On Republicans And National Security!



Playing Russian Roulette With The World!

If anybody doubts that the Grand Obstruction Party has become a danger to the national security of the United States they should pull their heads out of their butt long enough to see that in spite of their tough talk the Republicans have been a failure at governing, and nowhere is that failure greater than in foreign policy and national security.

The dangerous game they are playing in delaying ratification of the President Obama’s nuclear weapons treaty  – a great diplomatic victory – is their latest scandal. But their incompetence in national security matters should have been abundantly clear after the Republican obsession with building a Star Wars anti-missile system around Russia, although the Russian communist Party had collapsed and the Cold War was officially over, led them to sleep on the abundant warnings from the CIA that Osama Bin Ladin was planning to crash jet planes into American skyscrapers.  One result of this obsession with star wars weapons, and crack pot theories about constructing a unipolar world on the principle of “American Exceptionalism,” was the tragedy of 9/11/

Perhaps it is because nobody in the corporate media circles that shape public opinion dare tell this transparent truth, that the public remains so confused on this question.  Nor do they seem to understand that the invasion of Iraq simply aggravated the Republican’s first blunder by starting a war of choice that the Nobel Laureate in economics Joseph Stieglitz says will cost around three trillion dollars all told!  When you consider the fact that the nation’s civil engineers have estimated we could completely rebuild the US infrastructure and put much of the unemployed to work for half that amount, the tragic dimensions of Republican misrule become self-evident.

Yet in a bewildering display self-immolation, the American electorate put the Republicans in charge 0f the House of Representatives by a landslide vote in the last election.  And these reckless rightwing radicals  are now blocking ratification of the New Start Treaty; in spite of passionate pleas from former National Security Advisors – whether Democrats or Republicans – to ratify it immediately.  But the Grand Obstructionist Party has made it clear what their top priority is: keeping the rich from having to pay their fair share of taxes!

There is no shame in their game; unless they get their way on this issue they are prepared to bring all government business to a halt, no matter how critical to our national security.  And that includes holding up the vital New START Treaty, which would allow the US to monitor the movement of nuclear weapons and weapons grade uranium with live observers on Russian soil.

At a time when the foremost nuclear threat to the US comes from stateless terrorist cells who will transport the weapon by boat or private plane; the Republican Senator from Arizona, Jon Kyle, is threatening to hold up ratification of the New Start Treaty unless it is accompanied by a commitment to resume work on an anti-missile shield to stop incoming missiles! Aside from the fact that such a shield is probably unworkable – leading American physicist such as Dr. Mishu Kaku have gone on the record with this warning – and is irrelevant to the threat at hand, it will certainly spark a new nuclear arms race among other nations.

Thus the Republicans are trying to take this nation down a dangerous path that is completely counter to the road we should be travelling.  Ever since I served in the Strategic Air Command, where I enjoyed a “Top Secret” clearance that provided me access to Americans plans for fighting a nuclear war with Russia, I decided that the mere possession of nuclear weapons should be declared a crime against humanity.

Nuclear war would subject the world to horrors that is unimaginable to the average person; it would literally be the end of the world as we know it.  I believe that’s why people don’t really want to think about it, much less talk about it. The only sane, just and humane course of action in dealing with these dooms day weapons is to rid the world of all nukes ASAP!   This is the policy of President Obama, who negotiated this critical treaty on nuclear security and anxiously awaits Congress’s ratification.   Alas, in order to gain more bucks for the filthy rich, the Grand Obstructionist Party is willing to play Russian roulette with the world!

It’s all A Game to Them

Turd Blossom Thumbing his Nose At The World






Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

December 14, 2010

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