Triumph Of The Untutored Mob!

Rand Paul: Doctor No!


Well, disaster has struck!  Over the next few days countless explanations of the Republican sweep in the Mid-term elections will be offered.  For Democrats and progressives of all stripes the situation was summed up by Demetrious Lawrence, an African American worker in Georgia: “Two years ago we changed the Guard, but we failed to guard the change!”

The truth is that added to the racist hysteria on the right, the constant attacks on the Obama Administration by deluded ideologues on the left, and reactionary identity politicians among racial and sexual minorities, arguing ad nauseum there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans, managed to convince many college age youths of all races and non-white minorities to sit the election out – which is verified by the election results.

If you were dissatisfied with the pace of progressive change under President Obama and the Democrats – the most productive Congress in terms of passing legislation that benefits the broad mass of the American people in over fifty years – Let’s see how the new Congress works out for you.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, an enlightened liberal and one of the most effective Congresspersons to ever occupy that powerful office, is being dumped for John Boehner, a reactionary right-wing ideologue!

The Energy Committee, which is responsible for regulating the oil industry, will now be chaired by Texas Congressman Joe Barton. This is the clown who denounced President Obama’s brilliant handling of British Petroleum by forcing them to put up a 20 billion dollar recovery fund for the people of the Gulf Coast – calling it a “Chicago style shakedown,” and even offered an apology to BP!

Eric Cantor, one of the leaders of the New Congress, had nothing to say that made any sense in his post election remarks regarding the policies Republicans will introduce to “turn the country around and create jobs.” And Minnesota Congresswoman Michel Bachman of the Tea Part faction made even less sense than Kantor. There was none of the crazy talk about investigating her Democratic colleagues in the House for “Un-American activities.”  That kind of talk was aimed at gaining the support of the Tea Party crazies.  Last night she talked only about cutting taxes for the very rich.  That was her solution to all our problems! She repeated herself so often MSNBC talking head Chris Matthews asked if she had been hypnotized before she came on the show.

Everywhere I look I see signs of disaster.  Ron Paul – a misplaced technocrat, right wing ideologue and amateur politician – who is the Republican Senator elect from Kentucky and a radical Tea Bagger, could soon throw the world into a financial crisis if he filibusters the Senate’s attempt to raise the debt ceiling and forces the US government into default due to his dogmatic position on the national debt!  And so it goes. It is clear that the reactionary Republican crowd taking charge is clueless as to where the solution to the crisis in American capitalist civilization lies.

Alas the whole election has a Barnum &Bailey air of unreality about it. Women voted against the policies of the most pro-Woman President & Congress in history; rust belt workers went big for the party of globalism and outsourcing; those who cursed the Wall Street bailout voted for the party fighting regulation of the financial industry; the so-called grass roots Tea Party candidates are bankrolled by anti-labor billionaires, and many blacks stayed home – contributing to the demise of the first Black President’s congressional majority and rendering him impotent to achieve the goals they seek.

Witnessing President Obama suffer the slings and arrows of the press corps earlier today was a sad spectacle indeed.  The press is painting this stunning defeat at the polls as a rejection of President Obama’s approach to governing. I think it is no such thing; rather it is the irrational response of a people who are dangling on the verge of personal disaster and are angry, scared, insecure and confused.   And it is driving them to self-destructive behavior – like leaping from the frying pan into the fire!   All of Thomas Jefferson’s fears about the dangers of an ignorant electorate have come to pass.  The political behavior of many voters in this election is the political equivalent of drinking the Jonestown Cool Aid!

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