A Star Is Born!


 Jeremy Lin….Who Knew???

From the Back Bench to King of the Apple

The incredible rise of Jeremy Lin from a back bencher riding the pine, to the toast of Broadway, testifies yet again that truth is stranger than fiction.  A Harvard educated Chinese American basketball player crashing on his brother’s couch in China Town, about to be cut from the team roster, comes literally out of nowhere and in six magical days rescues the New York Knicks?  And he makes his game with such flash, dash and high style a “Brother” wrote a rap song about him after two games?

No editor worth their hire would have touched it as the premise of a novel.  I can hear the legions of literary naysayers, with all the pomposity of their God-like power to decide whose creation lives or dies, offering an endless stream of “authoritative” literary explanations as to why such a story just wouldn’t be believable. Say what?

Lin reminds me of the bumblebee.  According to the science of aerodynamics a bumble bee can’t fly.  Any run of the mill engineer familiar with the physics of flight can mathematically demonstrate that the bumble bee can’t fly because his little wings are too small for his huge body.  But since the bumble bee doesn’t know shit about the equations of aerodynamics he flies anyway!  I’m sure Lin heard all of the smack about Asians guys being good at math but washouts on the hardwood.

But he decided to play past the haters and let his game do the talking.   He attacks the game with a grace, panache and joi de vivre that is infectious; he plays with the kind of attitude that brings to mind Cool Mo Dee’s rap anthem “How you Like Me now?”  I love it!  My greatest thrill in life is proving the naysayers wrong!

Firing Up the Garden!!!

 How ya like me now?

This kid is not only good for the Knicks and New York City, he is good for America.  This country desperately needs more role models for youths that convey the message that it’s hip to be smart!   He is an excellent corollary to President Obama aka “Chilly B,” who is the quintessential symbol of the brilliant hipster.  And he can ball too!  I’d bet my bottom dollar he is the best B-baller to ever occupy the Oval Office – since Dollar Bill Bradley didn’t make the cut.  Maybe Lin will change that too…there is no limit on this kid’s potential.  He could become the first Chinese American President of the United States!

Harvard Guys Got Brains and Game
 Excelling in the Game and in Life

At first everybody thought his performance was a fluke; the dude got lucky…entertaining but no big deal.  The question on everybody’s lips was …is he just a six day wonder?  Can he do it again?  And when he did it again the question became: “Can he do it consistently?   Well, after leading the Knicks to four straight wins in such spectacular fashion the he elevates the play of his team mates beyond the wildest dreams of cynical New Yorkers, who had suffered through 11 losses in 13 games during this young season, everybody is singing The Mighty Lin’s praises now.

Not only does he have his own hip hop panegyric, but his teammates speak of him as if he is the Messiah who has come to lead them out of the wilderness of humiliation and defeat in a city that loves winners!  He has brought real excitement back to Madison Square Garden – the most famous sports emporium I the world!

I became convinced Jeremy was “da bomb” when I saw him blow past the great John Wall and dunk the ball!   And after he scored 38 points against the mighty Los Angeles Lakers, showing off against their legendary guard Kobe Bryant, a future first ballot Hall Of Famer, everybody here in the Apple is convinced Lin is the answer to our prayers.  It’s beginning to look like anything is possible…the Knicks’s season could turn out to have the same kind of fairytale ending as the Giant’s season.

The most telling accolades are pouring in from the iconic players and commentators on the game; a very hard crowd to impress.  Yet they have become so enamored with the Jeremy Lin show many are beginning to sound like giddy teenagers who got to watch their favorite rock star at a series of concerts.

Former basketball great and TV commentator Jaylen Rose was hesitant to jump on the Jeremy junket, but after watching his first four games as a Knick’s starters at point guard, and calculating his stats, he gave Lin his props.  “It’s my job to be skeptical,” Rose said, “but this kid is for real!”

The greatest seal of approval came from Erving “Magic “Johnson, for my money is the greatest athlete to ever play the point in the NBA, who enthusiastically described Lin as “Charismatic;”  “Smart;”  “Always passes the ball to the guy who can make the shot;”  “expands the floor for the Knicks;”  “Makes everybody around him better,” and “plays the game with a big smile on his face!”

That’s as accurate description of how “Magic” played the game as I have ever heard.  It is hard to imagine a greater honor than to see yourself reflected in the image of the Greatest of all times.  I can’t get enough of the Jeremy Lin show….a star is born indeed!   The only question that remains is how long, and how brightly, it shines!

The Mighty Lin
Dunks after faking out John Wall
He Plays Killer D Too!!!!

The Mighty Lin is the Complete Package!
And the Chinese Girls Go….


…Oh Hell Yeah!!!!!!

Double click on link to see Jeremey Dunk on John Wall



Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

Februrary 11, 2012

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