Congressman Peter King is a Racist Backward Buffoon!

Long Island Pete; a Political Embarrasment

Long Island Pete; a Political Embarrasment


 Trying to Bask in the Reflected Light Of a Super Star!!

Peter King is an ignorant arrogant buffoon who talks and acts like the backward blue collar Bozos who used to slepp from Long Island to pour concrete on the construction sites such as I once worked in the City.  But having risen above his natural station in the lower quintile, largely due to the special privileges with which pale skin has historically endowed one in the American pigmentocrisy, pugnacious Peter now haunts the halls of Congress spewing odious rhetoric, a bile slurped up by his racist brain damaged constituency.  Congressman King’s latest initiative in the public interest is an embarrassingly stupid and shockingly vile attack on the character and talent of Michael Jackson!

 Long Island Pete’s evaluation of Michaels’ talents as a song and dance man reveals him to be incompetent as a cultural critic, and like most Republican Neanderthals probably indifferent to cultural matters all together! furthermore his assessment of Michael’s character demonstrates that he is out of touch with the decent opinions of people around the world.  In both instances Mr. King is the perfect representative of the Republican Party. He is an obscene anachronism standing on the wrong side of history.  And because he is a multi-term Republican congressman it is fair to assume that his attitudes and opinions reflect the sentiments of his constituents: Boobus Americanus!

Peter says that Michael was a pervert – and I’d bet my bottom dollar he also calls him a nigger when the rest of us ain’t listening – but that’s a bizarre charge coming from a man whose head is so far up Rush Limbaugh’s fat funky butt that his cronies have to pump air to him.  Michael Jackson was the greatest force for bringing people together across national, racial, ethnic and cultural lines that I have seen in my lifetime, or heard about in my extensive readings of historical texts on the lives of great personalities. Conversely Rush Limbaugh is the greatest force for spreading the kind of hatred and division which prevents us from reclaiming our common humanity in America today!

 Tubby Limbaugh


The Devil!!

The Devil!!







Pete’s leader, teacher, and spiritual guide


It is not surprising that Long Island Pete would make such a choice; after all he belongs to a political party whose success in national politics over the last forty years was based upon stoking the resentment of racist whites over black advancement.  The congressman says he represents “blue collar conservatives,” which is synonymous with so-called “Reagan Democrats;” a euphemism for working class northern racists.  These are the same people that George Wallace appealed too.  Hence Pugnacious Pete is cut from the same cloth as classic southern demogogues like Huey Long, Herman Talmage, George Wallace and Strom Thurman, men who orchestrated white racist sentiment like a Wagnarian opera. 

 While this Long Island greaser is less skilled than his southern forefathers, whose progeny abandoned the Democratic party en-masse after Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act forcing them to protect the constitutional rights of Michael Jackson’s people; something they had sworn to do when they assumed their seats in the US Senate, Peter is no less vile.  These reactionary southern rednecks showed contempt for the Constitution by their attempts to nullify Supreme Court decisions on racial justice; and reducing Michael Jackson’s legacy to charges for which he was exonerated in court shows contempt for the jury system that renders the ultimate decisions of the American people on questions of guilt or innocence..  

By scorning Michael Jackson for the mere accusation of child molestation while celebrating Thomas Jefferson and Strom Thurman, two proven child molesters, Long Island Pete exposes himself as a racist fugazy.  He is a shameless fraud and a dirty joke, a twisted ignorant  little man representing a backwater district posturing for attention by trying to hog the limelight around Michael.  So on behalf of Michael Jackson fans and music lovers everywhere I offer Pete a song: “I’ll be glad when you’re dead you rascal you!”


            Playthell Benjamin

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July 8, 2009

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