Blundering Into War With Iran

            Righteous Anger of  Iranians over assassinations

 Barack must Restrain Israel!

As I write the worst diplomatic blunder in American history remains the invasion of Iraq, but that could soon change; for we seem to be steadily drifting into war with Iran.  It would have been a disaster if the US had invaded Iran instead of Iraq ten years ago. But now, thanks to the overthrow of the Sunni strongman Sadam Hussein, who had committed no offense against the US and would have made a powerful ally against Osama bin Laden, and the ten year war that followed, the new Iraqi state led by the majority Shiites has now extended the power and influence of Iran: The major Shiite nation in the world.

Hence invading this Persian theocracy now would be an even worse catastrophe that the Iraq folly.  Yet based on the latest news to reach my ears a war with Iran could break out any day; in spite of the fact that President Obama clearly does not want to commit this nation to another war – especially in the Islamic world.

Alas, the situation is assuming a momentum of its own as a result of continued aggressive actions and threats of attack from Israel and the US if the Iranian government fails to submit to the demands of the US and Israel to halt advances in their nuclear technology.  The problem is that there is a fundamental disagreement about the aims of the Iranian nuclear program.

The Iranians say their program is devoted to peaceful purposes; the US and Israel insist they are lying and that their real aim is to produce an atomic bomb. Since the US and Israel has decided that the attainment of such a weapon would be an unacceptable danger to both countries – although they have thousands of nuclear weapons that can be delivered with pin point accuracy anywhere in the world – they have openly declared that no options are out of the question to prevent the development of an Iranian bomb.  This includes the assassination of five Iranian scientists; an operation that has the signature of the CIA and the Israeli MOSSAD, and the Israeli’s refuse to say it ain’t so!

However the Iranian announcement of their newly acquired ability to produce nuclear fuel rods – a dramatic advancement in their nuclear technology – to much press fanfare makes it clear that Iran will not be intimidated by the increasingly hostile US/Israeli actions.  Iranian President Ahmadinejad stated his government’s position succinctly: “The era of bullying nations has past. The arrogant powers cannot monopolize nuclear technology. They tried to prevent us by issuing sanctions and resolutions but failed.”

This statement has led the Israeli government to openly call for military action against Iran since covert attempts to strangle the economy, hack their vital computer systems, and murder their scientists has not achieved the desired results.  They are even using the discovery of a bomb factory in ……as a pretext for a “preemptive” attack.  The US must restrain the Israeli Hawks; which means that our government must not cave to the Israel Lobby. Barack must tell Bibi in no uncertain terms: “Don’t do it!” And the Congress should support his position.

However, with the American fleet steaming in the Gulf of Hormuz spoiling for a fight, one spark could set the whole Middle East Aflame.  As the old blues man Person Mayfield warned: we are in a world of trouble and the danger zone is everywhere!  I will have more to say about the Irony and folly of an American attack on Iran in my next commentary..

 “Don’t do it Dog…..


……..Ya Feelin Me?


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

February 15, 2012

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