Will The Great White Hope…

Mitt Romney and Chris Christie: A Republican dream team?

……Choose the Overweight White Dope!

It is a measure of the desperation the Republican establishment is feeling just now that they believe their salvation lies in a Mitt Romney Chris Christie ticket; that these two deeply flawed politicians represent a dream team which can defeat President Obama in the coming elections.  Especially since each passing day reveals new evidence that Mitt, the top of the ticket, is a political chameleon.

He was a job cutting corporate raider in the private sector, a failure as a job creator as Governor; against taxing the financial sector when he was a businessman; yet raised taxes on the financial industry as Governor, was pro-choice in reproductive issues and now oppose it, and he is running away from his greatest political achievement in creating the health care system in Massachusettes.

Since Mitt Romney’s campaign appearances are about as exciting as a game of croquet at an old folk’s home, the establishment Republicans look with great anticipation to Governor Christie entering the race to offset the dynamism of President Obama.  It has become an article of faith that Christie can add pizazz to a Republican ticket headed by Mitt the Stiff, since the governor won’t run himself.

They are anxious to hitch their fortune to this Rising star because they believe he is doing such a terrific job in New Jersey, and he exudes a pugnacious tough guy swagger that appeals to angry white dudes bewildered by their inability to get ahead in this stagnant economy.  However Christie’s performance as governor is viewed very differently by working people in his state; especially my sister Melba and her neighbor Joe the Fireman.  Both of them were public sector workers; Melba is a retired educator who served the parents and students of New Jersey for most of her adult life.

It is bad enough that she must listen to this impassioned charlatan denigrate teachers as if they were public enemies rather than vital public servants, but she is also worried about what Christie might do to further decimate the public schools and other essential public services.  As a highly educated homeowner and former Union organizer, Melba knew better than to vote for Christie; she was not at all impressed by his tough talking swagger.

Not so for her neighbor Joe, a blue collar Irish guy who is a second generation fireman.  He voted for Christie against my sister’s unvarnished advice.  Not long after Christie took office Joe was forced into early retirement.  For guys like Joe, his job is more than a gig: It is a mission.  It is his reason for living.

Now as he putters around the house aimlessly, Joe shares Melba’s view of Christie.  And Melba thinks a Christie presidency would be slightly less disastrous than a new outbreak of the Bubonic Plague!  This is the guy the Republicans are betting can give Mr. Chameleon a winning edge against the President?  Well…good luck with dat.  I’m putting my money on Chilly B!

The Chi Town Kid’s Got Game!

And he keeps his eyes on the prize


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

October 17, 2011

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