Hail To The Chief!

A Triumphant  Moment

Barack Obama Outfoxes the GOP

President Obama has demonstrated once again that he is a consummate master at the art of politics.  His compromise on tax policy has proven to be an astute move worthy of a Russian chess master. The President correctly calculated that the most important issue to the Grand Obstructionist Party was to save money for the rich – to keep them from having to pay their fair share of taxes, funds desperately needed for projects that contribute to the public good.  And since they are shameless shills for the plutocrats the tax cut was a do or die issue for the Republicans. Faced with an incoming Congress that will be controlled by Republicans – many of whom were elected by the Tea Party crowd – that are significantly crazier than the present GOP mob in Congress, he struck a compromise.

Predictably, there was a hue and cry from self-righteous purist and clueless pundits on the left who accused him of selling out to the Republicans.  But by striking this compromise he got extended unemployment benefits for millions of Americans suffering through protracted unemployment. Prevented the taxes of working and middle class Americans from a precipitous rise – which would have been as high as 50% on the poorest Americans!  He won a sweeping food safety act that will protect Americans from contaminated food – a situation which results in sickness and even death for thousands of Americans every year.

He put an end to the silly and dangerous “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy regarding Gay military personal, and the funding of programs to address the needs and afflictions of heroic 9/11 first responders. The crowning achievement of these brilliant legislative victories is The New START Treaty. This is because if mankind dies not control and eventually destroy nuclear weapons, they will surely destroy us! It’s just a matter of time.  By any objective measure the President has given a Virtuoso performance in the art of politics that is unequalled in the history of the Presidency.

Here is a lesson that his critics on the left should take note of.  While his most caustic critics just want a fight, which would afford them an opportunity to make rhetorical points about what evil villains the Republicans are – which is true enough – the President just keeps piling us legislative victories that will benefit the American people. That’s why I voted for him, and I believe that’s true for most Americans who voted to elect this President.

Of course, the response of ideologues of the left and right only goes to show what I have been saying all along: They are more alike than different in their response to demands of realpolitique.  The fact that they are coming from different ends of the political spectrum is a distinction without a difference in this regard.  This will be clear as the response to these magnificent achievements of the American people.  Already we hear some on the left complaining about the President’s “giveaways to the rich” and his failure to solve the unemployment crisis.  And the comment of Joe Scarborough that “The President has no world view” just a series of legislative victories…duh?  Well, that’s why Joe is an ex-congressman and Barack is the President.  Given the fact that Joe is an Anglo-Saxon who looks and talks like John Wayne, he should be President not this black guy with the terrorist name!  The last thing Barack needs is political advice from Joe – a colossal failure at the game of politics!

As for the eternal whiners on the left: they remind me of the line from that old Ray Charles song: “I bought my baby a 500 dollar dinner and she said, “Thanks for the snack.  I bought her a million dollar house and she said “thanks for the shack!”  He should continue to ignore them and keep on keeping on.  Aside from the thrill of victory over the legislative triumphs, I got a special kick out of witnessing the hang dog look on the visage of that prune faced peckerwood Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, and that verbose pasty faced punk Lindsay Graham from the backward state of South Carolina – who is as adept as a circus clown at talking out of both sides of his mouth!  I say a plague on both their reactionary houses and hail to the chief!




Playthell Benjamin

Harlem New York

December 23, 2010

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