No Attack On Iran!

Bibi Netanyahu II The Saber Rattlers

Netanyahu must not push America into another War!

 On the eve of the six party negotiations with Iran, and Mr. Armidenijade’s statement that “nuclear weapons belong to the past generations, we see no need for such weapons” it was alarming to hear a casual discussion on MSNBC’s Hardball last night as to whether or not Israel should attack Iran and bomb their nuclear facilities.  The only question for the show’s animated host, Chris Matthews, was if the Israeli’s could pull it off on their own.

At one point Matthews asked why the Israeli’s didn’t just pull a surprise commando raid like they did in Uganda and assassinate the Iranian leadership.  It was a silly question on the face of it – given the vast differences in the military capabilities between Iran and Uganda – and it exposed how little Matthews understands about the world.  In the fog of ignorance I Guess one Third World country looks like another to him.

The answer from the two middle east experts – one a policy wonk from that right wing think tank The American Enterprise Institute, and Bob Baer, a former CIA agent – was that the Israeli’s could start a war with Iran, but they couldn’t finish it without American help.  In every scenario they could imagine: if the Israeli’s attack Iran the US will be drawn into the ensuing war.

What was most intriguing about the entire discussion was the absence of any respect for the sovereignty of Iran, or the morality of the actions they were discussing, or how similar these arguments sound to the rhetoric that preceded the invasion of Iraq.  It is no wonder the Iranians feel threatened.

This situation could turn out to be a foreign policy nightmare for President Obama, who has made it abundantly clear that he is opposed to such an attack by the Israelis.  However Bibi Netanyahu appears to want to make it a contest as to who has the biggest balls, manifested in this instance as political clout with the US media and Congress. The Israeli Prime Minister’s arrogance stems from the fact that Israeli support groups have a great track record at applying pressure on elected officials to gain American support for Israel’s policies in the middle East.

Hence it should have surprised no one that the Iranians recently fired a long range rocket to warn anyone considering an attack on Iran to think again if they believe it will be risk free.  It is no different from what Americans would do.  If the Israeli’s feel that they are justified in attacking Iran because they may be developing the capacity to make an atomic bomb at some time in the future, by that same logic the Iranians could justify a preemptive attack on Israel’, who already has a well stocked  nuclear arsenal and is threatening to attack Iran!

Given the well know history of American intervention in Iranian affairs, President Obama must make it plain that the US is unalterably opposed to any Israeli attack on Iran.  For this nation cannot sustain another war in the Muslim world…or anywhere else.


 Playthell Benjamin

Harlem New york

September 19, 2009

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