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 Perceptive Pundit or Racial Arsonist?

  I recently got cable television again after a hiatus of several years and it has opened a whole new world to me.  Most importantly, I can now watch the 24/7 news channels and see all of the celebrated pundits speaking off the cuff on the great issues of the day.   In candid moments many have exposed themselves as shallow windbags – like that grinning coon with grits for brains Joe Watkins – and when the topic turns to Barack Obama some have revealed themselves to be spineless or racist or both.  Others have radiated hope and joy because they believe that the fact that Obama is making such an impressive showing is concrete evidence that our society is moving toward finally fulfilling her creed of liberty and justice for all.  Not so with Pat Buchanan and his lynch mob of right wing kooks, virtually all of whom are American Exceptionalists who still believe the world should be governed by a racial hierarchy led by white American men.  Buchanan manages to barely disguise his feeling on this question when he is on main stream television; but on his blog he drops the pretense and lets his true colors shine through.  

            Alas, nearly all of the pundits, black and white, have exposed themselves as dreadfully ignorant of history and the social sciences; it is as if they believe they can navigate the thorny problems of race and class in the US – which are terribly complex matters and demand both a historical perspective and what that great thinker C. Wright Mills called a “sociological imagination” – with a near total ignorance of Afro-American history and an indifference to sociology. Fortunately I have a tape recorder in my television and I am carefully taping all of these guys; but since Pat is the most offensive of the lot because he is smart enough to know better, I am critiquing him for posterity.  At the end of this election I will publish a book of commentaries “Notes on the Obama Phenomenon,” and like Mark Anthony said of Caesar: “I have come to bury Pat not to praise him” and to make certain the evil he does will live on after he is gone.  So friends, seekers of wisdom of truth, and countrymen lend me your ears, and I shall tell you tales from the dark side of human character.

            After overdosing on Jonathon Capeheart of the Washington Post, a grinning over solicitous intellectual mediocrity, and Pat Buchanan, a shanty Irishman who became neuveau riche from crafting political graffiti for charming dopes like Ronald Reagan and has lived up to the old Irish Republican adage: “Give an Irishman a horse and he will vote Tory every time!”  I decided to take a close look at the punditocracy, these verbose painters of American life; the smart guys who are supposed to pull our coats to the deeper meaning of the events we hear about in the news.  Although Patty is a helluva lot swifter on the cap than Jonathon Seagull, and most of the other talking heads, he is also a rigid ideologue whose arguments are predictable and a racist pugnacious bore to boot. 

            It is no accident that Pat’s columns on Barack Obama are prominently displayed on the cover page of that great American fascist David Duke’s website: For Our Heritage and Freedom.  In a syndicated column titled: A Brief for Whitey, written in response to Barack’s historic speech on race in which he called for a new conversation on race relations in America, old pugnacious Pat had this to say: “America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.”  The problem with that response is that this statement is also true for shanty Irishman like him. 

Had Pat’s people remained in Ireland and didn’t starve to death during the British induced potato famine in an attempt to starve them like rats, he would probably have been a stable boy in County Cork or bootblack in London.  He is who he is because his Irish ancestors came here and were moved ahead of black people in the line of progress because of the biological accident of being born with white skin, and the historical accident of his parents settling in America – where there was a pigmentocracy based on skin color!  So Pat’s observation that “Wright should get down on his knees and thank God he is in America,” is better advice for Irish-Americans like him who would are such big shots here but would have been nothing back in the old country.  Hence by Buchanan’s logic, if slavery was a good thing because it resulted in African Americans winding up in this country, it is more than a good thing that the British Crown decided to starve the Irish and drive them out of Ireland!

Furthermore, Rev. Wright’s ancestors were here building America when Patty’s people were grubbing for potatoes in the bogs of Ireland!  As Dr. Benjamin Quarles has shown in his seminal text The Negro in the American Revolution, and Dr. Sydney Kaplan reveals in his thoughtful study of the period The Black Presence in the Revolutionary Era, African Americans were right in the thick of things: militarily and philosophically! Racist dunderheads like Pat, and his verbose disciples on the Republican right, manage to get away with the kind of self-aggrandizing racist prattle precisely because of the shameful ignorance of American history by the vast majority of the American punditariat –black and white, left and right.

Beyond that Jeremiah Wright served this country in the US Marine Corps, for real tough guys that accept only “a few good men” – while Pat is a classic version of the “Chicken Hawks” that Senator Lautenberg dismissed as tough talkers who have never fired off anything but their mouths!  But I will have much more to say about Mr. Buchanan’s brief in my Open Letters to Pat Buchanan, which I am presently composing, and they written in the same instructional spirit as that well meaning but misguided drunken Irishman Pete Hamill’s Letter to a Black Friend.


  In a column dated 3/20/08 titled Pastor to the President?  Patty writes with the kind of righteous anger and simple minded argument designed to excite the passions and dull the intellect of the clueless, racist, right wing numbskulls who think of him as their brilliant verbal bully. His attempts to excerpt the sermon of the Reverend Doctor Jeremiah Wright in his column was no doubt popular with the ditzy white crowd who look to him in search of wisdom – a case of the blind leading the blind! – but I found Pat’s argument pedestrian at best and racist hysteria at worse.  And like all sophistic arguments his polemic cannot stand   rigorous examination. 

           Frankly put, if Buchanan can muster up the “cahones” to debate me on the veracity of the assertions in Revered Wright’s speech that so offends him in his column, I will kick his pugnacious punk ass!   For one thing, like virtually all of the white commentators fat mouthing about Rev. Wright, Paddy has nothing to say about the Reverend Hagee, the powerful Texas pastor who is a frightening full blown Christian Evangelical fanatic.  Hagee has said far more outrageous things about Catholics than Rev. Wright or Minister Farrakhan – both of whom are far better men than Pat Buchanan by my estimate – has said about Jews or white America in general, and Hagee is as tight with John McCain as the haunches on a country hog.  Yet I haven’t heard a peep out of old pugnacious Paddy, even though he is a former Alter boy who was educated by Jesuit priests, and to hear him tell it he is a big time believer in Catholicism!   Whasssup wit that Pat?

           Although I think it is hypocritical I can understand Abraham Foxman’s indifference to Rev. Hagee – when recently questioned about his silence on Hagee in the face of the Texas Pastor’s vicious attacks on the Catholic Church, and his insistence that Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans was punishment for a gay pride parade they had scheduled for that time – Foxman said coldly “These are not Jewish issues,” according to a report in the March 14, 2008 edition of the Jewish Forward.  So unlike principled Jewish leaders who are concerned with the with the entire human condition – such as Rabbi Irwin Kula, President of The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership – who is alarmed by Rev. Hagee’s close relationship with the Republican Party and John McCain – or some members of the Israeli Mossad’s concern that his preachments might fire up some young Jewish fanatic who will then go out and deface a sacred Islamic shrine, bringing the endless Muslim hordes of Asia down upon the little desert nation; Abraham Foxman had nothing critical to say about Rev. Hagee. 

 A vicious anti-Catholic bigot and warmonger who has called the church of Rome “The whore of Babylon” and denounced the pope as religious fraud and agent of the Devil, while steadily pressing the US government to attack Iran; Hagee is a full blown iconoclastic lunatic.  I wonder however what Mr. Foxman would think if a billion Catholics around the world announced that they didn’t want to hear anything more about discrimination against Jews or the horrors of the holocaust because it isn’t a Christian issue!    

            This was Pats chance to call Foxman out for hypocrisy – Foxman has sure been all over his ass for years because of his apologia for Nazi war criminals the Jews were attempting to bring to justice…and rightly so!   And we can now see why, because Pat has recently written a book, titled Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War: How Britain lost the empire and the West Lost the World, which is a brooding meditation on a White supremacist paradise lost, which argues that America should never have entered World War II because we were in no physical danger from Hitler.  Is this guy crazy or just the closet Nazi my Jewish friends have long suspected?  Does he really believe that not opposing Hitler could have saved the British Empire and the world wide system of white supremacy that it represented?  What an argument for a shanty Irishman to make!  I have so much to say about this book that it will require another piece to adequately address it; and that will soon be forthcoming.  Stay tuned because I’m gonna stay on Pat as long as he stays on Brother Obama; which probably means from now on!

           Even Donald Trump, himself no intellectual heavy weight – has publicly called Buchanan “a whacko” who “doesn’t like the Jews and he doesn’t like the blacks.”  And that was echoed by Bill Press, a white TV pundit, who told Pat Buchanan back in January: “Pat you want white supremacy and you’ve had it!  You are the same white supremacist you always have been!”  Press gave this assessment after a heated discussion about Barack Obama and The Black Congressional Caucus, with Pat Buchanan and that pasty faced bow tie wearing super light-weight Tucker Carlson – who is a conspicuous example of the preferential treatment accorded mediocre waspy white males in the media.  Buchanan was so obnoxious Bill Press was forced to call him out although they are obviously buddies.   But Pat was unmoved and just sat there with an IDGAF –“I Don’t Give A Fuck” – sneer on his bulldog face.   He is such a committed racist he can’t hide it so it seems he has decided to just go with the flow and let it all hang out.

           Pattty hanging out with Neo-Nazi David Duke

            Pat Buchana with David Duke

Birds of a feather!

On the matter of Reverend Wright – whose views I will objectively examine in another commentary – I have some advice for Pat.  Instead of sounding like a broken record, repeating ad nauseum the chant for Obama to quit his church in spite of all the good works that everybody who knows anything about Trinity Church has testified to, he should devote his energies to stopping the widespread rape of children by Catholic priests!  After all, Pat has not seen fit to leave his church in spite of the disclosure of numerous cover ups by the hierarchy and the Pope employing proven pedophiles in the Vatican – or worse sending these child molesters to another Parrish where unsuspecting parents will leave their children in their care – instead of sending these criminal perverts to jail.  And the present Pope alas, was part and parcel of the cover-up!

            And while he is dealing with that unholy mega-mess in his church, Pat should tell everybody why he is not running away from David Duke and vigorously protesting the self-confessed Republican neo-Nazi who once represented the Grand Old Party in the Louisiana legislature prominently featuring his writings on Duke’s website!  I think the answer to Pat’s silence on this issue while he is so exercised by Rev. Wright lay in the fact that pheasants of similar plumage generally congregate in close proximity; or as my grandmother would say: “Birds of a feather flock together.”   I know you like to tell black people what to do Pat, like all white supremacists, but I say go clean up your own house you racist potato head hypocrite!  


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem NY,

Spring 2008







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