On Sex, Hypocrisy and Catholicism

            “Father” Marcel Guarnizo:   A Strangelovian Creep

No Sexual Advice from Catholics Please!

       I don’t know about yhall but I’ve had it with religious zealots preaching to the rest of us about sex!  In the Senate they attached an amendment to the highway bill to make it harder for women to acquire contraceptives. But after the democrats wisely forced the Republicans in the Senate to go on the record supporting this absurd amendment, it went down to resounding defeat earlier today.

In Virginia Evangelical Republican zealots were on the verge of passing a vaginal penetration law that would have require women to experience the humiliation of having their bodies violated by state sponsored penetration of their vaginal cavities in order to exercise a legal family planning option.

The FBI defines forcible penetration of a woman’s vagina as rape…hence if the Governor of Virginia, who wrote the bill, had signed it into law the women of Virginia ccould be legally raped by their government!  Only the vociferous opposition of outraged women prevented passage of this law.  Yet these are the same pious hypocrites who prattle on ad nauseum about how they hate government intrusion into the lives of American citizens.

 Now we learn that a Catholic priest in Maryland refused to conduct a funeral service for a parishioner, quit at the altar mind you, because he would not give communion to her lesbian daughter who lives “in sin” with another woman!  Ordinarily I have no sympathy for gay Catholics; like black Mormons I believe they get what they deserve…in fact they ask for it.

The Mormons have taught for over a century that black people are spawns of the devil, its basic to their theology, but now that it is no longer acceptable to say such things they claim to have experienced a change of heart.  And some black folk are joining up.

I don’t believe a word of it!  I’d drink muddy water and sleep in a hollow log before I’d ever join the Mormons, and I wouldn’t vote for a Mormon running for the local Dogcatcher’s gig!  Until they publicly and repeatedly denounce the theological basis for their racist beliefs I say a plague on their houses and their cattle!  I guess I’m just funny that way: I don’t like people who don’t like me.

The Catholic Church is militantly anti-Gay.  And they are standing on sound theological ground because the bible clearly says that homosexuality is an abomination.  Hence any grown person in their right mind who is gay, and willfully associates themselves with the Catholic Church, is a participant in their own oppression.

It is reasonable to ask: Are gay Catholics masochists?  If so, then their relationship with the dogmatic eunuchs who torture them is a dream match!   However the case of Barbara Johnson is different, she was the victim of a priest with particularly masochistic tendencies, while trying to carry out her 85 year old mother’s last rites.  Without which her soul cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.  In Catholic belief this is very serious business, if somebody flubs the liturgical routine on this one you could end up burning in the fires of hell for all eternity!

But “Father” Guarnizo was so outraged that Barbara lived with her girlfriend he refused to travel to the cemetery to deliver the final rites.  Given the record of Catholic priests’ sexual proclivities, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Padre calmed his passion by hurrying home to bugger the altar boy!  Which under the reign of the near sainted John Paul might have won him a job in the Vatican if caught in the act….as it did other pedophile priests!

Alas, after the insessacent and incendiary gay bashing of their preachment, the Catholic Diocese of Washington’s apology to Ms. Johnson and her family is at best hollow sophistry…. and at worse damnable duplicity: “Ye shall reap what ye sow!” sayeth the bible.


Playthell Benjamin

Harlem, New York

March 1, 2012

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