On The State Of The Union


 President Obama Answers His Critics…

and  Offers A hopeful Vision Of The Future


Once again Mr. Obama’s demonstrated superiority to his Republican predecessors from Nixon to Bush – in terms of intellect, vision and character  – is so apparent that it should be abundantly clear that voting Republican after he has had only a year in office is the antithesis of wisdom.  Taken as a whole, President Obama’s State Of the Nation address was a vision for a New American Century that is not based on our ability to project military might around the globe. 

Rather it is a vision that relies on the power of our science and technology guided by the universal humanism of American ideals, expressed in international cooperation to help raise all of mankind higher. Yet one need only listen to the Republican stiffs who gave the GOP response, the newly elected Virginia Governor Bob McDonald and Senator Lamar Alexander, to realize that the Republicans have no useful ideas to offer in this heroic effort.  

Although McDonald was an improvement over Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in attempting to craft a reply to President Obama’s eloquent multi-faceted address, this is like saying Spiderman is better looking than Freddie Kruger alas. His speech was a transparent attempt to put a reasonable face on the same old Republican dogma that led the nation to ruin. According to Senator Alexander, the President should have limited his concerns to “jobs, debt and terrorism.” 

Yet these are precisely the areas that were devastated by the previous eight years of Republican rule.  And Alexander’s opposition to the President’s proposal to take fifty billion dollars of the TARP money repaid to the government by the big banks and provide immediate capital to community banks, which would be loaned out to small businesses to stimulate job growth and aid desperate home owners, exposes the fact that Republican thinking is hopelessly mired in antiquated ideas from the mid twentieth century.  That’s why they have nothing to contribute to solving the present crisis, which their flawed policies created; yet this remains a prerequisite to moving the nation into the 21st century.

While it is smart politics for the President to continue to reach out to Republicans and invite them to participate in his efforts to restore the nation’s health in principle, in practice it’s time for the Democrats to go gangsta; put on some brass knuckles and drive dem crazy bald heads outta town, employing any means necessary to realize their agenda!   

The smack in the face he gave the Justices of the Supreme court whose decision to remove all legal limits on corporate spending in elections, overturning a hundred year precedent in a brazen display of judicial activism, suggest that he intends to pull no punches in the ensuing struggle. 

And the dramatic rise of his approval ratings in the polls, from 50% to 71%,  suggest that Mr. Obama is winning the debate.  Yet one thing is certain: if the Republicans succeed in arresting the progress of the President’s programs, there will come a time in this century when America will no longer be the leading power in the world. 




Harlem, New York

Janurary 30, 2110

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