President Obama At The American Summit


Things Were Really Cricket!

Things Were Really Cricket!


Barack does us Proud …Old Republican Reactionaries Cry Foul!

 President Barack Obama is doing something that is all too rare in politicians of any stripe; he is trying hard to keep the promises he made during his campaign for office. For far too many of these guys promises are like eggs: they are made to be broken!  But Barack is remaining true to the vision of America he projected while running for the Presidency, a vision he constantly reiterated with the tagline “That’s why I’m running for President!”

          While I would like to see him adopt a more radical economic policy, his choices are restricted by the economic crisis inherited from the Bushmen alas.  Yet his diplomatic initiatives are a welcome relief from the racism, ignorance and belligerence of the neo-con “American Exceptionalists” who have dominated our Foreign policy for the last eight years.  Instead of blundering into disastrous wars of choice like Iraq, he is doing something that Republican hysterics consider near treasonous: practicing diplomacy by treating Latin and Caribbean nations as equals.  

 While right wing mighty whitey bolviators like Pat Buchanan, Joe Scarborough, Bill O’Reily and the WABC lunatics Fatty Limbaugh, Simple Sean and their like, howl over the smiling handshake between Presidents’ Obama and Chavez of Venezuela; I loved it!  There is much speculation about what they said to each other, I think Chavez said “Que Pasa Poppi, glad to be rappin with you rather than those crazy blancos!”  And Barack replied “Yo Dog, it’s a new day out here.” 

Two pioneering President’s Of Color CB Trinidad Americas Summit Obama

Que Pasa Poppi…Whaasup Dog?

After all, they are the first men of color who hail from the traditionally despised classes to ever become President of their countries.  And thus they are bonded by history.  Pat Buchanan, a muddled headed nauseating apologist for German Fascism, had the unmitigated gall to call the book Chavez gave to Barack “Silly.” Yet considering that it was a history of European and American imperialism in Latin America, written by a Latin American historian, I’d bet my bippy it couldn’t possibly be as silly, inaccurate or dangerous as Buchanan’s recent book on world War II – a crude apologia for fascism and a shameless lamentation for the collapse of the world white supremacist order.

So I rejoice every time pugnacious Patty and his racist reactionary KKK comrades have a hissy fit.  None of these critics voted for Barack so he need pay them no mind.  For those who supported him from the git go, like this writer, our President is right on track in changing America’s relationship with the world just as he promised. I say keep on keeping on brother.  The struggle continues!


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