On The Catholic Church and Reproductive Rights

   The Supreme Dogmatist

 A Perilous Road for the President

     Like a tornado that suddenly rises up and wreaks havoc on the countryside, the issue of reproductive rights for women and the role of government in enforcing those rights,  has sparked a controversy that has engulfed the nation and threatens to become a major factor in the outcome of the next presidential election.  At the heart of this issue is the question of the proper role of church and state in defining the rights of citizens in a secular society.

The specific issue that gave rise to the present imbroglio between church and state is whether secular institutions affiliated with the Catholic Church should be required to provide contraceptives as a part of their health care package for female employees. The regulations in the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obamacare as the Republicans love to label this grand gift to the American people, require all employers to provide contraceptive services and the Catholic Church is up in arms crying foul.

Just this morning Archbishop Timothy Dolan, of the Catholic Diocese in New York, was on television whining about being duped by the President.   Timmy says he was fooled by President Obama’s Notre Dame Speech into believing that he was a friend of the church…and now the President has betrayed their trust.  Oh bosh!!!!

Like all religious dogmatist who believe that they know the will of God, either because he speaks directly to them like the Protestant Evangelicals who are demagoging this issue at that Woodstock for right-wing nuts, the CPAC convention, or in the case of Catholics, through the Pope, the Catholic Church believes it has the right to take public money for church sponsored institutions, like universities and hospitals, yet deny legal healthcare options to thousands of working women – many of whom are not Catholic – because it offends the doctrine of their Church.

The relentless determination Catholic organizations is such that they have filed yet  another suit seeking to nullify the birth control regulations, even as they have a case on the way to the Supreme Court.  Aside from the legal issues involved here, the larger question is whether a group of pugnacious dogmatic eunuchs should be allowed to decide reproductive options for hundreds of thousands of American women.

These are men who know nothing about female sexuality; even when they violate their vows of celibacy, all the evidence shows they prefer buggering young boys to sleeping with grown women! So why should we listen to them at all?  Because of their moral standing they say?

Well, in a church that once called for the enslavement of Native Americans and after killing them off, introduced African Slavery into the New World; a church where the priest have raped the children under their tutelage everywhere in the world with regularity, and the Bishops often cover it up and assign them to other parishes unbeknownst to the parents, the Catholic Church’s claim to moral authority stands on very shaky ground.

Pope John Paul 

Tarnished by his refusal to deal with pedophile priests 

Furthermore, as a militant atheist, the Catholic clergy look as silly, dictatorial and out of touch with the modern world as the Iranian Mullahs parading around in their funny costumes. I believe the weight of their opinions should be confined to the church.

I have heard enough opinions from professors of constitutional law to convince me that the President will prevail in the Supreme Court – especially if Uncle Justice Thomas and Silly Scalia recuse themselves as judicial ethics demands since both men are committed Catholic dogma.   But Barack must also win in the court of public opinion if he is to nullify this issue as a weapon for the Republican bomb throwers in the coming election; where the votes of millions of Catholics is at stake.

Since it is estimated that 98% of Catholic women have used contraceptives, and the latest opinion polls show that the majority of Catholics agree with the president, I think he will win the public opinion battle too.  Especially since the Archbishop declared “We’re not in the public opinion business,” and defended church doctrine without regard to the feelings of parishioners; which he seemed to cavalierly dismiss.

The Republican pretenders to the Oval Office – a gaggle of charlatans, churls, and spiritually empty blaggards whose moral compass is a weather vane – shall demagogue this issue of women’s reproductive rights at their peril, because millions of American women will exact their revenge at the polls come November.  I can hardly wait!!


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem New York

February 10, 2012

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