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President Obama At War

 Anyone who understands the symbiotic relationship between mass media and their audience will recognize the danger in the reckless rhetoric that has become the Republican stock-in-trade. Media outlets like FOX television and WABC radio employ a rogue’s gallery of verbose charlatans, fools and soulless whores to harangue the listener 24/7, spouting slickly packaged disinformation that the untutored mob enthusiastically accepts as truth, they are generating a dangerous rage in an economically insecure and increasingly desperate segment of American society.  Since the GOP has become the party of the neo-Confederacy, that menacing mob is mostly white, Christian and racist.  Working in concert with the Republican Party leadership, The latest campaign of slander and hysteria by the far right verbal arsonists in the media was sparked by the nearly successful attempt by a 23 year old Nigerian student to blow an American airliner out of the sky on Christmas Day. 

If there are those who still hope that the Republicans will behave responsibly in a national crisis, i.e. put the interests of the nation above partisan politics, Dirty Dick Cheney – who along with Rush Limbaugh has emerged as the voice of the Republican Party – made it clear that that hope is misplaced.  Rather than rally round the flag and try and calm public anxiety by assuring them that the holes in our security net will be repaired, and all we need fear is fear itself, Dirty Dick has seized upon this near tragedy to launch more cheap shots at the President and cast himself in the role of an all knowing elder statesman.  Alas, Dirty Dick is not alone in this malicious and dangerous folly.

 Dirty Dick!


 Would you buy a used car from this creep?


I have not heard one constructive comment on this near tragedy from the Republican leadership; they have nothing useful to offer, and what is worse they don’t seem to give a damn!  Not really.   Their opposition to President Obama goes far beyond simple disagreements on political philosophy or policy issues. It is becoming a danger to the national security that borders on treason because it could well hamper the President’s ability to carry out his constitutionally mandated duties; thus giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  For instance, the reason that we have no Director of the TSA, which is tasked with airline security, is because Republican Senator Jim DeMint is holding up the president’s nominee for purely ideological reasons.  And still the Republicans have the unmitigated gall to howl about the Obama Administration not taking the terror threat seriously.  Only a person who is convinced that his audience is composed of morons would dare make such an argument.

The recklessness of the increasingly rancid Republican attacks could even lead to the assassination of the President.  If anyone thinks this is an overblown reaction to the incendiary rhetoric employed by Dirty Dick and other Republican leaders, they should check out what the experts on Presidential assassinations like Gerald Posner – author of “Killing The Dream” – have to say on the matter.  For instance, Posner was a law student in San Francisco when the Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk  were murdered by the right-wing nut Dan White, and he says the hostile atmosphere the Republicans are creating around President Obama today reminds him of the atmosphere in San Francisco when that tragedy occurred.  This is the same thing that Speaker Of the House Nancy Pelosi, who was also in San Francisco at the time, also recalls.

Yet if all of those gun totin so called “Tea Party Patriots” believe the things that Dirty Dick and his co-conspirators on Fox and WABC are saying about the President, then it is not a big leap to believe that his murder would be construed as a patriotic act in defense of the nation.  After all, this is what happened to the last Illinois legislator who became President in troubled times: Abraham Lincoln.  Ironically, the problem is concentrated in the same region of the country and at bottom the issue is fundamentally the same: The proper status of black men in America!

For millions of racist whites the election of a black president with a Muslim name is an abominable blunder made possible by white race traitors in league with non-white minorities – whom many see as inferior mud men – and this catastrophe must be corrected by any means necessary, including murder. Some of these self-styled white Christian nationalists are unambiguous on this issue; showing up at presidential appearances brandishing guns while displaying signs that declare “The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.”  Word’s chillingly reminiscent of the words of John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln’s Assassin. No serious person can deny that if members of the Revolutionary communist Party had shown up at President Bush’s appearances with guns they would have been arrested if not shot!  And they same right wing charlatans who offer simple minded apologia for these pistol packin misfits – even trying to justify the murder of Dr. Tiller because he performed abortions.  These are very dangerous people.

Hence it is a serious mistake to believe that the scurrilous attacks upon the President by the racist untutored mob, egged on by Dirty Dick and his deranged Republican posse, can simply be ignored with no serious consequences. The manner in which these right wing propagandists have so confused the issue of health care that millions of Americans believe it contains death panels – Sarah Palin’s contribution to our political discourse – and are the equivalent of Nazi Concentration camps, should provide all of the evidence we need that big lies allowed to go unchallenged can become reality for “Boobus Americanus.”  Especially if the issue is wrapped up in the issue of race.  Hence the Obama Administration must began to respond to the volatile lies of Dirty Dick and his butt boys, or sit idly by and witness the erosion of the American people’s confidence in President Obama’s ability to lead  our nation in these increasingly troubled times.


The Right Man To Chastise Cheney!


 Joe Biden: Smart and Scrappy


I am not suggesting that the President himself answer Dirty Dick; the forked tongue paleface should not be granted that level of importance. This would be a great task for Vice President Biden – who is both a compelling orator and an expert on foreign affairs – in league with National Security Advisor General Jim Jones and especially Secretary Of Defense Bob Gates, who also held the same position in the Bush Administration after the myriad blunders of Reckless Rummy forced the old murderous fart out of office.  Since most Americans have the attention span of a five year old struggling with attention deficit problems, the administration’s response should carefully reiterate Dick Cheney’s actual record on national security matters.  And it ain’t pretty!

 Since I have written at length about Dirty Dick’s role in the deadly debacles of the bush era in a 108 page essay “The Emperor’s New Clothes” which will be published in a forthcoming collection of my essays and commentaries, and the passages relevant to this discussion will be posted here within the next few days – I will refrain from a detailed discussion of Cheney’s foibles, follies and crimes in this commentary. Suffice it to say that the Bushmen had many warnings of the impending attack on 9/11; the facts were so clear that it has spawned an international fraternity of doubters who believe that the Bush Administration planned the whole thing in order to create a climate of crisis where a panicked American electorate would allow them to vastly expand the police powers of the government. As far fetched as this is, they simply can’t believe that such incompetence is possible in a survellience society that expends upwards of thirty billion dollars a year on clandestine intelligence operations.   

While it is child’s play to expose such views as paranoid foolishness for anyone who is conversant on the relevant evidence, as is this writer, I very nearly came to blows in a television studio recently when a fellow panelist and I discussed this issue.  It’s a good thing we weren’t on the air at the time because we got to calling each other muthafuckas!   The situation became so volatile that I refused to go back on camera with him.  The very existence of  such passionate  9/11 doubters tells us that the level of incompetence in the Cheney/Bush administration was such that many otherwise reasonable and intelligent people refuse to accept the possibility that such a thing is possible on the part of officials entrusted with managing the most powerful nation in the history of the world! Hence it is shameless hypocrisy for Dirty Dick to be running all over the place accusing the President of not recognizing that we are at war; It was they, the Bushmen, who refused to believe that we were at war!

Not only had I stopped going through tunnels for a year before the 9/11 attack, I implored my children and everyone I cared about not to go through tunnels if they could avoid it.  I told them we were due for a terrorist attack and blowing up a tunnel was the most terrifying thing I could imagine. I had no crystal ball in which to gaze and predict the future; my conclusion was based upon my analysis of American policy in the Muslim world; especially our government’s support for the repressive policies of Ariel Sharon toward the Palestinians.   Although I thought first of the Palestinians when I wondered who flew the jumbo jet I saw crash into the second world Trade Tower, It came as no surprise that the attackers came from Egypt and Saudi-Arabia, for we had long been supporting murderous dictatorships in both countries. I knew radical Arabs were after us; they had already blown up the World Trade Center once.  The burning question is: Why didn’t Dirty Dick and the Bushmen know that we were at war with the Muslim Jihads? 

Furthermore, after the 9-11 attack Dirty Dick was also the major architect of the ill fated and criminal invasion of Iraq.  I, however, opposed this action from Jump Street and wrote a 3000 word commentary explaining the basis of my opposition and published it before the invasion.  Titled “The Iraq Attack, Bush’s March Of Folly,” it can be read on this blog.  This essay also provides a detailed analysis of the pro-war hyperbole that flowed from the purple pens of leading American print pundits.  I thought all of the saber rattling from chatty chicken hawks was dangerous nonsense then, and I think it dangerous non-sense now!  That’s the point the Obama administration must  make it unmasking and chastising that shameless charlatan and soulless scoundrel Dirty Dick Cheney!

 He Had A bird’s Eye View Of The Sins Of Dirty Dick

 Robert Gates:

Secretary Of Defense in the Bush and Obama Administration



 Playthell Benjamin

Harlem New York

Janurary 5, 2010


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