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 The BP Disaster Threatens to Destroy the culture and economy of the Gulf


More Than Birds Died….Many of Our Illusions Died Too

It is enough to listen to the confused and near hysterical ramblings of ordinarily sensible commentators like Chris Matthews, after President Obama’s sober and insightful speech from the Oval office last night addressing the swelling crisis resulting from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, in order to recognize that Americans are beginning to understand that there is no quick fix to this catastrophe and it’s causing wide spread disillusionment and mental instability. Much of what the best and brightest commentators have had to say on the matter amount to little more than hopelessly confused gibberish.

The prescriptions they offer the President often sound as silly and irrelevant as the ranting of air-head bloviators on the Fox Network and WABC talk radio. For instance Chris Matthews, one of the most reasonable and informed voices in the corporate media complained about everything from the President’s mention of his Energy Secretary’s Nobel Prize in physics to the fact that he did not detail the government’s legal strategy for making BP pay for the damage they have caused. And Chris is not alone this kind of nit picking silliness. 

 What their response, and that of much of the public, tells us is that many of the illusions Americans have held about the omnipotence of our technology or the honesty and efficiency of giant corporations are dying a painful death.  This dogma which combines the “can do Yankee” ideology with the myth that technology can exploit nature’s resources without serious concern for the damage it does to our echo-systems, and if disaster strikes science can fix it, has led us into a blind alley from which no one appears to know the way out. And only a hopeless ignoramus or a shameless charlatan could argue that the anti-big government rhetoric of the Republican Party has any thing to offer in solving the critical problems that confront our nation.

In fact, nothing exposes the Grand Obstructionist Party’s  moral bankruptcy, spiritual impoverishment and dreath of imagination like their response to President Obama’s magnificent performance in pursuading BP to set up a twenty Billion dollar escrow account to pay the damages incurred by the people and and repair the environment. Furthermore, he made it clear that this was an open ended financial commitment and the final sum will be determined by the finally tally on the damage. 

Yet aside from these funds the Prez got BP to set up another account  and fund it with a hundred million dollars to cover the salary’s of the workers who will be laid off during the moratorium on off shore oil drilling. Among other things they called this fabulous exercise in diplomacy a: “shake down” of a private business by a “Chicago thug!”  One Republican leader in the house actually apologized to the top executives of BP, those whose decisions to cut cost and risk causing the greatest environmental diasater in American history! 

By their words and deeds they Republicns have revealed their true character.  They are racist shills for the investor class whose policies reveal a deep contempt for the working class and unemployed poor, whicle at the same time employing duplicitous arguments and rhetoric that has hopelessly confused unemployed white workers to the point that some are supporting policies that will destroy you.  Ironically it is the suffering people in states where the Republican Party is strong, whose life and death struggle is being used as a political football by callous servants of the Plutocracy. 


 Playthell Benjamin

June 16, 2010


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