On Crissy O’Donnel: The Latest GOP Whacko!

 The Wannabe Republican Senator who’s Dumber Than Palin 


As the primary elections grew closer political wise guys in the Republican Party despaired over the possibility of Christine O’Donnell winning the nomination as the Republican candidate for the US Senate from Delaware.  So great was their horror at this possibility that Party leaders openly criticized her. Karl Rove, who was dubbed “Bush’s Brain” due to his much celebrated “genius” at devising election strategies, called her “nutty,” and questioned her personal integrity on national television.

Aside from being on public record uttering a host of bizarre beliefs – such as her charge that government funded scientist are cloning mice with fully developed human intelligence – O’Donnell appears to be a neer-do-well who refused to pay her student loans; had an IRS lien for unpaid taxes; her house was foreclosed by the bank and she is suspected of illegally living off campaign contributions. But these proved to be rich men’s concerns; during interviews with O’Donnell’s working class supporters they said “She’s just like us; we are struggling with the same problems.”  Alarmed by the growing possibility of O’Donnell winning the primary, Rove panicked and unambiguously warned Republican voters that she was unqualified to sit in the US Senate and could not win the general election. 

But Crissy pressed on and what seemed like a sure shot Republican conquest of vice President Biden’s old Senate seat suddenly evaporated – she won! After badly upsetting the Establishment’s candidate, Mike Castle, a former Congressman who had never lost and election in Delaware, O’Donnell is fast becoming the newest Tea Party giant killer.  In fact, she was given a hero’s reception from the kooky crowd attending the “Values Voters Summit” in Washington – where top GOP leaders are cobbling together oxymoronic phrases in speeches that attempt to turn their plutocratic economic dogma into a moral philosophy with the stamp of divine providence – and Karl Rove appears to be eating his words as I write.

It is amusing to watch the swelling internecine strife within the Republican Party between the establishment – the Country Club set – and the so-called “Tea Party Patriots;” a motley crew of misguided plebeians, deluded petit bourgeois strivers, religious fanatics, vulgar racist, armed maniacs who brandish weapons at public meetings, and assorted morons and buffoons. Having encouraged their supporters to despise government and hold public servants in contempt, the misguided mob who comprise the Republican base have become convinced that anybody can run the American government – the most complex bureaucratic organization in the world!   

Ironically, in this belief they most resemble V. I. Lenin, the Bolshevik leader of the communist revolution in Russia, who declared: “A cook can run the state!”  But, Of course, these Tea Party dunderheads are far too illiterate to have any inkling of this.  In fact, as I have argued repeatedly, the Grand Obstructionist Party count on the ignorance of their base; I am convinced that they figure it into their calculus for electoral victory.


Silly Sarah: Crissy’s Hero and Role Model!

 Hence it should surprise no one that a host of hysterics, ignoramuses and charlatans are running for high political office on the Republican ticket.  And Crissy McDonald, a Sarah Palin clone who attributes her victory to the Alaskan Barbarian’s endorsement, is just the latest example.  If things turn out as Rove predicts, her primary victory will be a blessing. But if Christine O’ Donnell is elected to the United States Senate – thus adding to the reactionary obstructionist right-wing Republican clique who are dedicated to defeating President Obama’s visionary programs to rescue the country from sliding into decadence – it will be a disaster for the American people, and further proof that our system of selecting competent leaders has become dangerously dysfunctional.



*Since I wrote this commentary Bill Mahr has released some tape of Christine O’Donnell’s appearances on his how.  Click the link below and see what a self-righteous idiot she is!




Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

September, 2010


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