A Clear and Present Danger!


Mr Cool: The Rotund Rushbo

A Calamity: Entertainers dominating the Political Discourse

 How ever much fun the match up between Colby and Shack might have been in ‘The NBA Show,” watching the Grand Poobahs of the Republican Party take turns assuming the lips to posterior position with Rush Limbaugh, was infinitely more entertaining. Intellectually bankrupt, morally confused, and clueless about what direction to take, the Republican Party shamelessly entered into a Faustian bargain with Rush Limbaugh while the whole world bore witness. 

 All I could think of as I watched that old creepy cracker Senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, one of the last unreconstructed Confederates lingering in the US Senate, impugn the taste and intelligence of those who would rather spend and evening chatting with Dr, Paul Krugman, the present Nobel Laureate in Economics, who writes well enough to be an op-Ed columnist with the New York Times – rather than Rush Limbaugh was: “this will come back to haunt the GOP.”  Since I would rather spend the evening with Francis the Talking Mule rather than a minute with old Rotund Rushbo; I took the Senator’s derision personally. 

 Hence I have a question for the Kentucky Senator: “Are you so desperate for a route back to relevance that you are willing to entrust the posterity of the Grand Old Party to a verbose ignoramus like Rush Limbaugh?”    Well, I say God speed to you Senator!  I cannot envision a more generous gift the God’s could bestow upon a left wing Yellow Dog Democrat like me.  For if there is anything we know for sure about the tawdry riddle that is Rush Limbaugh, it’s that he is an egomaniac fired up off Oxycontin who rants and raves over the air ways like…well like an outta control dope fiend with a rudimentary understanding of the issues he rants about. 

Hence sooner or later he is surely going to say something that will reduce the appeal of your party to poor dumb rednecks, closet Nazi’s, and garden variety right wing kooks…people like you Senator. Rush Limbaugh’s ignorance is so profound it cannot be disguised, which was clear to any thinking person who listened closely to that incoherent 90 minute temper tantrum, but he passed it off as a political oration to people  who are too dumb to tell the difference. 

 In one of the most dramatic moments of his hysterical screed he passionately quoted extended passages from the Constitution…except they were actually from the declaration of Independence!  As legions of journalists and historians hasten to point this out, the whole world will quickly come to know what a numbskull Rush Limbaugh is; Just as Rhom Emmanuel, President Obama’s politically astute Chief of Staff, has enthusiastically anointed him the intellectual guru of the Republican Party.

 Already a distinct minority, and shrinking like the British Empire, the GOP is hoping to ride the tide of Rush’s popularity back to power, while at the same time keeping him from driving everybody else away with his hysterical and reckless rhetoric.  It is a classic Faustian bargain, and I’m betting the Republicans will lose their soul to the Devil come judgment day.


































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