I’m Down With You Megan

 Laura and Annie Can Kiss My My Ass Too!

Meghan Mccain

Megan Is Hot and Laura ain’t Squat!!


Although the Republican leadership appears too dumb and chauvinistic to dig it – the inevitable consequence of overdosing on zealous ideologies – Megan McCain and young people like her represent any future the Republicans are likely to have in national politics.  Torn, tattered, bruised and confused the Grand old Party stumbles along like a drunken buccaneer looking for a road back to power.  Befuddled  by the spectacular Democratic victory in the recent elections, most of the old Republican guard has opted for retreat into nostalgia and myth.  For them the answer is to return forthwith to the ideas of the Reagan era, which they insist was a golden age in American civilization. They conveniently forget that Reagan ran up the biggest deficit in American history, and was so clueless that Oliver North, a treasonous colonel, ran an illegal operation out of the White House basement that subverted the Constitutional separation of powers.

 The ruling trope of that lawless era is embodied in Reagan’s famous pronouncement on domestic affairs: “Government is the problem!’ This contempt for government explains why they govern so badly whenever they are entrusted with that high calling to serve the public interest.  However the problem for the blast from the past crew just now is that government is the answer; and it was a Republican President, George Bush, after eight years in office with virtually no government regulation of the economy, who turned to the government to avoid a catastrophe which those “free market” policies had created.  Add to this the lingering “culture wars” promoted by Reagan’s minions like the pugnacious Pat Buchanan, and it is a good bet that the Republican Party is on the path to extinction as a credible force in National politics.

 On the other hand, Megan McCain represents a true alternative to the stodgy old ideologues that dominate the precincts of power in the GOP.   The questions she raises are the questions all thoughtful members of her generation are raising, and the Republican big wigs had better pay heed to what she is saying if they wish to thrive…or even survive.  As the daughter of the soundly whipped Republican candidate for President, Megan has a unique perspective on the shortcomings of her father’s party and their methodology. 

 As an eyewitness to President Obama’s trouncing of John McCain, Megan McCain is attempting to share what she has learned with their fellow Republicans, but that evil nasty mouth rawboned witch Laura Ingarim thought it a good idea to attack the young lady’s weight and intelligence, rather than offer a serious reply to her critique.  This sort of gutter-snipe behavior is just the sort of thing you would expect from loquacious Laura, an outta control megalomaniacal talking head with a garbage mouth and the morals of a whore.  After all, when she pays homage to a fat self-indulgent dumb ass like Rush Limbuagh, it is hard to believe that Laura, who is a lawyer, is not simply selling what is left of her virtue.  “Ain’t that what all ho’s do?’ asked Honey Comb, a seasoned Mack from around the way who knows a thing or two about ho’s. 

Laura And Her Favorite Colored Man


Uncle Justice Thomas!

The same thing can be said of that anorexic douche bag Ann Coulter, whose incendiary rhetoric sparked this whole imbroglio.  She’s the biggest ho of them all!  She too has squandered an excellent education.;  instead of seeking honorable work that might advance our society she has built a reputation as the most ruthless foulmouthed ho in the media – an arena that’s full of lying hoes, male and female.  That’s her claim to fame!   And like all hos who are true to the code: Ain’t no shame in Annie’s game. 

But let me be clear: I am not accusing either of these shrieking schrews of selling pussy – I have a fertile imagination but I can’t imagine how you could sell something you have trouble giving away; I know I wouldn’t pop em with Dirty Dick Chaney’s cock!   Rather I accuse them of selling their souls in a Faustian bargain with the racist, sexist, right-wing male establishment and the untutored mob that take their marching orders from Rush and Sean.   Hence the true reason for Laura’s  tasteless, mean, ill-considered attack on Megan: She knows that the things Megan says about Anorexic Annie are also true of her!

An Accurate Description! 

Ann Coulter

Anorexic Annie

But old murder mouth Laura has met her match this time, because Megan is no shrinking violet – far from it.  In fact she is what the old folks in Florida used to call a “Tushie,” a name that connoted an iron willed woman who would stand her ground till the bitter end.   So far Megan is getting the best of this Republican cat fight.  The first telling blow to the over-the-hill bloviators was the fact that she had never heard of Laura or Annie until recently – one because of her ridiculous diatribes against anything progressive or humane; the other because she was the victim of a scurrilous attack by her. 

Megan responded by coming on The View – a group of chatty “Tushies” who speak their mind – and exposed the shallowness of Laura’s attack on her as a young woman who dared to express a political opinion.  The utter tastelessness of Laura’s demented behavior was such that the women of “The View” denounced it regardless of where they stood on the political spectrum.  Then to everyone’s surprise, and my delight, Meg told them skinny ho’s: “Kiss my fat ass!”   I declare I just loved it!    Its way past time somebody told those two nasty mouth witches to kiss their ass.  So I’m down with you Meg: Them skinny skanky boggy-bear witches can kiss my ass too!

Playthell Benjamin

Commentaries on the Times

Harlem, New York 

March, 17, 2009

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