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Is Hermain Cain a Sexual Predator?

Clearly the most impressive development thus far in the presidential campaign is the rapid rise of Herman Cain from an obscure business lobbyist to the leading contender for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  As I struggled to understand the reasons for his ascent, I was reminded of what Dr. WEB DuBois said about the rise of Booker T. Washington from a slave shack to the most powerful black man in America, who beguiled “Captains of Industry” and dined with Heads of State,  in the post Reconstruction period that followed the reunification of the nation after Civil War.

Dubois observed that Washington’s spectacular success was due to the fact that he was in step with the Zeitgeist – the spirit of the age – in America at the turn of the twentieth century.  “In an age of triumphant industrial capitalism,” said DuBois, “Washington preached a gospel of work and money.”  Dr. Kelly Miller, a contemporary of Dubois and a Dean at Howard University, described Washington’s success in similar if more poetic terms.

Comparing the “Great Accommodator” to his immediate predecessor Fredrik Douglass, Miller remarked “Douglass lived in an age of moral giants; Washington lives in an age of merchant princes.  Douglass lived in an age that honored the Golden Rule; Washington lives in the age that honors the rule of gold.”  Herman Cain embodies a major reactionary cultural trend; that’s why he gets big love from racist whites on the right who want to turn back the clock to some mythic time when white was always right and America ruled the world.

They are wild about Herman because he is willing to play Uncle Rhemus and tell dumb damaged white folk’s fables that confirm their view of themselves as exceptional, and their mythical view of an American society dominated by economic royalists and bible totin fanatics as the last best hope for mankind in a troubled world.  White Americans may once have abused black people they argue, but have long since put such attitudes and practices behind them.

I have come to believe that this passionate support for Uncle Herm by right wing whites is something of a collective public temper tantrum: ”By God if we’ve gotta have a darkie in the White House let’s have a real Jigaboo, one cast in our image that we can trust…a real southern Nigra, not some uppity Mulatto from Chicago!”  However it’s beginning to look like Brer Cain – who in his secret life is actually Brer Rabbit, the trickster – done played these silly white folks like a fiddle!  But after today, His world may come tumbling down!

Cain’s Accuser! Sharon Bailek

No Sugarcain For Her!

My man Herm is proving to be a worm; he now stands publicly accused of being a slimy sexual predator.  Alas, his accuser is a well-spoken voluptuous blond…. and it was a round unvarnished tale she told.  It sure wasn’t pretty, and I began to suspect that this coon might be cooked!  The majority of whites in Mississippi have recently gone on record stating that they believe interracial relationships should be illegal, and I suspect they mirror the feelings of many other Southern Tea Party types.  Of course, I don’t give a shit what they think…anybody should be free to hook up with whomever they want.  If they are consenting adults its nobody’s business!  But that’s the problem with the mess Uncle Herm is in.

One thing is for sure, this development will certainly tell us whether we are living in a post racial society.  For Uncle Herm has now been accused of violating the ultimate American taboo, the sexual violation of a white woman!  When he was a boy riding on the back of the bus in Georgia the white folks would be forming a possee to drag him out of his house and string him up on the nearest tree! Now he just sass the white folks on television and done call that white woman a lie!

If the white southerners whom Mississippi Governor, Haley Barbour, assures us would go overboard for Cain – “he would sweep the south said  the self-described  “fat redneck’ – continue to support Cain they we can safely assume that this nation has moved on from the bad old days of racial conflict….we’ll see.   But right now the question Uncle Herman must be asking his redneck Tea Party supporters is: “Will yhall still love me tomorrow?”


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

November 8, 2011

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