The Empire Strikes Back!

Navy Seals In Action

 “Turning and turning in the widening gyre | The falcon cannot hear the falconer | Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold | Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world | The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere | The ceremony of innocence is drowned | The best lack all conviction, while the worst | Are full of passionate intensity.” — W.B. Yeats, the Second Coming


Why I’m Giving Big Ups to the Seals

 Just as the Commander-In-Chief travelled to Fort Campbell to congratulate the magnificent Navy Seals who iced Osama bin Laden, the shadowy Muslim terrorist icon who had become “Osama been Forgotten”  under the Republicans, it is time for a grateful nation to say “Thanks for a job well done.”  When the President praised our armed forces  in his pep talk with the elite units based at the fort, it was obvious from the expressions on their faces that the troops were delighted by the visit and it increased their sense of espirit de corps.  No amount of paranoid gibberish from the right, or insane in the brain condemnation from the mindless opposition on the left, can diminish their heroic action on behalf of the American people.

Most of these motor mouths on both extremes of the ideological spectrum have never served a day in the armed forces; yet some have the unmitigated gall to offer critiques of the way the strike went down. This is especially true of the critics on the Left.  For instance Michael Moore, who I agree with on most issues being a partisan of the left, has been popping off about how the operation should have been conducted.  As I watched this rotund figure on television vociferously critiquing how the Seals conducted the raid, I kept thinking of an old Jamaican folk saying: “The bwai mouth run like sick baboon batte!”

In other words, old Mikie is having a public outbreak of diarrhea of the mouth.  It also appears that he is suffering from foot in mouth disease!  He is beginning to look more and more like a cartoon character; a multi-millionaire camouflaged in a factory worker’s costume.  He is a poster boy for why the left is an increasingly insignificant factor in contemporary American political life.  Moore became famous because of his exposes on economic injustice in American society, and I applaud him for that.

I also dug Mike’s movie Fahrenheit 9/11 and his film on health care in the US.  It is no exaggeration to say that his films are a valuable service to the American people.  But his ideas about how the Navy Seals should have conducted the raid are ludicrous and reveal a man who knows nothing about military combat. Motor Mouth Moore seems to believe the Seals should have read Osama the Miranda rights!

When I was in the Combat Defense unit of the United States Strategic Air Command, tasked with protecting the US nuclear arsenal from the intrigues of Russian spies and would be saboteurs – if I had been a platoon leader in a raid of this sort, my paramount objective would have been to accomplish the mission without taking casualties.  And I’m sure that’s what the leader of this raid was thinking.  I would not have hesitated to put a bullet right between Osama’s eyes!  A free fire zone in the crib of the world’s most notorious terrorist  is no place for legal niceties….. or chivalry for that matter!

Hence I am highly impressed with the way the Seals removed the women and children from the line of fire. They could have just shot everything that moved!  That’s what Al Qaeda’s soldiers would have done!  We know this from their repeated and willful slaughter of innocents – we are not talking collateral damage here – they routinely put bombs in the Mosque of rival Muslim sects; cold bloodedly murdering entire families of fellow Muslims while they pray to Allah!  They have done this in Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere.  So they deserve no mercy once they are in our gun sights…and they would receive none from me!

The recent statement from Osama ‘s sons whining about his killing being “a violation of international law” is hilarious!  Their father was a mass murderer who had absolutely no respect for the laws of God or man, and now his evil spawn have the unmitigated gall to call upon the institutions of international law?  As silly, presumptuous and hypocritical as their complaints are, they are only echoing some of the blabbermouths on the American left; who act as if they are rooting for the Jihadists.  Even if this perception is untrue, the mere presumption of it causes many Americans to view them as traitors to their country.  And it seems that the lunatic Left never learns!  While individuals may be able to brush off such charges, if you are trying to build a movement it can be the kiss of death!  The American communist Party was successfully discredited and its good works erased from public memory because their adversaries managed to successfully paint them as tools of the Soviet Union, and therefore clandestine agents of a foreign power who was an enemy of the United States. The Congress even passed a law – the Smith Act – that required members of the American communist Party to register as agents for a foreign power.  This effectively criminalized the Party and gave the government a legal tool to crush them!

If the radical Left is not careful, and mind their mouths, the Tea Party Republicans and their shills in the media will succeed in painting them as traitors again.  That’s no way to win the allegiance of the “working class,” which the diehard Marxists, and even pampered bourgeois intellectuals, claim to represent.  However most of these people have no relation with the working class and have never spent much time fraternizing with – rather than studying – blue collar workers.  That’s why they don’t understand that workers are very patriotic – which is why they are the first to answer the call to defend the nation, and their neighborhoods are where you see the flags displayed in the front yards!  It is this tragic misunderstanding that leads members of the lunatic left to believe that 9/11 was an “inside job.”

Thus they go around citing that so called “documentary” Loose Change” as evidence.  These people are so hungry for a conspiracy they don’t ask one simple question: If the Bush Administration was ruthless enough to pull of the 9/11 attack, killing thousands of American citizens, why would they let to little pooty-pop nerds like the producers of “Loose Change” make a film exposing it…when a bullet through the head could have ended the project?   It doesn’t make a damned bit of sense; only a fanatical ideologue with their head stuck so far up their ass can’t tell if it’s sunny or night could go for some silly bullshit like this!

I must admit that I find some of my comrades on the left to be both clueless and comical – especially the impassioned Marxist ideologues.  These people hover about popping up like Banquo’s Ghost quoting Marx the way fundamentalist Christian’s quote the Bible; Hassidic Jews cite the endless proscriptions and prescriptions of more than 600 laws that govern all aspects of their lives; or the way the Taliban memorize the entire Koran and wish to  impose Sharia Law on the world.

I know them all too well…because I was once one of them!   That’s what makes these leftist “revolutionaries” so funny to me: none of them can match my credentials as an activist and institution builder on the left…or as a member of the working class.  As I write I am a member in good standing of Local 18 of district Council 37: Painters, Plasters and allied Trades.

The most important thing I learned from that experience – and I learned many important things about the how forces in organized crime, construction contractors, corrupt union officials and government functionaries conspired against non-white workers in big time construction – was how the communist societies of Eastern Europe were viewed by real workers who lived under it!   It is far too much to reiterate it here, but I shall explore it at length in a forthcoming essay: “The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual Redux.”

However for the moment, suffice it to say that after working side by side with these workers – who did the same job in Eastern European cities that they were doing here – the collapse of the Communist order in Eastern Europe came as no surprise to me!  Neither did the genocidal “ethnic cleansing” wars that followed.  But it shocked the shit out of American Communists and they have been running around in circles like barnyard chickens with their heads cut off ever since.

I am proud of my membership in the Society of Master Painters.  It has served me well every time I got fired from a writing job for basically telling some editor to kiss my ass!  And as far as I know I am the first working painter to be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.  During my painting days I often worked in the World Trade Center, where they kept a Union Shop of onsite painters.  I can remember working on the upper floors on thick cloudy days, and I’d wonder what would happen if a plane accidently hit one of the towers.  The day a plane did hit one of the towers I was standing at my bathroom window shaving, it was a perfectly clear day and I couldn’t imagine what had happened.

Pitch black smoke was pouring out of the windows, but I knew that the building was constructed of fire resistant materials and there were massive water sprinklers that would quickly douse any fire before it could get started. I was thoroughly confused.  I would later learn that it was the jet fuel that burned.  Seven of my union brothers were killed that day…and my former wife died an agonizing death from the toxic soup she inhaled in downtown Manhattan as she went about her business.  So it’s personal with me…although I expected a terrorist assault of some sort because of the increasingly violent Israeli suppression of the latest Palestinian Intifada.

Me and My First Wife

A Beautiful, Brilliant, Talented, Generous, Spirit

However as I later studied the Jihadists I discovered that the Palestinian question was of little concern to the Taliban or Al Qaeda.  They are driven by theological concerns, and ironically, their main target is the leaders of the Islamic nations.  We got dragged into the conflict because of our government’s support for people that the Jihadist consider “apostates,”   and therefore punishment by death is justified.

The fact that Barack Obama is trying to change American policy in that volatile region of the world gets no props from the radical left, or fuzzy headed black nationalists and Muslims for that matter, exposes just how clueless they are.   Most of these leftist are pompous poseurs intoxicated by the sound of their own voices quoting Marxist dogma.  The fact that the Russians dismantled their Communist state and now talk about it like a bad dream, and the Jihadists hated it so much their protracted  war against the Red Army in Afghanistan help bring on Soviet Union’s collapse, seems not to shake the faith of Communist true believers. However the difference between them and the old CPUSA is that the old Communist always said that if the United States were attacked by foreigners – even if they were Communists – they would fight to defend the nation.  I am not hearing this from many Marxist today, who seem to be apologist for the Jihadists.

Whaaasup with that?  Well, although I am as opposed to western imperialism as any of them, and denounce the history of American meddling in the Muslim world – and have said so in my writings  ad nauseum –  I also say fuck bin Laden and all of his sympathizers!!!  May he, and them, rot in hell if there is such a place.  And I, for sure, was ecstatic when the news reached my ears that the Navy Seals had iced Osama!  And no matter what the Candy Asses say, with their paralysis of analysis and endless hand wringing over whether Osama was “executed” or not, everybody who has ever served in the military applaud this action as a masterpiece of the art and science of war!   I read this commentary to my old friend Hank Thomas – a decorated combat veteran and hero of the Civil Rights Movement who was recently featured on Oprah – and he loved it!  So I could care less what the verbose candy-asses who have never served under arms think…and I have never been prouder of President Obama in the artful way in which he has deployed American military might.  To the brave Navy Seals I say:  Boolya!  Semper Fi!!!

Lightening Strikes!

Whether on Land

Or Sea

Or Descending from the Skies

It’s Apocalypse Now!

In Sleet or Snow!

They Push On!

Night Or Day!

They strike like lightening!

 Real Cool Killers!

Mission Accomplished!

Its back to the chopper…and outta there!

 He’s History!

Who’s Smiling Now?


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New york

May 11, 2011

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