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Obama Must Retire Othello and Play Aron the Moor

Obama Must Retire Othello and Play Aron the Moor

 It’s Time For Barack To Crush The Republican Opposition

 I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fill of the bipartisan approach the President has been pursuing with the recalcitrant Republican naysayers.  Demonstrating the patience of Job, Barack Obama has steadily held out an olive branch to the pugnacious Republicans in Congress, in spite of the fact that they have made it plain that they intend to wreck his presidency by opposing every measure he attempts to enact on behalf of the American people.  Now that it is clear the GOP has agreed to act as shills for the insurance industry in opposing a public option, it’s time for the President to put away his diplomat’s hat and put on the boxing gloves, before the battle is lost without him ever throwing a serious punch.  First off he should announce that he will veto any bill that comes across his desk without a public option and blame a “do nothing Congress” for its failure!

Instead of trying to win Republican votes for his health care program the President should focus his efforts and exhortations on whipping the Democrats in line – which means dogging the Blue Dogs!   I’d like to see him grow a pair of brass balls and take some lessons from Lyndon Johnson on how to win friends and influence Congress through intimidation.   The debate around the 1964 Civil Rights Bill was even more intense than the present debate around health care reform, because the southerners were fighting to preserve a system of white supremacy that was centuries old.  It was so deeply entrenched the system was euphemistically referred to as “the southern way of life.”

Yet Lyndon Johnson was determined to pass this bill and he would book no opposition from anyone who intended to kill it.  So he decided to muscle the southern Democratic senators who were the main opponents of the Civil Rights Act. Typical of his tactics was his meeting with Senator Richard Russell of Georgia.  He invited the southern firebrand and leader of the resistance to a meeting in the White House to discuss the progress of the bill.  When Russell arrived he was escorted into the Presidential bathroom where LBJ was taking a dump.

Russell was not only forced to endure the foul odors of the place, but was subjected to a severe tongue lashing with even fouler language.  Essentially Johnson told Russell don’t mess with me Dickey, because I will destroy you!  The Bill later passed and Russell dared not filibuster.  This is the tact that President Obama now needs to take with the blue dogs.  He should tell them in no uncertain terms that he will brand them as traitors and support opposing candidates in the next democratic primaries.  Then the Democrats should jam the health care legislation through Congress with a simple majority vote, and dare the Republicans to repeal it whenever they return to power.  And, if the democrats play their cards right, that’s going to be a long, long time.

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July 6, 2009

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