An Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Montero

      Marxist Ideologue and Rabid Obama Hata

Yo Tony!  I was shocked at your response to my question this morning.  All I did was respond candidly to a billboard that you sent me announcing your forth coming conference on the life and works of Dr. DuBois at Temple University next month.  When I looked through the list of invited speakers and saw the name of Mumia Abu Jamal at the top of the list, I confess to being surprised; since he is doing life in prison with no chance of parole. Then I saw some other people on the program who don’t know their rectum from a hole in the ground, or at least that is the impression I get from talking with them.  So what, I wondered, could they know of a man as complex as DuBois?

I began to get a really strange feeling… so I ventured a speculation that perhaps what you are really organizing is a council of mystics and Marxist ideologues, which are the same class of phenomena, and the distinctions make no difference, since Marxism is about as scientific as astrology.   In any case what was clear is that this will not be  a conference where scholars will be free to present a variety of interpretations of the life and work of this great Scholar/Activist.

It seems closer to the “Sociolgical Conventions” Dr. William Julius Wilson attended in Communist Russia – back in the 1970’s when we were both Professors at the University of Massachusetts – where the “sociological papers” presented by Eastern European “Scholars” had to pass review by Communist Party Ideologues!  Bill would tell me with a sense of sadness how the Eastern European Sociologist would tell him in private – in their few unsupervised contacts – how they knew the papers they presented were bullshit but they had no choice!  Since this is the system that you defended to the bitter end, it is not surprising that you have adopted their methods.

My worst suspicions were confirmed when you fairly shouted:”We’er going to be talking about the revolutionary DuBois!”  Considering that Dr William Edward Burghardt Dubois lived nearly a century –  a considerable part of which he spent as “A mystical Ethiopianst” as the great scholar Dr. Wilson Jeremiah Moses has shown, and spent only a small part of that life as a committed Marxist, with virtually no time as a member of the CPUSA – your comment convinces me that you are far more interested in Propaganda than history!  But if propaganda rather than history is your project, then you will naturally stack the roster with “special pleaders” and Marxist ideologues like you!

Since I know that, as Harold Cruse so aptly pointed out in “The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual,” nothing is duller than a group of Marxist “theoreticians,” reciting hackneyed dogma in styles that are the verbal equivalent of Sominex; blathering on ad nasuem in highly esoteric language that only a hand full of Marxist eggheads understand, I wondered why you did not invite me to add verbal panache and a erudite  counter-narrative to your boring Marxist clap/trap.

But you blurted out “We don’t want any Barack Obama apologist on this program!”  I was shocked; it caught me completely by surprise.  Your hysterical babbling was surreal; it reminded me of a scene from Ishmael Reed’s great absurdist novel “Yellow Back Radio Broke Down,” where a character suddenly  blurts out: “Mash potatoes on my mother fuckin chest!” Your response made just about as much sense!

If you feel so strongly about your position Tony why are you so afraid to have anybody present a counter view? When I was hosting a radio show on WBAI I invited you to present your position on numerous occasions and I have the air check tapes to prove it – yet I was not a Marxist – because I had no fear that I could defend my position….and if I couldn’t?   Well then I would abandon it in the face of new knowledge.

That’s how SERIOUS INTELLECTUALS behave.  You on the other hand are an ideological automaton – the secular equivalent of a religious fanatic – hence you cannot abide a counter narrative.  Like all Communist you wish to suppress or deny any view that does not accord with your Marxist line….motherfucker don’t you know THAT’S WHY THE SOVIET UNION FELL?

You need to hurry up and  and check out the statement by Andropov’s official ideologists as to why the Russian communist party collapsed.  Here is what he said: “WHEN REALITY CONTRADICTED OUR IDEOLOGY WE DISMISSED REALITY!!!!!”  That’s exactly what you are doing in your ideologically induced diatribes against President Obama!

You are an intellectual coward who willfully deceives himself.  Exactly what is yo beef with Barack Obama?”  You appear to be mad that he is not a communist.  Duh….?  Here is a reality check for you Dr. Montero: THERE WILL NEVER BE A COMMUNIST ELECTED TO THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES…AND THERE IS NEVER GOING TO BE A COMMUNIST REVOLUTION IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!

Let me ask you a question Dog: Why tha fuck would Americans ever choose a communist dictatorship when POWER IS ALREADY IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!   The problem is that they are too ignorant to use it in their best interests.  They are the manifestation of the fears expressed by Thomas Jefferson “A democracy will not work with an ignorant electorate, because they will elect and return the worst people to power!!!”  I know this observation goes againts your Marxist “theory,” which praises the wisdom of the masses before enslaving them.  Alas old H.L. Mencken’s “Boobus Americanus” is alive and well!

Barack Obama understands the political realities that he must work within…and he is clearly the ONLY FRIEND OF THE WORKING CLASS THAT IS LIKELY TO BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!!!!!   Your failure to see this means that you will automatically be dismissed as a deluded fool by all THE REAL REPRESENTATIVES OF THE WORKING CLASS…LIKE YOUR OLD FRIEND JUNE!!!!!!!

The actual leaders of the working class are the elected leaders of the great unions – although I understand as a doctrinaire communist elections mean nothing to you – and the one’s I’ve talked to view Marxist ideologues like you the same way the wise Ibo elders viewed boisterous intruders at a funeral: “Beware of the stranger who comes to a funeral and cries louder than the owners of the corpse!”

In any case Tony, there is a reason why Barack, who is younger than you – is the first black President and you are still running around spouting meaningless Marxist prattle!!!  Barack understands and works within the limits of political reality; he knows that politics is the art of the possible.  Barack understands what it takes to succeed in real politics, as opposed to political polemics: and you are clueless!!!!!   Just so you know: I wouldn’t take a million fuzzy headed Marxist ideologues like you  for one effective politician Barack Obama!!!

A basic question for the record Tony: if you can’t convince Americans to vote for your COMMUNIST program….how do you propose to get them to wage an armed struggle to achieve it?  It’s sad to see that after all these years, and all your study, you still believe in fairy tales!!!!!   Go ahead and have your little concave of leftist ideologues, where you slap each other on the back and each confirm the other in their foolishness!  But it won’t alter the fact that you black Marxists, like your white tutors, are irrelevant!

Yet I feel compelled to remind you that you are entitled only to  own opinions; not your own facts!  Facts are stubborn things that refuse to be wished away.  Yo, here is a serious fact for you Dog:   IF YOU WANT TO HAVE ANY LASTING INFLUENCE ON THE INTERPRETATION OF DR. DUBOIS’S LIFE AND LEGACY, YOU WILL HAVE TO WRITE A WORK THAT CAN DISLODGE DAVID LEVERING LEWIS’ TWO VOLUME MASTERWORK!!!!  Both volumes of which won the Pulitzer Prize for history…an unprecented event.

To have any chance at such an achievement you will have to stop with the feel good sessions, where all you leftist mythmakers congregate and prattle on ad nauseum, and get yo ass to work!!!!!!  As things stand Professor Lewis’ tomes is the seminal work that ALL SERIOUS SCHOLARS IN THE WORLD CONSULT!!!  You are insignificant as a DuBois scholar, and these kind of leftist talkfests will not advance your standing in the world scholarly community one iota.  In other words, outside of your little circle of leftist ideologues you DON’T COUNT!!!!!

As far as I can tell, you have made no significant contribution to preserving the memory of Dubois and his work!!   What institutions have you built that bear his name? What books have you written?  I on the other hand have founded an Academic Department in his name; it is the first degree granting Black Studies department in the world by the way.  And it’s still going strong after 41 years!!!

Thus I was a founder of the academic discipline in which you now make your living!  We convinced the University Of Mass to purchase Dr. DuBois’s voluminous papers from his wife Shirley and create the DuBois Library.  We gave her a professorship in the department, and we convinced the U-Mass Press to publish multi-volumes of Dr. DuBois’ unpublished papers under the Editorship of Dr. Herbert Aptheker….your tutor!!!!

I personally spoke before the board of Trustees in behalf of an appointment for Dr. Apteker as a Professor in the University, and I co-wrote a book on “The Souls of Black Folk!”  My essay, which is 200 pages and covers 4/5ths of the book, addresses three themes: the historical context in which the book was written, and analysis of the text, and a commentary on “The Doctor’s” intellectual legacy.   My modesty restrains me from repeating some of the accolades that have been heaped upon that essay in intellectual and cultural history.

WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TONY?  Why are you so full of yourself? Tell me what you have done besides exploit Dr. Dubois’ name and memory to promote your silly communist agenda….which has about as much chance of succeeding in this country as a snowflake’s chances in a pizza oven!!!!  Come on tell me what you have done to preserve the legacy of Dr. Dubois: “I’m all fuckin ears!!!!!!!

As I told you before, you remind me of nothing so much as the Hasidic Jews who endlessly study Torah as they wait for the Messiah to return!!!  The mere fact that you get so frustrated that you rant and rave and hang up the phone, like a petulant child who can’t have his way, is proof of how shallow your argument is!!!!  As near as I can tell your rap against President Obama is about AS DEEP AS A DRY CREEK BED!!!!!!

Over the years that we have been out of touch, you seem to have become a pompous, narrow minded, sophist Tony.   You are wise to avoid me Tony, because I don’t believe your critique of Barack Obama can stand up to the intellectual fire I will light under yo ass!!  That’s why when I spoke in Philly recently defending Barack Obama, I invited you to come and participate…I was right in yo back yard at Broad and Diamond, but you didn’t show.  You say I didn’t tell you the time and place; I think this is the flimsiest of excuses.  I believe i gave you all the instructions, but even so, all you had to do was e-mail me or send me a message on face book.

I took the bolt bus down and was online the whole while – perhaps it is unreasonable for me to expect a well-to-do bourgeois professor like you to know anything about bus travel!…that’s for the working class!  I had even announced that you were coming on Face Book. I was prepared to give you an ass whipping of epic proportions Doc!!!!!!

All the old soldiers were there – even Dr. Eddie Robinson, who is 96 years old and was a member of the communist Party and close comrade of Paul Robeson, Benjamin Davis, William L. Patterson et al before yo mamma was born!!!!!!!!!  The ass whipping I was prepared to give you on that occasion would really have been something to talk about!!!!!  Alas, in spite of your considerable erudition you can’t win cause of the shape you in…and I can’t lose cause of the science I use….I be droppin real science Doc; not that Marxist mumbo jumbo you be rappin !!!!!!

You see Tony, I have no fear of opposing points of view…that’s how it is when you are have never lost a debate in yo life – after nearly half a century on the battle field!  And I have no doubt that I will whip yo ass now just like I would have 40 years ago when you were a RAM Cadre…an armed revolutionary organization that I co-founded with Max Stanford – aka Dr. Muhammad Ahmed, at 23ard and Diamond in 1962!   I know you remember back then, because you recently reminded me that we first met on the night I gave a speech on African history on Ridge Avenue, and JOHN COLTRANE was in the audience!!!

That’s how I was rolling when you were a college student!!   Now Dr. Monterio, whenever you can pump yo heart and grow a pair of balls big enough to step to me on Barack Obama, just write your critique and I will reply and post them on “Commentaries On The Times” for all the world to see!!!!!  We can duke it out in a two hour special over WBAI FM here in “The Fruit,”  and we can have it out in a live debate if you like; here or in Philly…pick yo poison!!!!!!!

But know this: I think that you anti-Obama leftists  ideologues are as dangerous to the future of black people and the progress of all Americans as the TEA PARTY!!!!!!  While Herman Cain, Michael Steele and Alan West are Uncle Toms on the right…you Dr. Cornel West, and Bob Avakian’s wind-up doll comrade Dix are uncle Toms on the left!…Just like Richard Wright described yhall.  All of you silly niggers hate Obama and yhall will contribute equally to the election of the most reactionary right wing forces of the last century!  I think all of you are TRAITORS TO YO RACE!!!!!!!!

Your treason lies not in the fact that Barack is black; Sugar Cain is blacker than Obama and I would like to tar and feather that nigger!  No!  Don’t attempt to reduce it merely to race – which I don’t even believe except as a socio/political construction.  The science of the human gnome left no doubt about that.  Yet as a sociologist you know that perception is everything in the world of human interaction; hence racial oppression is no easier to bear because it is a sociological perception rather than a biological reality!

Thus your treason lies in helping to elect forces that will set black Americans back more than a half century   There is no question that the surest chance for dramatic progress for the masses of black Americans lies with President Obama and the democrats!  By doing anything to obstruct this you have rejected the ancestral imperative to continue the struggle for our people’s advancement.  NO ONE WOULD HAVE UDERSTOOD THIS BETTER THAN DR. DUBOIS!!!!!  I BELIEVE HE WOULD BE TAKING THE SAME POSITION I AM TAKING!!!!!!!!   If you want to debate that proposition Tony just say when and where.  Since you fancy yourself a Dubois Scholar step to me!!!!!

The reactionary forces in the Grand Obstructionist Party  could wreck this country, take away all of the gains the working class has made in the 20th century, and defer the dreams of their children for a century! But then…why concern yourself with such practical matters Dr. Montiero…after all, like Dr. Cornel West, you are a pampered, tenured, bourgeois academic who will do just fine pontificating on our misery as tens of thousands of government workers are kicked out on the bread lines and the unions of workers – who you pompously claim to speak for, another dangerous leftist fantasy – are destroyed in the public and private sector!

Isn’t it enough that you mis-guided “revolutionaries” helped elect George Bush by your refusal to support Al Gore?  That bone headed move resulted in 9/11 (because they were so fixated on encircling Russia with anti-ballistic missile systems they refused to act on clear intelligence that such an event was in the planning) And the world-wide economic crash – which wiped out the savings of many innocent hard working Americans) and also brought us the “Citizens United Decision”  which surely sounds the death Knell for what vain hopes you might have had of your communist agenda ever succeeding!!!!!!

In fact the Supreme Court has set the stage for a real Plutocracy…although in your fevered ideologically distorted mind you probably believe we already have a Plutocracy.   So go ahead with your leftist sideshow posing as an academic conference….in the grand scheme of things it won’t mean shit!!!!!  I doubt that it will even make a ripple in the academic community, let alone the wider world.

Tis a pity that you have chosen to squander your academic training chasing ideological fantasies rather than doing some useful work, something that can actually help our people understand how to deal with the forces that seek to destroy us, and offer some policy options politicians could convert into legislation…work like Dr. William J. Wilson is doing…serious studies like  “When Work Disappears,” “The Truly Disadvantaged” etc.  Or work like Dr. DuBois did.  An update on “The Philadelphia Negro” for Instance?  Instead you prefer the role of the boisterous dog who stands aside and barks as the caravan moves on!!!!

As far as I can see Tony you are ALL BLOW AND NO SHOW!!!!!!!!!!   You evidently fancy yourself more of a philosopher than a sociologist, so why aren’t you in the Philosophy Department?  I bet they won’t have you because you don’t measure up to their standards with your simple minded Marxist drivel.  Since you are so enamoured of philosophy let me suggest an important text by an eminent Philosopher, Dr. Harry G. Franks of Princeton.  I recently recommended it to Newt Gringrich – who talks about our President almost as bad as you – because it describes the essence of both your arguments succinctly.  The title of Dr. Franks’ book  says it all: “BULLSHIT!!!!!

Let’s be real Tony.  I have absolutely NO RESPECT for your anti-Obama diatribes.   I double dare you to step to me with your half assed bullshit arguments about President Obama; you may get away with that light-weight  prattle with your students and acolytes: but I will whip yo ass like a runaway slave!!!

That anti-Obama bullshit you  are talking may make you a hero to the deluded misfits on the moribund American left, but I see you for exactly what you are: a mediocre academic in a mediocre university; still holding fast to the illusions of your youth!  You need to grow that fuck up already!!!!  Alas, like all true believers – whether Christians, or Muslims, or Hasidic Jews – yours is a faith based analysis, which means that you persist in believing things for which there is no evidence, and you cannot face the hard realities of life without your Marxist religion!!!!!!!!!!

 Yo Tough Tony!!! 

Step to me if you dare!!!!!!

PS: You brought this public flaggelation upon yourself Tony.  I tried to appeal to your pride in private…failing that I am forced to peel yo hide in public!!!!!  I  have a mind to show up and write a critique of the proceedings at your conference…since you invited me to observe!!!!!!!!!!  You should be careful what you ask for…since I am certain that the conference will be rich in pathos and bathos; affording endless opportunities for biting satire and ribald parody.  You should have better sense than to insult your critics….especially if they are as broadly learned and can write as good as me!!!!!!!!

Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

January 28, 2012


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