have a Constitutional right to say the things they say are missing the point.  To begin with the First Amendment is designed only to restrain the government from restricting speech, not private companies like WABC, nor does it restrict the press from critiquing the media – that’s why we have media critics!  Since all of this Anti-American garbage is coming from two companies, the execs could stop in tomorrow.

However from the look of things the suits at these companies FOX and WABC, who should be expected to exercise sound judgment and act in the public interests – since we have granted them the privilege of utilizing the public airways for their private purposes – are derelict in their responsibility to serve the common good, and their avarice parallels the heartless capitalist described by Karl Marx, who was so avaricious he would “sell the hangman the rope to hang him with if he thought he could turn a profit!”


Playthell Benjamin

Commentaries On the times

Harlem New York

September 24 2009

Barack Speaks to the United Nations

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Barack Droppin Science

 Pondering the Future

 Barack Obama Imagines A New World

 In his first address to the United Nations General Assembly President Obama unveiled his hopes and dreams for a new world order.  It was a dream firmly rooted in both the ethical imperatives commanded  by the world’s greatest religions – that we are our brothers keeper and do unto others as we would do unto ourselves – and the finest ideals of the American creed: All men are endowed by God with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It was a wow!

This was no mean feat, for the President’s audience was divided by ideology, religion, race, ethnicity, and vast disparities of wealth and military power.  Hence at times Mr. Obama resembled a man on an intellectual tight rope, as he tried to present a balanced message that spoke to the disparate interests of his audience.  To meet this challenge he attempted to be even handed in his criticism and addressed issues of universal concern, the grand themes that define our times and will decide the fate of future generations; indeed whether there will  even be human life on this planet in the future.  Hence the question of environmental pollution and nuclear proliferation was prominent in his concerns, as well as poverty, economic development, infectious diseases, war, and international  terrorism.

However, Like all American Presidents, Barack is expected to embrace certain American myths about the world; he has no choice if he wishes to survive politically.  And what goes for a white President is doubly true of a black one.  This means he cannot admit to the crimes and aggressions that have characterized the relationship of the western nations against the people of the Third World – Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the islands of the seas.  And he surely cannot admit that America’s invasion of Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama and Iraq were tragic and perhaps criminal mistakes that cost the lives of millions of innocent people.  Yet Mr. Obama seeks to present a different face to the world, an America that prefers diplomacy to war, an America that seeks an honest dialogue and fraternal relations rather than domination of other nation’s.

In a world where the majority of the people are colored and have suffered the humiliation of colonialism, racism and  the terror of neo-colonial interventions – often on the side of murderous tyrants – Barack Obama, by virtue of his African American cultural heritage, bi-racial ancestry, Indonesian seasoning and early tutoring by an enlightened mother who was a PhD in anthropology, is uniquely qualified to lead  the world in this critical period  due to his exceptional insights into the human condition, and a rare understanding of our common humanity.

All of these virtues were on display in the President’s speechto the leaders of the world today.  But as the President soberly reminded the assembly: Speeches alone will not bring the changes we seek, and the world desperately needs, only hard work and international cooperation will make things happen.

 A cautionary Note

 When the United Nations was founded at Dumbarton Oaks in 1944, another African American with a Harvard degree – a PhD in fact – attended as an observer in the peanut gallery. Back then even a man as ostentatiously brilliant as WEB Dubois would not be permitted at this august gathering because his skin was brown…about the same complexion as Barack’s.

When DuBois looked around at the countries that would form the membership of the United Nations he noted that they were all white, and they were standing on the necks of hundreds of millions of colored peoples in their colonies who greatly outnumbered them – using fascistic police state tactics  to impose their will – while pillaging their natural wealth and super-exploiting their labor, and  he predicted it was a world order that could not long endure.   Dr. Dubois was right!

Nearly three quarters of a century later I will venture the speculation that unless the rights of the poor nation’s are given the same respect as the rights of the great nations, the present world order will become increasingly instable, because international terrorists have found a way to strike a powerful enemy country without a massive army.  Only a victory in the battle for the hearts and minds of the disillusioned youths of the Third World will afford us any security.

President Obama understands this, and his speech offered a hopeful vision of how mankind can build a better world…a world where we can survive  and even thrive.  It was a welcome vision from an American President, especially after the eight year reign of the pugnacious American Exceptionalists in the Bush Administration!    A bungling gang of  third rate actors who won’t leave the stage, they are crawling out of the wood work even as I write to offer their self-serving advice.  But I shall chastise them in another commentary.

Playthell Benjamin

Commentaries On Times

Harlem New York

September 22, 2009

Higher Ground!

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  Jazz at Lincoln Center Celebrates New Orleans


Over the years I have had a unique relationship with the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, which is arguably the greatest performance venue in the world.  I was first attracted to the place because it was the home of the New York Philharmonic, and I was captivated by it’s dynamic, brilliant and theatrical conductor, Maestro Leonard  Bernstein, whom I had become a fan of when he presented my Philly homeboy, pianist Andre Watts, in one of his famous “Young People’s Concerts.” More than a decade later I would play there with my own band, backing the great singer Jean Carn in a sold out concert at Avery Fisher Hall –the home of the Philharmonic.

 Then one night in the early eighties, I heard a nattily dressed brilliant young trumpeter from New Orleans playing in Alice Tully Hall with Herbie Hancock’s VSOP orchestra, a confederation of virtuosos that included bassist Ron Carter, drummer Tony Williams, and Saxophonist Wayne Shorter – or at least I think it was Wayne, because I was so mesmerized by the young trumpeter, who looked like the milk had just dried around his mouth but was wailing his ass off, I forgot who was playing sax.  His name was Wynton Marsalis, the name caught my ear because it reminded me of the great pianist Wynton Kelly, whom I had heard with Miles and would later learn is his namesake, and I knew from jump street that the boy was gonna blow up big.  Having failed at playing the trumpet at an early age, and then having listened with great attention and admiration to every trumpeter from “Pops” Armstrong to Harry “Sweets” Edison, Roy “Little Jazz” Eldridge, “Dizzy” Gillespie, “Fats” Navarro, “Sweet” Clifford Brown, Miles Davis, Booker Little and Lee Morgan it was obvious that this new kid on the block was something special.  You had to be tone deaf not to hear it, and even Ray Charles could see it.

A few years later I met the young man and became a militant defender of the fledgling Jazz at Lincoln Center program, where he was the artistic director, when it was under siege from the naysayers in the New York media.  And on that memorable day in 2004, when the brand new Jazz at Lincoln Center opened in Columbus Circle with a Rambunctious New Orleans style street march down Broadway, I chronicled it with the longest and most thorough account in the New York media – except for the excellent extended coverage provided by Channel Thirteen of the Public Broadcasting System, which is in a class by itself when it comes to covering what really matters in art and politics.

Thus it was no surprise to that the first person I encountered in the corridors back stage on a summery September evening in 2005 was an elegantly attired graceful lady whom, to my horror and vexation, I momentarily mistook to be Lynn Cheney – the wicked witch who tried to destroy the National Endowment for the Arts – but to my delight turned out to be Pat Mitchell, the CEO of Channel 13.  It was in the nature of things that Ms. Mitchell should be there because her station was broadcasting the musical magic show in real time. And as a longtime champion of the program it was also true to the logic and legacy of Jazz at Lincoln Center that I should get to stand in the wings – the $10, 000 ticket price being too rich for my blood, although it was well justified because the treasure gathered there was going to the survivors of Katrina– and witness one of the greatest concerts in history.  And this historic happening was properly dubbed, “Higher Ground.”

Mood Indigo


Trumpeter Terrance Blanchard Plays The Blues

Although it took a hurricane the size of Katrina – a devastating phenomenon that I believe is a manifestation of Mother Nature’s revenge for the years of flagrant abuse by egocentric men – to bring them together, there were many magical moments once these Eulipians took the stage: The poets, the singers, the thespians, and the master musicians swinging their axes.  They had gathered together to anoint the nation with their gifts and raise money to assist our battered brethren in the Crescent City who had watched their dreams sink in the floods.

 Many of the musicians, along their family and friends, had suffered unspeakable losses.  But you couldn’t tell that from the music they made; glorious sounds which soared into the astral plane and buoyed our spirits.  And at no point in the evening was this truer than when the superbly gifted trumpeter and music educator Ervin Mayfield, who told the shocked audience that his father was still missing, performed a solo rendition of a spiritual that was a favorite of his father’s and dedicated his performance to him.  I have never seen a more inspired and compelling demonstration of the fine art of the trumpet!

 Song for his Father


Ervin Mayfield Wailing A Hymm


While forging great art out of tragedy is an old story, the Higher Ground concert, coming as it did while we are still in the grips of the tragedy, represents a unique triumph of the human spirit.  It was clear to everyone who witnessed it that the spirit of New Orleans was alive and well.  You could hear it in the music of the first band, composed of New Orleans musicians and conducted by the brilliant singer/songwriter/pianist Alvin Toussaint.  When I peeped Toussaint on the gig, I immediately thought of his immortal songs “Southern Nights” and “Lady Marmalade,”  and I knew it was about to get funky up in there.  When they backed singer Aaron Neville, who looked like a dock worker amid parlor pimps, his near falsetto tenor voice conjured up all the joy and pain of the human condition in New Orleans at this moment of profound crisis.

The Jordan family is a splendid example of this triumph of the spirit in the face of tragedy.  The four siblings – trumpeter Marlon, Flutist Kent, violinist Rachel and  Songstress Stephanie – who were taught the art of music making by their father, a professor of music at Southern University, gave a moving performance of beautiful a Jazz standard. To listen to the lovely relaxed sound of trumpeter Marlon Jordan, one of the younger crop of jazz virtuosi to emerge from the Crescent City, you would never guess that only a few days earlier he had been rescued from a roof top as raging flood waters swirled around him.   And while you could hear the pathos and pain of the tragedy wrought by Katrina in the soulful sound of Stephanie’s voice, Rachel’s joy at having a chance to play her 200 year old violin for music lovers in Jazz’s second city was irrepressible.

I first encountered Rachel in the corridor, a beautiful woman with milk chocolate skin standing alone warming up her fiddle with sensitive strokes. Sensing my surprise at finding a violin amidst the gaggle of reeds and brass and bull fiddles, she offered to play me a tune.  As she coaxed the pristine polished blues tinted sound from her fiddle, I wondered once more how anyone ever figured out that you could produce such beauty from a little wooden box with cat gut strings stroked by a horse hair bow. Together the Jordans produced music that was too beautiful for words, so I shall simply say that it was heavenly.

As the evening wore on a steady stream of top shelf talents paraded on and off the stage, each offering their gifts for the listening pleasure of the audience.  As talented as the artists were, they were aided by the marvelous acoustics in Rose Hall, the first concert hall in the world that was specifically engineered for the sound of jazz.  There were young lions like Tenor Saxophonist Walter Blanding and the pianist Cyrus Chestnut, and old masters like Ellis Marsalis, McCoy Tyner, Herbie Hancock and Joe Lavano. For the young musicians it was like being in a master class.

It was clear that all the jazz cats had taken the Duke’s dictum to heart: “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing,” especially the drummers.  To the surprise of those who know him only as a funk drummer, Idriss Muhammad conducted a clinic in the elements of swing and rocked the house, first with Herbie and the young bass virtuoso Reginal Veal, and then behind Joe Lavano, where he hipped us to how to swing outside.  Aside from his unique palette of rhythmic colors and consistent swing, Idriss embodied the essence of the jazz esthetic in his personal style; with his white tam O’Shanter cocked duce tray, he was a picture of the personal freedom and unique style that has marked the great jazz men ever since  Willie “The Lion” rakishly cocked his derby while striding at the piano, Diz sported his horn rimmed glasses and berets as he pondered whether to be or not to bop, and Cab Calloway danced “The Mooche” in his fly zoot suits.

The hard swinging Herlan Riley, New Orleans born and bred, was ubiquitous.  One minute he was driving the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, a full fledged big band who are masters at performance of what the jazz critic/historian and cultural theorist Albert Murray calls “the fully orchestrated blues statement.”  Other times you could see Herlan firing up the small ensemble, time traveling between the funky butt rhythms of old New Orleans, or swinging at the speed of thought in the modernist mode.  And before the night was over he hitched on a bass drum and wiggled and writhed around the room as the pulse of the “second line” dance that snaked around the auditorium.  Herlin is the kind of drummer who inspires me to start patting my feet upon the mention of his name.

All In The Family


The Master Teacher and Sons


When Ellis Marsalis and his brood took the stage everybody acknowledged that the first family of New Orleans music was in the house.  There was Wynton on trumpet, Delfeyo on trombone, Jason, the baby of the family who had appeared earlier with the blind piano genius Marcus Roberts’ trio, on drums and the paterfamilias of the clan, Ellis Marsalis, running the show from the piano keyboard.  However the question on everybody’s lips was “Where is Branford?” Back stage speculation about the possibility of a rift in the family abounded, because given his stature on the Tenor and soprano Saxes, anyone would want Branford in the band, especially on such an auspicious occasion, so there must be something wrong, said the  signifying monkeys!   In any case, even without Branford they were a swinging bunch.  And we later learned that Branford was off playing another fund raiser with his home boy the singer, actor, pianist Harry Connick Jr. – another one of Ellis’ protégées.

While the instrumentalists were the toast of the evening, garnering the lion’s share of the time and applause, which is as it should be in the world’s most important jazz emporium, the singers graced the evening with their polyphonic voices.  Buckwheat Zodiac was as rambunctious as a Louisiana yard dance, his accordion flaring as he sang and cut a country step. And the prolific songwriter/singer Jim Taylor accompanied himself on the acoustic guitar and sang his heart out rendering his composition “Never Die Young.”  Bette Midler was both charming and moving as she took the stage with her accompanist, the fine pianist Bette Susssman, who was decked out in a wicked form fitting black dress and looked more the star than the fabulous miss M.  Then Diane Reeves electrified the audience with her superior pipes, powerful passion and multicolored voice.

Oh Diana!

DSC_0146 Diane Reeves Swinging Hard


Abbey Lincoln – her voice a whisper of what it once was – evoked the pathos that lay just beneath the surface of the laughter.  Cassandra Wilson’s full throated deep contralto voice seemed to plumb the depths of her Mississippi soul as she sang for the supper of her folks down home.  And Diana Krall looking like she had just stepped from the pages of a glamour magazine, added a touch of sin and soul as he sat on a stool revealing generous proportions of her finely formed alabaster calves crooning about the birth of the blues.  And the gorgeous Nora Jones, continuing a tradition pioneered by virtuoso pianist/singers such as Hazel Scott and Nina Simone, played and sang like an angel. If you adore good singers and songs the way I do, the whole thing was like a continuous eargasm.


Cassandra: Conjuring Up Her Mississippi Roots 


Since the message is always more powerful when it contains the right proportions of words and music, each adding potency to the communicative  power of the other, the thespians and poets who anointed the audience with eloquent words of encouragement and hope were an important element in the success of the evening.  The list was impressive and ranged from the Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, who gave a moving reading from her Pulitzer Prize winning novel Jazz, and other brilliant humanists who routinely speak out on matters of war and peace, freedom and oppression, such as Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover, and loquacious comics like Robin Williams and Bill Cosby. Laurence Fishburne was wonderful as the Master of Ceremonies weaving a narrative of New Orleans that gave coherence and context to the evening’s the performances.  Each in their-own way sought to keep hope alive.

And it’s a good thing too; because as my grandfather, who was an active member of the Odd Fellows Lodge, used to tell me: Hope is the most powerful of the three links of the chain that symbolized their secret order because it holds faith and charity together.  At the end of the day hope was resurrected and given new life through the alchemy of art.  I was there, I witnessed it, and these are my impressions of what went down on that enchanted evening when the Eulipians congregated at the Lincoln Center and celebrated the gifts of the Crescent City to the world. 


Double Click on link to view Allan Toussaint

The Crescent City Master Performs Southern Nights


Playthell Benjamin
New York City 
September 22, 2005 
 * Photos By: Frank Stewart





The Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra!

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The Great Gerald Wilson!


A Swinging Octogenarian  Leads the Band!


 Avatars of a Great Cultural Tradition

 Born in a period when the last radio station devoted to  programming classic acoustic Jazz, WRVR, had unceremoniously gone off the air  and replaced with Country Music here in the Big Apple – the jazz capitol of the world – and the art form itself seemed in danger of going the way of the dinosaurs, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra has been the vehicle by which the Jazz department at Lincoln Center assumed it’s place as the pacesetter and savior of this quintessentially American art form. 

Thus it is no exaggeration to say that this aggregation of virtuoso musicians have served as the avant garde in the effort to rescue American culture from drowning in a sea of esthetic mediocrity and commercial banalities.  From the outset the mission of the orchestra was to breathe new life into a grand musical tradition that had evolved to a stage where it could rightfully take its place among the great art music of the world; but, alas, was being slowly starved to death by a lack of institutional support from the American cultural establishment. Who were far too busy genuflecting before the cultural artifacts of Europe to notice the impending death of the great American contribution to the classical culture of mankind.

Not only dose Jazz music require the highest standards of technical virtuosity from those musicians who aspire to master the form, but unlike the symphonic musician, who plays musical ideas notated by their composer, the jazz musician must also create the score as he conceives it at the time.  Hence the musician that would master the art of Jazz must be prepared to conjure up complex musical ideas – “blues and the abstract truth” as the great arranger Oliver Nelson called it – at the speed of thought. 

Furthermore, Jazz is the only arena of American culture that embodies the fundamental values of American civilization.  Jazz is democratic, values individual freedom, promotes innovation and invention, swings to the clockwork rhythms of a machine age world, and is infused with a sensibility shaped by the tragi/comic sensibility of the blues; that most American of musical modes.  Such a marvelous art is certainly worth preserving and taking its place as an integral part of the heritage of all mankind. 

There are special moments in the history of art when the birth of an important aesthetic movement can be traced to a specific time and place.  For instance Da Da, which emerged in the aftermath of the disaster of World War I and reflected the disillusionment of the European intelligentsia with modern technological civilization and the way it resolves international conflict, was born in the Café Voltaire in Zurich Switzerland.  And New York will surely be remembered in the history of art as the City in which Jazz was reborn.  Jazz at Lincoln Center will be remembered as the venue in which this act of cultural heroism occurred, and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra will be duly noted as the band of cultural warriors who rescued American culture from ignominy with their swinging axes.                                             

The Greatest!!


 Master Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis

At the opening ceremonies of Jazz at Lincoln Center Manhattan Congressman Jerome Nadler celebrated the importance of the occasion with the pronouncement: “If Yankee Stadium can be called “The House that Ruth built, Jazz At Lincoln Center shall henceforth be known as: The House That Wynton Built!”   And the centerpiece of Wynton’s handiwork is the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, of which the great  multi-Grammy wining bi-lingual trumpeter and Pulitzer Prize winning composer is Artistic Director and Conductor. 

 Wynton Conducting The Boys In The Band


 The Lincoln Center Orchestra and Ghanaian Percussionist


Deep In the Groove Soul to Soul!

 This band of peerless jazz virtuosi are the reigning masters of what the great cultural historian, theorist and musical critic Albert Murray -author of the seminal study “Stomping the Blues” and a artistic consultant to JALC at its inception – called “The fully orchestrated blues statement.”  From the outset the mission of this band of cultural warriors was not only to make great music, but also to do battle in defense of the art of jazzing by institutionalizing the mysterious alchemy by which the Jazz tradition has been able to produce world class musicians in the absence of musical conservatories. 

After correctly analyzing the process of educating the novice jazz musician by placing them under the tutelage of masters of the genre, much as master craftsman tutored apprentices in medieval guilds, they created an institution to accomplish this: the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.  Aside from its incomparable musicianship this Orchestra is distinguished by its ability to play Jazz music from any era or style with authenticity.  I heard the Ellington Orchestra many times, and Basie too, and the Gerald Wilson Orchestra, to name a select few.  But none played this music better than the JALC Orchestra.  For my money they are the best ever:  the Muhammad Ali of Jazz bands: The Greatest!


Playthell  Benjamin

Winter Season, 2009

 * Photos – by Frank Stewart

David Brooks Is Clueless!

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David Brooks

 The Pundit Pontificating

Notes On The Enduring Riddle of Race In America

 Sometimes erudition, no matter how eloquently expressed, burdens rather than buoys an argument, obfuscates more than it enlightens.  On such occasions what sounds like weighty argument upon first hearing quickly metamorphoses into sophistry after close examination.  That was my reaction after giving a close reading to a much cited September 18, column analyzing the causes of the enormous hostility expressed towards President Obama by the untutored right wing mob that descended on Washington last Saturday.  Written by David Brooks, an editorial Page columnist with the august New York Times, it was pompously titled :”No, It’s Not About Race.”

First I was aghast at the know-it-all tone of the piece, and then somewhat offended, as I  pondered the finality with which Mr. Brooks delivered  his pronouncement.  The vibe was like: the great white father has spoken…that is all…there isn’t anymore to be said on the matter!  Of course part of this has to do with the mind set of all commentators, a conceit from which I cannot claim to be exempt, but then Mr. Brooks is also writing on the editorial page of the New York Times, which claims to “print all the news that’s fit to print.”  Hence in the normal course of human nature chances are a Times columnists must feel even more prescient than the common lot of us.

However, given the hostility toward the Times from ideologues of the left and right, I’d like to make it clear that I am a big fan and devoted reader of the Times; I find it a reliable and comprehensive source of news about the important events in the world, a marvelous first draft of history, without which my life would be immeasurably impoverished – although I must confess my bias for Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich among the columnists for both style and intelligence. And for sheer intellectual gravitas it’s Paul Krugman,the reigning Nobel Laureate whom Barack Obama would have done well to listen to.  And for solid reporting, social conscience, high purpose and advocacy for the poor and voiceless Bob Herbert is my man.  So I’m a fan and friend of the New York Times – although I like the London times even better because they have been generous in publishing my work in the Sunday Edition, “The Culture” magazine to be exact.

Yet unlike Mr. Brooks, who is persuaded that the “progressive news media…exaggerates stories like the Joe Wilson shout and the opposition to the Obama schools speech to show that small town folks are dumb whackos,” I am convinced the very fact that most of the people at the Tea Parties proudly confess their belief that FOX television news is a more reliable source of information about the bewilderingly complex issues that confront us than the New York Times, is irrefutable evidence that they are ignorant whackos!

That’s why they listen to verbose ignoramuses and racial arsonists like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingrahm and that rotund racist dope fiend Rush Limbaugh, and mistake them for wise men!   And we need not engage in a Freudian analysis of symbols to know that the fundamental tone of these demonstrations are racist; the protesters carry sings that make it plain that they are racist, and the verbal feces that flow endlessly from their nasty mouths co-signs the signs. Although there is no deficit of fools that hail from big cities, on average small town people are behind the times when compared to cosmopolites who inhabit the great cities of the world.  That’s a fact jack!  And the exceptions only prove the rule.

Having grown up spending my winters in a small town in Florida and my summers in Philadelphia and New York, and  now regularly travel all over this country, especially in the old confederate states of the south, by Grey Hound Bus in order to mingle and talk with real people – even though it is sometimes more expensive than flying – I feel I have as reliable an impression of what the temper of the country is these days as anyone – and I find racial tensions at a boiling point throughout the south.  Both races are armed to the teeth and the shooting could start any minute.  That’s the truth I see.  And Mr. Brooks, in spite of the ostentatious erudition displayed in his column, is clueless!


I will assume that the gentle readers, including Mr. Brooks if I’m fortunate, will at least concede my point that anyone who turns to the air head verbal arsonists on WABC – Rushbo and his minions – is by definition a certifiable moron.  If not you should stop reading now, because this argument will surely be over your head.  I know that most of the people from the untutored mob in the march will have been hopelessly lost already, if perchance they happened upon my text and had a dictionary and Thesaurus on hand and made it thus far.

Mr. Brooks talks about how he formed his opinion of who these people are and their attitudes about race by casually mingling with them; interrupting his workout routine jogging around the capitol, because “Sociology was more important than fitness.”  Well, as an avid and long time reader of sociological literature, having been indelibly influenced by the late great C. Wright Mill’s treatise “The Sociological Imagination” and I gained my first real understanding of how this country works by reading his learned and insightful book “The Power Elite.”  And it would be hard to exaggerate the insight I’ve gained about questions of racism, poverty and social policy from careful readings of the  scholarly tomes of William Julius Wilson – especially “The Truly Disadvantaged, Racism, Privilege and Power, When Work disappears, etc – I agree.  Sociology is indeed important.

In fact I could cite a treasure trove of brilliant sociological treatises on the problems of race and class in America that, had Mr. Brooks, and other over-privileged “ conservative” white guys like him, bothered to read they wouldn’t say some of the silly things they say.  For instance if our intrepid reporter really understood social Science methodology he would know that although the participant observer is a legitimate method of investigation it requires a much longer and in-depth interrogation of one’s subjects before grand generalizations can be made about the forces that motivate them and determine their behavior.

Alas Mr. Brooks thinks the fact that he saw some of the white marchers buying food from black folks who were partying on the mall and attending a rap concert there is more compelling evidence that the white marchers were not racist, than the blatantly racist signs and unambiguous hatred they have for him personally.  Is his knowledge of American racial etiquette so shallow that he does not know that even at the height of racist caste system white folks loved black cooking, especially in the south!

And while Mr. Brooks view white folks listening to rappers as evidence that they are not racists, I’d like to remind him that at the turn of the 19th century, the period the eminent Afro-American historian Rayford Logan called “The Nadir” – which is French for “lowest point” – in a seminal book on the Post reconstruction period, “The betrayal Of the Negro,”  the most popular music in the county was “Ragtime,” an Afro-American invention just like rap.  Dr. Dubois summed up that curious phenomenon by wryly remarking “White folks lynch Negroes while singing their songs.”

And what, after all,  is the President’s offense that’s got the Tea Party kooks so atwitter?  He is trying to provide health care for everyone…to heal the sick as commanded by their avowed lord and savior Jesus Christ!   Yet Mr. Brooks has declared that these people are neither racists nor dumb whackos.  He may get over with this muddled apologia in some quarters, but I find Mr. Brook’s sociological observations on race relations unconvincing to say the least.  Yet there remains much we can learn about race relations from real sociologists, especially those who have personally suffered the slings and arrows of racism.


Over a century ago the Afro-American scholar Dr. W.E.B. Dubois, returned from Germany armed with the latest theories and techniques of “social Science” – having studied with and become a close friend of Dr. Max Weber, the scholar who invented the discipline – and produced the first American sociological classic: “The Philadelphia Negro, which was published in 1898 under the auspices of the University Of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Dubois was convinced his scientific investigations into the causes of the black predicament in America and the relationship between the races would lead modern men of good will whose lives are governed by reason to adopt enlightened policies to relieve racial oppression and advance American civilization beyond the barbarism of racial caste oppression, with it’s attendant reign of extra-legal violence and ritual murders called lynching.

However after a decade of such scientific investigations, and hosting a annual conference of social scientists on the campus of Atlanta University – a small all black school devoted to a first rate liberal education like that DuBois received at Harvard – which were attended by his friend Max Weber, Dubois began to have doubts about the effectiveness of scientific knowledge in persuading white Americans to change their evil ways.  When he began his studies at Atlanta, producing a serious scholarly monograph every year, he had said “The world is thinking wrong about race” and believed science could make it right.

It is instructive to understand that during the years when Dr. Dubois was carrying out his studies African Americans – mostly males – were being publicly crucified in ritual murders in which they were hung, shot and burned alive for the amusement of white mobs every two and a half days from 1882 to 1916!  The pictures are in the archives and they show the carnival atmosphere that prevailed at these gruesome events, which the distinguished Harvard sociologists Orlando Patterson has convincingly argued was a form of collective cannibalism on the part of the white mobs in his book Rituals Of Blood. 

 That’s a bit of sociology that Mr. Brooks needs to read if he wants to understand why howling white mobs calling for the death of a black man – like the crowds at the Palin McCain rallies at Pottsville Ohio – look like lynch mobs to African Americans.   These ritual murders of black men caused Dr. DuBois to abandon his scientific work, although he had designed a plan for one hundred years of continual research, and become an activist and propagandist for racial justice and economic equity.  His 1903 literary classic “The Souls Of Black Folks” was the beginning of that effort which led him to become a founder of the NAACP six years later and establish “The Crisis” which chronicled the struggle for racial justice and promoted Afro-American Art and culture throughout the twentieth century and is still in publication.


What is most telling about where Mr. Brooks is coming from – i.e. his vision of the American story – is his selective reading of history; it is the most white bread interpretation possible.  For those of us who know something about the history of race relations it sounds like the ramblings of an ignoramus or a charlatan.  The one thing that any intellectual flim flam man can count on is that he can say virtually anything about American history and the vast majority of his listeners will have no idea if they are listening to fact or fiction, and they will find no resolution to this confusion in most of our high school history texts, whose editorial policies are determined by sales departments who have discovered that it’s not good business to tell the truth about race in America.

We need only witness the bitter battles over attempts by some school boards to adopt the text Land Of the Free” written by the distinguished Afro-American historian John Hope Franklin, in collaboration with two white professors.  White parents in the school districts that rejected the book said in no uncertain terms that they didn’t give a shit whether the facts contained in the book were true or not, they didn’t want their children reading it because it tarnished their white heroes!   Hence the political theorist and cultural critic Harold Cruse was right when he concluded that Americans were “anti-intellectual and anti-historical.” And if this is true of Americans in general it goes triple for right- wing Republicans, who routinely demonstrate contempt  for the truth.

Hence we get this bit of silly sophistry from Mr. Brooks that is repeated as real wisdom ad nauseum by the talking air heads in the media who are even more ignorant than Mr. Brooks.  Only someone blinded by white privilege – what some black folk call “whiteitis” could discuss populism in America and not mention the role of white racism in defeating that movement among radical agrarians led by Tom Watson at the turn of the twentieth century.  Had he read “Tom Watson: Agrarian Rebel “ by the distinguished southern historian C. Van Woodward, Mr. Brooks would understand the absurdity of his approach to the question of populism and racism.

And it takes a special pair of blinders not to recognize that everybody he cites in an attempt to decouple populist thought from racism were all arch racist!  Thomas Jefferson was a slave holder whose racist views are well documented.  Here is a man who was so depraved he deflowered a thirteen year old girl, Sally Hemmings, had seven children with her and yet kept her and his children as slaves until his death!  There is hardly a more disturbing document on the pathology of American family life than the memoir left by Jefferson’s son Madison Hemmings, which is included as an appendix in Professor Fawn Brody’s path breaking book Thomas Jefferson: An Intimate History.”

Andrew Jackson was an arch racist who was not only a slave holder but a notorious Indian killer who dispossessed whole nations and drove them from their ancestral lands.  Dr. Gerald Horne, the Moores Professor of History and Afro-American Studies at the University of Houston – who is perhaps the most broadly learned and prolific historian writing in America today – and has also held appointments as a professor of law – is presently writing a book about how Andrew Jackson destroyed a large and prosperous African and Native American community in Pensacola Florida and massacred the inhabitants when it was still a Spanish territory!

The white folks called him “Old Hickory” the defender of the “common man.”  But they conveniently leave out the critical adjective “White” man.  It is instructive that the rights of women were not a part of his advocacy, and the native Americans had another name for him: “Sharp Knife!”  The native American’s view of “Old Hickory” can be read in “Bury My Heart At wounded Knee,” which is the voices of Native Americans recorded by government stenographers.

Although I was already astonished having read thus far into Mr. Brooks exercise in Republican apologia and what historians call “special pleading,” masquerading as serious historical analysis, I was never-the-less shocked by his citations of the racist Louisiana Demagogue Huey Long – who was the model for “The King Fish” in Robert Penn Warren’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel “All The King’s Men.” And the notorious anti-Semite father Coughlin, who used the radio to whip up hatred against the Jews in the same way that Dr. Goebbles used the radio airwaves of Germany to goad the Christian Germans into committing genocide against the Jews that resulted in the slaughter of millions of innocents!   Longtime village voice writer Nat Hentoff recalls his father having to pull off the highway to calm his nerves after hearing one of Coughlin’s anti-Semitic diatribes on the car radio.

Furthermore Father Coughlin is the model and spiritual father of the incendiary radio and television racist of today ala Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity et al who seem to be trying their best to push this country into a race war.  By choosing the historical actors he chose Mr. Brooks defeats his own argument, because they read like a rogues gallery of racists and anti-Semites!  In fact, it strongly suggests that perhaps racism is an integral ingredient in populist movements in the US.  Strangely, all of these facts seem to have escaped Mr. Brook’s in his white bread reading of history.  Interestingly enough, the one historian Mr. Brooks did refer to has little or nothing to say about the fundamental question the column pretends to address: What is the role of racism in the present demonstrations against President Obama?

Hence I would like to give Mr. Brooks an assignment that will better prepare him to offer and analysis that enlightens more than it obscures the next time he ventures into these troubled waters – assuming that education and not obfuscation is his objective.  This assumption however requires a heroic leap of faith given the lies and racist demagoguery that has become the standard for the Republican contribution to our political discourse.  In order to understand what is happening with the so-called “Tea Party Rebellion” there is two books Mr. Brooks must absolutely must read – and  based upon the convoluted nonsense he has  presented as serious argument it is obvious to this writer that he has read neither.

The more important of the two is “The Politics Of Rage,” written by the distinguished Bancroft Prize winning historian Dan T. Carter who, ironically, was a longtime professor at Emory University where President Jimmy Carter made his spot on assessment of the role of racism in the irrational hate mongering of many of the demonstrators and the talking media heads who egg them on.  I have already posted my views on that controversy in “A Self-Evident Truth,” so I won’t belabor the matter here.

Dr. Carter’s book is the best single treatment on how the Republican Party replaced the Democrats in the former confederate states of the South, which for most of the twentieth century hated the Republicans like they now hate the Democrats.  What this work shows is that in both instances the critical factor was maintaining white supremacy, which is, after all, the raison d’etre for racism.  With the careful arguments of the accomplished historian Professor Carter systematically marshals the evidence to show how the Republican strategy that resulted in the election of Ronald Reagan – which represents the triumph of the far right in the US – was originally authored by George Wallace, during the period  before his rejection of racist doctrine and embracing a posture of racial reconciliation.

In fact, it is a measure of how reactionary the Republican base is on this question that George Wallace’s daughter supported Barack Obama for President and is now supporting his old law school class mate for governor of Alabama, while the most powerful spokesman for the Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, is stoking the fires of racial hysteria!   The point here is that the reason why none of the leadership in the Republican Party will  denounce the obvious racism of the Tea Party Demonstrators or the racist broadcast bloviators is because they understand that their bread is buttered with white racism.

Hence to call the racist by their proper name could spell the end of their political career.  And thus  they have made a Faustian bargain with racist – whether every Republican personally harbors such views is irrelevant in this context –  and  it is devouring the soul of the Republican Party while embarrassing our country around the world and pushing us toward racial violence!  Furthermore, several experts on Presidential assassinations have gone on record saying that all of this inflammatory racist rhetoric emanating from the Republican camp is greatly increasing the chances of our President being assassinated!    This assessment is supported by the Secret Service’s revelation that they are receiving more threats against the life of  Barack Obama than any previous President.

The fear of assassination has been an abiding fear of African Americans – this writer included – in fact, I went down to the Talkers Magazine awards ceremonies  accompanied only by Scott Pellegrino of FAIR and accused Sean Hannity of trying to get Barack Obama assassinated during the presidential campaign.  It can be viewed on You Tube – see “Playthell Challenges Racist White commentators.”  It was this fear on the part of Colin Powell’s wife Alma that kept the General from running for President, and in retrospect kept him from becoming the first black man to occupy that high office.  It was a fear that deprived us of the wise leadership of this great American and inflicted eight years of George W. Bush on the nation, a blunder of epic proportions that even Republicans now admit was a colossal mistake.

Hence Mr. Brook’s attempt to deny the role of racism in the present attacks – many of which are explicit, or implicit in the pervasive coded language like “we want our country back” and attempts to deny his American birth – is a fool’s errand.  Alas, this is an odd mission for a man who pretends to wisdom and wishes to be taken seriously by serious people. Mr. Brooks appears to be so out of touch with reality he would  almost certainly argue that his position on the editorial page of the New York times has nothing to do with the fact that he is a WASP male with a passably reasonable conservative point of view. That, I believe, is characteristic of his point of view on benign the role of race, gender and ethnicity in deciding who gets what in contemporary American society.

Finally, the second book that Mr. Brooks desperately needs to read is “Nixon’s Piano: Presidents And Racial Politics From Washington To Clinton,” By the eminent historian of racism and American politics Dr. Kenneth O’Reilly.=On “The Great Democratizer” Andrew Jackson, Mr. Brook’s champion of the common man,  Professor O’Reilly tells us: “the Jacksonian movement invented a party and style of presidential leadership that knew no higher purpose than protecting slavery forever.”  Yet, as Abraham Lincoln and the “Free Soilres” would later point out: the existence of slavery prevented free white labor from being able to bargain for a fair wage!

Yet most of the poor whites, who were the vast majority of southerners, supported slavery because of their commitment to the ideology of white supremacy even if was against their interests.  Just like the poor whites that make up the base of the party of the plutocrats. However the most important point in Nixon’s Piano – among many eye opening revelations that contradict the conventional wisdom on the role of racism in American politics – is that white politicians need not harbor racist views themselves in order to utilize racists for political purposes.

This was especially true in the case of Ronald Reagan and George Bush as opposed to “Tricky Dick” Nixon, author of the infamous “southern strategy,” who was both a racist and an anti-Semite.  And it is also true of all the Republican aspirants for President today; which is why John McCain remained silent as Sarah Palin – the ignorant shrew who would be President – whipped up white mobs into a racist frenzy against Barack Obama.  And the fact that Barack went on to win the election does not mean – as the President himself has implied when he reminded David Letterman that he was black before he was elected, racism is not a driving force in the protests against him.  His remarks must be seen as political wisdom not a candid assessment of the facts.  For it is certainly wise for him to avoid personal entanglement in the question if racism, which could derail his grand objectives for the nation.

The plain fact of the matter regarding the state of race relations in America is that most of those whites who voted for Barack have moved beyond the well established  white pathology of “nigger hating.”  But a great majority of those who did not are royally pissed that a black man is in the white House and are trying to do everything they can imagine to ruin his presidency in order to manufacture a self-fulfilling prophecy that no black man can lead this great country – just as President Carter said!   And thus they can kill two birds with one stone: insure our President’s failure – as Limbaugh has publicly committed himself to – and insure the American people will not dare vote another African American to this high office again!  In spite of the anti-health care rhetoric this is the real aim of the Tea Party movement.

 Racist Parody Of Obama

 How the President looks to the Republican Demonstrators

Alas, Mr. Brook’s foray into historical interpretation only adds confusion to a discourse that is already riddled with Republican lies and myriad distortions. Since I cannot know the true sentiments of Mr. Brook’s heart, I shall refrain from labeling him a secret agent for the racist Republican rabble, and conclude that he is simply clueless!


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem New York

September 23. 2009