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*Sep 19 - 00:05*The Matador and the Mexican Bull


Floyd Mayweather was all the way live!

After a two year layoff many serious boxing fans wondered if Floyd Mayweather, who was considered the best prize fighter in the world pound for pound before his sudden retirement from the game, still had it.  Hence his return match generated great interests from those who wish him well and those who would like to see him get a serious ass whipping too.  The playa hater’s fall into two categories: The largely Mexican crowd who work in the hotels and casinos under the demanding gaze of arrogant and contemptuous gringos, and people who think he talks too much and a good whipping will tame his cockiness.

 Well, like those who came to Muhammad Ali’s fights hoping to see him humbled by a whipping, the haters left the arena sadly disappointed last night.  Floyd Mayweather conducted as fine a clinic on the art of pugilism as one is likely to see these days.  In spite of all the hype that preceded the fight – which was unprecedented with HBO cameras having followed them through out their training camp, providing us an intimate look into their family lives as well as training methods – the fight was not the epic clash of Titans it was advertised to be.

In the weeks preceding the fight there was much speculation as to whether Juan Manuel was the first or second best fighter in the world, and his legendary toughness was played up big!  We were shown footage of his grueling workout routines – running up mountain sides and shit.  We even saw him drink his own piss because he believed it would give him added strength and stamina.  Mayweather thought the whole ritual was ridiculous and disgusting – he even started calling Manuel “Pissy Mouth” – which only fueled Juan’s determination to shut Mayweather’s mouth!    But as in life, after all the fat mouthing you’ve got to play the game.  And on fight night Mayweather pitched a shutout…Juan didn’t win a round; only his lion’s heart and granite chin kept him from getting knocked out by Mayweather.

 Pound for Pound The Greatest!


Still Undefeated!

With a physique like a finely sculpted and polished ebony statue, Mayweather danced about with uncanny speed and great lateral movement, and he’s harder to hit than the Mega-millions jackpot.  With a combination of superb arm blocks and hand parries, complemented by an ability to slip punches when his opponent is unloading at point blank range, he gave the impression it would have been hard for Juan Manuel to hit him with a hand full of rice!  The final tally tells the tale: Juan threw one hundred more punches than Mayweather, but Mayweather landed two hundred more of his shots.  Mayweather threw approximately fifteen power punches a round and landed nine! 

Sugar Shane


Waiting in the wings

 No sooner than the fight was over talk began about whether Juan Manuel was the best test for Mayweather, since he is not a true welterweight but a blown up lightweight.    In the minds of these doubters there is certainty about one thing: a better test of Mayweather’s mettle would be a throw down with “Sugar” Shane Mosley, a legit welterweight and former world champion.  But on this night in Vegas the best that can be said for Juan is that he is a game warrior who can take a licking and keep on ticking.  Alas he was badly outclassed by a young virtuoso who is keeping the “Sweet Science” alive: the best pound for pound pugilist in the world!


Harlem New York

September 20, 2009

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