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 Bobby Jindal

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The Louisiana Governor Responds to the President

If anybody questioned whether the Republican Party is in real trouble, watching Bobby Jindal’s pathetic attempt to reply to the magnificent speech of President Obama should leave no doubt!  A mixture of child like anecdotes filled with immigrant nostalgia and worn out Republican bromides extolling the virtues of rugged individualism and the sanctity of the “free market,” it was out of step and out of time.  The cornball Louisiana Governor was a study in how rigid adherence to ideology can dull your mind and make you say and  do stupid things. 

 This is a man who has just refused a hundred million dollars from the federal government to extend benefits to unemployed workers. But  he wants to keep the disastrous Bush tax cuts to the rich, an act of class warfare motivated by shameless greed and the belief that the rich can never have too much money.   It was an embarrassing performance, plastic and silly, but he was playing to the Republican base, the kinds of right wing airheads that elected him governor of Louisiana and gleefully supported the Alaskan barbarian Sarah Palin.  They are the same kinds of morons who get their vision of the world from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News and the New York Post.

 Sean Hannity was so hysterical after the President’s speech that even Virginia Congressman Eric Kantor, himself a right wing nut, had to cool him out.  It’s obvious that the Republican naysayers have no alternative to Barack’s vision;  Bobby Jindal was so confused in his speech that when he got to what was intended as the summit of his argument, every example he gave in his attempt to demonstrate the irrelevance of the federal government was evidence of the central role played by that same government.  Overthrowing slavery; waging two world wars; ending segregation; traveling to the moon.  

 On the other hand the only example he cited of Federal governmental action was the Bush Administration response to Katrina.  But here he missed the point just as badly if not worse, because the incompetence he cited occurred under a Republican Administration, and what it demonstrated above all else is that Republican contempt for government insures that if elected to public office they will govern badly.  And that’s the best reason anybody could come up with for not voting Republican. 

 This is the case that Governor Bobby Jindal made splendidly – like a Rhodes scholar in fact.  And I believe that everybody but the poor dumb Rednecks in the few Red states left, will get the message and retire the Grand Old Party to a regional political formation running local governments in remote places like Appalachia, Alaska and St. Augustine Florida.  Great job Bob!



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Feburary 2009

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