Charlatan or Madman?


 Sick Rick….Nutsy Cuckoo or Bullshit Artist?


Does Sick Rick Really Believe his Putrid Rhetoric?

Tonight the Grand Obstructionist Party will hold primary elections in Michigan and Arizona and it looks like Rick Santorum could take Michigan; which would be an unmitigated disaster for Mitt the Stiff.  As Michael Moore, an insightful social critic and native of Michigan noted: the Romney family has an influential history in Michigan.  “Defeating Mitt in Michigan would be like defeating a Kennedy in Massachusetts,” he observed.  Although should Rick win it all it would be a stroke of good luck for President Obama and a gift to the Nation.

Over the course of twenty public debates I have heard some really crazy crap from the Republican contenders for the Presidency – they really sent in the clowns!  When it comes to matters of truth, their allegiance is dictated purely by expedience.  There is no end to the silly and dangerous sophistry flowing from Newt Gingrich’s pie hole for instance; in spite of his Ph.D.   But Rick Santorum is hands down the wacko of the week.  As near as I can tell this guy will say anything.  And whether he is a madman or a charlatan, he is certainly delusional!

Over the last week Sick Rick has come out of his cave and we were allowed to see his true colors in the harsh light of day. What we have seen are by turns absurd, repugnant, frightening, and dangerous to our personal liberties at home, and our national security interests abroad.  It is no wonder that he was tossed out of his Senate seat – which he lost by almost 20% – and kicked to the curb by Pennsylvanians!  This is a man who by temperament and theological beliefs belongs to the Dark Ages; just like the Taliban in Afghanistan.

He may not advocate forcing women to wear veils, which no significant number of Americans would accept, but it is clear that Ricky wants to make it impossible for women to enjoy sex unless they want to have a baby.  And he has been mum on the question of the state forcing women to have vaginal probes against their will, in order for them to exercise their legal right to abortion.  The guy is even opposed to contraceptives….and passionately so.  Yet he has the chutzpah to stand before the nation declare his hatred of government intrusion into our lives.

The Grand Obstructionist Party in general wants to take us back to the 1930’s, before the New Deal, and that’s scary enough.  But Sickie Rickey wants to take us back to the Dark Ages of Medieval times, a time when Catholic Popes reigned over secular governments.  Just consider his remarks about President Kennedy’s famous speech on the separation of church and state – “It made me sick!” he says.

Yet his shameful ignorance of American history is such that Ricky obviously doesn’t even recognize the fact that Senator Kenney was actually making an argument in favor of Catholics like him being able to run for President without religious prejudice.  That’s why there is no religious qualification for President in the Contitution.

Left to his own devices Santorum would inject Catholic dogman in deciding public policy.   That would be a catastrophe for the nation and for Catholics in particular, because it would confirm all of the worst Protestant fears about Papal control of the Presidency!

On the one hand Rick masquerades as a pious man, but he lies without conscience in his quest for power.  And when he is not lying outright, he lies by ommission.  For instance, his scurrilous charge that President Obama is “a snob” because he urges young people to go to college is the argument of a buffoon who cannot distinguish reality from illusion; or a soulless charlatan who willfully deceives the people with lies and duplicity.  After all, this guy has more degrees than the President!

The Christian right wing loves to present itself as the keepers of the nation’s virtue, but their true nature is personified in Sick Rick Santorum.  And every time this pompous buffoon opens his mouth these days we are forced to wonder if he is a Madman spouting perfidious sophistry, or an amoral shameless charlatan who will swear on his mother’s grave when he knows he is lying… if it will advance his blind political ambitions and satisfy his lust for power!



Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New york

Februrary 28, 2012

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