The Rage of The Untutored Mob

A Celebration Of Ignorance!

A Celebration Of Ignorance!

Screaming Neanderthals shooting themselves in the head!


 Watching the thongs of screaming white Americans – most of whom are avowed Christians and appeared to be working class – that descended on Washington Saturday to “take their country back” by opposing President Obama’s heroic attempt to carry out the commandment of Jesus Christ to “heal the sick and feed the hungry,” my mind harkened back to the 1930’s, when Marxism was in vogue and intellectuals were joining the communist party in droves.

 Understandably, given their dire circumstances in apartheid America, none were more enthusiastic about the new egalitarian economic order promised by the communists than black intellectuals and artist who were engaging the problems of their race in the US.  But the ever brilliant and free thinking Dr. W.E.B. DuBois, America’s most prescient social theorist and veteran political activist, was skeptical.  His skepticism derived from two factors.  He had written a PhD thesis in economics at the University Of Berlin 1n 1895, and first encountered Marxist theory there, long before the people who would become the theoreticians of the twentieth century US communist Party had ever heard of Marx.  And he distrusted their analysis of American society because it didn’t comport with what he understood to be American class and racial realities.

 At the time that Dubois studied in Berlin the University was considered the leading scientific institution in the world – and as Professor Lawrence Levine has show in his brilliant retort to Alan Bloom, “The Opening of the American Mind” – science was not considered quite intellectually respectable at Harvard and Yale.  Hence the twenty five year old DuBois – who had completed all but his dissertation for a PhD in history at Harvard – was introduced to the scientific method of investigating human behavior, studying with Max Weber, the father of sociology, and with the  distinguished  German professors of political economy, who considered Marxism just so much 19th century bunk that had little to contribute to the scientific study of modern economics.

Late in his long life Dubois would cast off the ideas of his German tutors and employ a Marxist analysis of the post Civil War period in his great masterpiece “Black Reconstruction.” But in the early twentieth century he was quite the skeptic; he just didn’t trust the racist and profoundly ignorant white American working class to carry out the vanguard role Marxist theory had assigned to them.

Dr. DuBois

The Prophet!

DuBois’ skepticism about white workers resulted from his in-depth understanding of group dynamics and the role of race and ethnicity in forming one’s identity and political alliegences in American society.  Hence he concluded that when push came to shove white workers would identify with millionaires from their own race and ethnic background before they would identify with blacks based upon their class interests. 

Although Dr. Dubois’ would later change his mind about the relevance of racism in the class struggle, the behavior of the howling untutored mob that descended on Washington last Saturday and cut the fool before the world  testifies to the fact that he got it largely right the first time! While the election of Barack Obama demonstrates that many white Americans have rejected the racist ideology of the past, the Washington mob left no doubt that DuBois’ analysis remains true of many others!  One need only read the signs held aloft in this crowd to see that many of these people are hysterical racist who are fairly clueless about what is actually going in this country.  And in their fear and confusion they have resorted to the old catharsis of racism. 

 Thus, as has traditionally been the case, they project all their fears and anxieties onto the dark and alien other, and in their irrational rage they can be persuaded to act against their best interest through a phony conception of white racial solidarity.  Just as poor whites defended the system of African slavery, although it prevented them from being able to bargain for a fair wage because they could be easily replaced with slave labor, millions of poor and working class whites support a political party that is, and always has been, hostile to the demands of workers. 

A party that is so hostile to the public interests they would privatize Social Security and encourage mob violence to prevent a public health insurance option, is no place for poor people whatever their color.  The fact that one must be willing to cut one’s throat to join the Grand Old Party if one is not rich, insures that they will get only the bottom of the cracker barrel, the dimmest bulbs in the box.

Hence in their confusion these muddle-headed  troglodytes are enraged at President Obama, who is trying to spread the wealth around – remember how this concept so upset piss poor Joe the Plummer that he joined forces with super rich John McCain – thus they support the predatory insurance industry who is fleecing the American people through exorbitant premiums and denial of coverage. 

It is a classic case of cutting off your nose to spite your face.  Fortunately for us all, these empty headed people no longer represent the majority of Americans, and the rest of us must rally around the President and insist that the Democrats in Congress pass a meaningful health care bill that addresses the needs of all Americans.

If the situation were not so dangerous it would be hilarious, but it would be a cruel joke, and intellectuals on the Marxist left, as well as white ethnic intellectuals from working class backgrounds along with phony racial arsonists like Pat Buchanan, would be out screaming about the contempt of the cultural elite for the wisdom of the common hard working white folks – ala Archie Bunker. That’s how utterly ridiculous they are!  

 Limbaugh’s Legions

A typical Redneck fool insulting Native Americans!

A typical Redneck fool insulting Native Americans!

 However I am not as surprised as many other thoughtful observers, black and white, who are shocked by the mass hysteria and epidemic ignorance of the Washington mob.   Alas, I have come to expect them to behave stupidly because, for one thing the signs tell us in no uncertain terms that the get their view of the world from the FOX network. I discovered the disastrous consequences of these people relying on FOX television to inform them on the great issues of the day during the Republican National Convention held in New York at the end of Bush’s first term. 

Reporters and producers from WBAI went out to the convention site and conducted extensive interviews with the delegates.  The tapes of those interviews were played unedited on the air, and it is no exaggeration to say that they are a convincing indictment of their intelligence…or lack thereof.  I would venture to say that never has a great nation placed its fate in the hands of so ignorant and uncouth a mob.  Listening to them conjures up Thomas Jefferson’s principal argument in favor of free and compulsory education: An ignorant electorate will elect and return the worse people to power!

 The prescience of this observation is now manifest all about us. The incontestable evidence of the backwardness of the Republican Party resides in the fact that masses of people coalesce around arguments that are absolute foolishness in spirit and in fact, and their representatives make no attempt to enlighten them.  Rather the poor whites who passionately support the party of the plutocrats are duped by demagogues, and they are true demagogues in the classical meaning of the term.  Look it up.

There cannot be anywhere in the world today a group of people who are so willing to work against their own interests.  Hence by their actions these poor dumb rednecks demonstrate that can’t tell their ass from a hole in the ground.  Most of the people running around with sings talking about socialism and Nazism couldn’t define those terms in any intelligible way if they had a gun to their head!  These people are so dumb they think that a blabber mouth air head dope fiend like Rush Limbaugh and a greasy head motor mouth moral cripple like Sean Hannity are wise men. 

They are a clear and present menace to the stability of American society because they encourage domestic terrorism!   And no one in the Republican Party dare say otherwise – not even the mealy mouth General Powell, and certainly not that grinning negro lickspittle ……, whom the Republicans treat with the same regard as the lawn jockeys whose lanterns light their way home. 

 If they think what I have written here is inaccurate or unfair they can sue me or debate me, beyond that I have a bit of verse that should make plain the deepest sentiments of my soul.  Since the subject is unworthy of poetry I shall offer a bit of doggerel: The winds may blow/the trees on high/the Bees May kiss the butterfly/the sparkling wine may kiss the glass/but all you right-wing rednecks can kiss my ass!!

 Playthell Benjamin

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September 17, 2009




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