An Urgent Message to the American Left!


 Barack is heads and shoulders above his opponents


Stop Your Whining and Rally Round the President!

           The dominant argument from the left these days – and I am including liberals who are left of center – is that since President Obama has not made all their dreams come true he has betrayed them by failing to live up to his promises, and that he doesn’t show enough emotion in his response to Republican propaganda!  Both arguments strike me as beyond silly, and I will gladly compare my resume in the progressive left with anyone among the whiners.  First of all we knew that he was “No Drama Obama” before we elected him and I prefer him that way.  Secondly Barack promised “change that you can believe in” and thus far he has delivered on that promise magnificently! Since I have already enumerated his many monumental legislative and policy successes in previous commentaries – much of which amounts to radical changes in what he found upon entering the Oval office – I will not enumerate them here.

Yet it is self-evident that most of the whiners either do not understand the great transformation that is taking place in this nation under Barack’s leadership – which is light years ahead of the thinking of the reactionary right-wing Republican/Tea Party crowd – or they are mindless ideologues, pugnacious robots, who approach issues like pre-programmed automatons for who compromise and revision of their position has proven impossible! This dogmatic inflexibility, in my view, is the crux of our problem in devising a winning strategy against the right in the coming elections. 

For those who are still dreaming of a Bolshevik or Chinese style revolution led by a Vanguard party with armed cadres who will seize power by force, my feelings vacillate between pity and utter contempt.  For not only are they lost in space, their irrational behavior based on this fantasy could sink us all!  Since the Marxist left has a penchant for citing struggles from European political history in an attempt to clarify our situation here in America – a practice that has often led to more confusion than clarity, examples of which are too numerous to cite here – let me recall an event which is all too relevant to our present crisis.

We are facing an election where the most reactionary sector of the radical right is being funded by a coven of evil billionaires, that have been empowered to create a “Parliament of Whores” by the recent Supreme Court decision in the Citizen’s United Case, their publicly avowed intention is not only to repeal all of the progressive changes achieved by President Obama against the most solid Republican opposition since the 1930’s, but to undo the New Deal itself. 

Yet in the face of this ominous threat the liberals and lefties are embroiled in a silly and dangerous fight that resembles the acrimony between the communist and the social Democrats in Germany in the 1930’s that allowed the Nazi Party to come to power through the ballot box.  Although this event is rarely cited by our omniscient ideologues of the left, it is the most valuable lesson we can learn from the long and complex history of the European left just now.  Failure to heed this lesson is to invite disaster on a scale from which the nation may never fully recover.  Politics is the art of the possible, which means taking the best deal you can get.  And right now Barack Obama and the Democrats are the only game in town!




 Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

October 4, 2010

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