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Glen Beck Reckless Verbal Arsonist! Glenn Beck: Media hysteric and verbal arsonist!


Keith Oberman, the smartest of the media straight men – as opposed to comics – hosting a TV talk show, has a nightly feature on his MSNBC show Count Down, billed as “The worst Person in the World!   While I am a big fan of all aspects of this smart and ballsy show, I especially love this segment, because Oberman is doing something that clearly needs to be done: Talk back and expose the empty-headed incendiary blatherings of the verbal arsonists on the lunatic right. 

I confess a bias in this matter because it is also one of my favorite things to address in my Commentaries on the Times.  For as sociologist and Harvard Professor William Julius Wilson has shown in his path breaking book Racism, Power and  Privilege: dangerous propaganda must be opposed or it will win increasing numbers of hearts and minds!   And since his ratings have soared, regularly beating the former champ among cable TV bloviators Bill O’Reily, opposing the right-wing hysterics is good business too.

On Wednesday night Mr. Oberman engaged in some of the straightest talk I have yet heard from the commentators of the liberal left.  He accused the Fox network verbal arsonists Glenn Beck of being an “accessory” to the murder of the three cops in Pittsburg who answered a domestic disturbance call and were gunned down by a deranged white supremacist with a military assault rifle.  The cops never had a chance!   As news about the killer surfaced from many sources during the ongoing investigation into this triple assassination, it has been revealed that he was a frequent visitor to the neo-Nazi website Storm Front,  which is a meeting place for the most dangerous and twisted fascist minds in the nation.

From his posts on this website we learn that 23 year old Richard Popalawski, who washed out of the Marine core during basic training for failure to control his violent temper, was terrified at the prospect that President Obama was about to take away his guns.  Thus he feared that he would be disarmed just when the entire American political and economic system was collapsing, and the Zionist Jews were about to take over and enslave the Christian whites! 

The evidence on which Keith Olberman based his charge was that Glenn Beck has been the loudest of the right wing media hysterics calling on people to resist the government’s plan to take away their guns!   Olberman went on to show clips from an earlier show where Beck had convincingly argued that television advocacy and admonitions can drive viewers to action!  

I agree.   Hence I not only think the Olberman’s charge is just in this instance, but the charge can be credibly extended to Sean Hannity, Lou Dobb’s, Rush Limbaugh, and all the right wing bolviators who are fueling this paranoia among Joe Six Pack and the Nervous Nellies who are running out and stockpiling guns in preparation for the coming “storm,” as the lunatic right describes the looming conflict to restore a racist paradise lost where even redneck trailer park trash could fantasize themselves part of a “superior race.”  Using broadcast media to incite the passions, frustrations and ignorance of the untutored and economically dispossessed mob is exactly how the fascist movement was built in Germany!  Hence the rabid rancid rhetoric spouted by the verbal arsonist in broadcast media represents a clear and present danger to our democracy.



Atlanta Georgia

April 10, 2009


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