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The First Hundred Days have been a Jolly Good Show

 It has become conventional wisdom among the pundits that the one unquestioned good President Obama hath bestowed upon the nation is that lifted our spirits and inspired a new birth of faith in the future by virtue of his personal cool and optimism.  The magnitude of this achievement, and the immense political skill it required, is lost on much of the electorate because he makes it look so easy – like watching Michael Jordon throwing grapes through a hoola hoop.  And he seems to be having the time of his life doing it.

In the last hundred days we have learned that the President can do far more than make a great speech.  The emotional power and poetic eloquence of his political oratory is often employed as a veil to disguise the policy wonk that he is at heart.  Barack is bursting with new ideas and he has been as busy as a worker bee trying to implement them.

There has been no grace period the new President, and he has been moving in triple speed.  Watching him perform from the sidelines, I often wonder if he feels like Alice in Wonderland, where everything around him is moving so fast he has to run just to stay where he’s at!  Although he has inherited a succession of crisis’s, in crisis there is also opportunity.  And the President is determined to make lemonade from the lemons he has been handed.

Thus he has plunged into the thorniest issues with a cool confidence that belies the complexity of the challenge: shepherding recovery bills through Congress worth hundreds of billions; moving to redesign the energy grid; working in hands on fashion to save the auto-industry; expanding the availability of health care while reducing the cost; dramatically increasing the funding for public service; removing ideological barriers to scientific research while increasing funding and placing the scientists in charge of scientific matters; upgrading the nation’s educational system; rebuilding our roads and bridges; making college affordable; supporting the arts; and returning to the art and science of diplomacy in dealing with the nations of the world.

Furthermore the President is impressively waging two wars while boldly exposing, denouncing, and ending torture; thus winning friends and neutralizing enemies with his eloquent egalitarian freedom song.  I think his performance gets an A hands down!


Harlem Circa 2009

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