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Some Reflections On The Tucson Massacre

The mass murder of six American citizens, including a federal judge and a nine year old girl, in an attempt to assassinate Democratic Congressman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, brings to light once again the volatile forces percolating just beneath the surface of a seemingly calm and stable American society.  Yet for those who have been paying attention to the level of antagonistic anti-government rhetoric dished out daily by the talking heads in right-wing media – which is routinely referred to as “hate” media by those who operate in the mainstream – this horrible slaughter comes as no surprise.  You cannot murder mouth government officials, especially the things the verbal arsonist say about Democrats, and not expect something like this to happen.

In the aftermath of this slaughter Republicans can be seen shedding crocodile tears everywhere on television, expressing shock and confusion that something like this could happen.  But I have been warning about the probability of this kind of tragedy since President Obama took office, given the incendiary rhetoric of the Republicans and their Tea Party shills.  When you have elected officials like Congresswoman Michel Bachman talking about she wants her constituents “armed and dangerous” it is easy for a zealot or lunatic to take them seriously.

The most nauseating spectacle in the Republican rush to wash their hands of any responsibility for this mass slaughter is the statement issued by the Alaskan Barbarian Sarah Palin.  For a woman who has described herself as “a pit bull with lipstick,” which is a synonym for a evil vicious bitch, her apology appears about as authentic as a wooden nickel.  From the moment of her entrance on the national scene Palin made the sorts of hysterical charges that riled up the right –wing nut cases.  She even put out political ads with depicting political opponents in gun sights – including Congresswoman Gabrielle

One need only look at Palin’s rally in Strongville Ohio, which was held during her presidential campaign with McCain, to see that her rhetorical style and reckless charges could incite mob violence against Democrats.   At that time she was trying to convince voters that Barack Obama was in collusion with terrorists.  The rally can be seen on You Tube, and there are interviews with people after the rally.  What these enraged air-heads had to say was chilling.  Since their heads were empty, a pervasive characteristic among the Tea Party crowd, they believed whatever Palin had told them.  They said they believed that Barack Obama was colluding with terrorist and was not an American citizen.

It was clear that Sarah had no sense of decency or responsibility. She was clearly willing to create social chaos if it could win elections.  Since they lost the election this Malevolent shrew has become even more reckless in her charges.  It was Sarah Palin who said that the President’s health care program included “death panels” for the elderly!  And she put out political ads with political opponents in rifle sights.  And when Republican zealots showed up at Town Hall meetings to discuss health care brandishing guns, all of the Republicans, especially the Tea Party types, argued that they were just exercising their Constitutional rights!  They said the same thing when these same kooks showed up at Presidential appearances with guns.

Sharon Angle of Nevada, who nearly beat Senate Majority leader Harry Reed, openly talked about citizens resorting to “Second Amendment” solutions if they fail to have their way at the polls.  No one in the Republican Party denounced such talk.  They had their mind on taking control of Congress and they were prepared to make a deal with the Devil to do it.

Listening to spineless clowns like Jim Boehner in the House and vulgar opportunist in the Senate like John McCain, crying crocodile tears and professing their shock and sorrow makes me want to puke!!  They are all responsible for this and the other murders committed by people like Richard Popolowski who murder three cops in Pittsburg because he was enraged over his paranoid belief that President Obama was going to take away white peoples guns so blacks could enslave them, or the lunatic who murdered Dr. Benjamin Tiller outside his church because he performed abortions.

Bill O’Rielly, a pompous megalomaniacal verbal arsonist who not only named Dr. Benjamin Tiller “Tiller The Baby Killer” but also gave the doctors address out over the air repeatedly, was directly responsible for the Doctors murder!  Yet like privileged white boys throughout the history of our country, this verbose asshole got away with inciting murder!  The greed for profit on the part of FOX Television, and political advantage on the right has caused the Republicans to encourage fanatical elements in the US population so long as they could direct their hostility and paranoia toward the Democrats.

That’s why Republican cries of outrage over the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords rings hollow and feels like hypocrisy!  I don’t believe a word of it!  I believe that after stirring up a shit storm of violet rhetoric, the Republicans are scrambling to find a safe place to hide when the shit hits the fan!

Double click to see Sarah incite Strongsville Rally

Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

January 10, 2011



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