On Barack’s Asian Odyssey

At The Feet of The Great Budda

President Obama’s Asian sojourn was a mixed bag in terms of achieving his objectives. Yet his shout out to Asia is further evidence that he clearly understands the shape of the future.  Which is a welcome relief from the backward looking American Exceptionalists in the Grand Obstructionist Party who continue to believe it is a white man’s world; deluded white supremacists anachronisms that refuse to see the paradigm shift taking place in front of our eyes.

It is our good fortune at this juncture in history to have a President who really understands the world beyond the US and Europe. By virtue of having a highly educated mother who recognized the value of a multi-cultural education, and having lived in Asia as a child, President Obama views the world differently from his Eurocentric predecessors in the Oval Office.  As a consequence of this unique perspective he understands that the road to future American prosperity goes through the emerging industrial societies of Asia.

Ironically, it was the shortsightedness of many of these same white nationalists, and their multi-national corporate partners in crime, who formulated the policies and practices of shipping jobs and technology overseas in order to maximize profits, which created the global economy.   Now it threatens to devastate what is left of the American manufacturing sector and render the US industrial working class obsolete.  How did such a paradox come to pass?  It is the obvious but unintended consequence of an investor class who decided to move capital and technology to cheap labor markets overseas because it didn’t matter where their money was invested so long as it got the greatest yeild.   In other words, the workers are nationalist while the corporations and investors are citizens of the world.  But as the bible warns: Ye shall reap what ye sow!

Once The Best In the world!

A B-29 Assembly Line

Over half a century ago when the world was at war, and modern civilization seemed in danger of being engulfed by the fascist powers in Germany and Japan, America was known as “The Arsenal of Democracy.” This was because of a manufacturing sector based in Detroit that could produce a B-29 bomber aka “The Flying fortress,” every twenty-eight minutes – and this was a machine with two million moving parts!  Yet had it not been for the dogged determination and stellar vision of President Obama the American  auto-industry, whose plants and workforce made those marvelous machines, would have gone the way of the steel industry; which went the way of the Dinosaurs.

Although he was unable to consummate the free trade agreement he sought with South Korea, or get the members of at the G-20 economic summit to cease criticism of the US Federal Reserve’s decisions and censure China for manipulating their currency in order to make their exports more attractive in world markets – a clear violation of the standing agreements regulating international trade; and his visit to the Asian economic summit in Japan amounted to little more than a sightseeing tour, President Obama did conclude a ten billion dollar trade agreement with India.  If he can muster some cooperation from the now Republican dominated congress, there will be much more where that came from; stimulating job growth in the American manufacturing sector.

The Majesty of India: An Ancient Civilization

Black Indians: Photographed by Lisa DuBois

The alternative to the President’s policies for dealing with the unrelenting phenomenon of globalism is too ghastly to contemplate for the American working and middle classes.  Our nation would continue to drift into a crippling economic malaise that will culminate in catastrophe for all who must earn their daily bread by the sweat of their brow.  The die is cast; there is no turning back this tide of history.  President Obama is wisely trying to harness this wave and ride it into the future.  That is the real meaning of his Asian Odyssey.


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Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, NY

November 15, 2010


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