A Blues Man In The White House!

           A Chi-Town Blues Shouter

Chilly B. Stomps The Blues

Last night we saw “America as she is swung,” in the parlance of Harlem blues philosopher Albert Murray.  The hipsters grooving to down home dirty blues up in White House represent a sensibility that’s diametrically opposed to those who prefer country banjo pickers singing with cowboy twangs.   The country cowboy crowd tend to be Republicans, all the places where country music is popular the Republican Party is popular, “Red States.”

This is a pretty uptight crowd.  They are war mongers who hate unions, detest gays, have a love/hate relationship with black folks – they love our athletes and entertainers but hate the rest of us – the men want to keep their women barefoot and pregnant; take away their contraceptives to make sure they never enjoy sex unless they are trying to get pregnant,because they are terrified of unfettered female sexuality.   And they turned Jesus Christ the God of billionaires who would starve the poor.   This crowd of hypocrites and blasphemers want to jail people for smoking wisdom weed and make abortion murder!

These are the numbskulls who think that the best way to insure good government is to elect people who passionately proclaim their hatred for government as their major qualification for governing.  This is the Country music crowd; the blues people are down with Barack.  They are multi-colored, swift on the cap, multi-ethnic, upbeat and optimistic.

Like the blues, which Mr. Murray convincingly argues is the opposite of sack cloth and ashes, gloom and doom; the Democrats are optimistic about the frayed human condition and believe the role of government is to help make life better for all Americans and keep the game on the square by promoting intelligent humane policies.

Chilly B and BB King

Stompin the Blues

  It is no wonder that Chilly B fell right in the groove with BB stompin the blues on Sweet Home Chicago; cause that mid-west city with broad shoulders and a rich Afro-American culture created by the deep blues people who came up the river to escape the hellish backwater ofMississippi, has been very good to them both.  The blues are fueled by a heroic optimism in the face of unspeakable difficulties, and nobody in American politics embodies that heroic optimism like Barack Obama.

This was the dominant theme of his powerful speech dedicating the Afro-American History Museum on the Great Mall in Washington, a historical achievement of inestimable value to this nation.  “I want my daughters to see the shackles that bound the slaves across the ocean and the shards of glass that flew from the 16th Street Baptist church and know that injustice and evil exist in the world…. But I also want them to hear Louie Armstrong’s horn.”

There is no greater metaphor for heroic optimism in the face of daunting adversity than the art of Louis Armstrong, a sonic alchemist who turned pain into poetry and then into gold….That’s how blues men engage the world…I know, because I’m a blues man!

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Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

Frbturary 22, 2012

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