My How The Mighty Are Falling!

                      The Rotund Rushbo: Racist, Sexist, Verbal Arsonists

 An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Yo Rush!

Now you have finally done it; you done really screwed up Dog!  It was bound to happen, because for all your verbosity you are basically a fool; an overpaid clown whom the Republicans use to attract the angry untutored white mob!  You are the bait to stir a feeding frenzy among little fish who are finding it harder to survive once the sharks have eaten.

What you don’t understand is that all the while they were exploiting your gift for bamboozling the hoi peloi, the Republican elite thought you a buffoon, a talented chimp, white trash with a gift for rousing the rabble.  Do you really believe that George Will, Charles Krauthammer, the late William F. Buckley Jr., Mitt the Stiff, or the Wall Street crowd look forward to spending a social evening with you Rush?  These people look upon you like toilet paper; useful, even indispensable in its place, but no one wants to keep it around after it’s been used!

Fortunately, your sponsors in the business of peddling commodities are amoral hucksters, concerned only about the bottom line because their standard of living depends upon it.  Hence they will kick yo butt to the curb faster than the Cisco Kid could draw his guns if major sponsors continue to desert you.  And the newly energized women’s movement is on the march to insure that more sponsors will stampede away from you.

The fleeing sponsors have more than doubled in two days.  It’s up to 28 now.  You have become toxic Rush.  The people who promote you, paid you grand theft dough, and generally assumed a lips to posterior stance when you are in the house, don’t really love you Rush.  Rumor has it they don’t even like you!

Most go about the job of promoting you like a circus performer who is forced to hold her nose and kiss a pig….because the show must go on.  Some are even ashamed to admit any connection with you in polite company.   You, in turn, are expected to earn your keep by serving up the rabble for Republicans at the polls and bring in the advertising dollars.

For years now you have exhibited an open hostility to the aspirations of women, who have only been seeking the full exercise of their rights as American citizens.  This latest episode is not the worst slander you have directed against women, you routinely refer to their organizations as “Femi-nazis.”

Til now you were able to mask your hostility toward women in general by disguising your misogyny as political rhetoric.   But when you viciously attacked Sandra Fluke, an innocent  law student, calling her a whore and slut because she defended President Obama’s health plan, which pays for contraceptives, you not only pissed women off across the political spectrum, but all the fathers of daughters…like me.

Hence while all of the gutless wonders and political chameleons who are contesting for the Republican presidential nomination have suddenly lost their voices, I would like to offer my unvarnished opinion of your scurrilous attack on Ms. Sandra Fluke, who shares a first name with my senior daughter – a truly pious churchwoman who works with teenage girls and understands the critical importance of contraceptives being readily available to them.

Hence when you called this admirable young lady a slut and a whore, I imagined that she was my daughter and spoke up for her in my mind.  Here is exactly what I said Dog: “Fuck you Rush!  Fat dope fiend motherfucker!!!!!!  Kiss our ass!!!!!   Whores turn tricks on their dates, they take the money and fake the passion.  Which is pretty much what you do on the radio Rush!”

“You make millions faking concern for the problems of poor plebes you don’t really give a shit about!  And since I can’t imagine any woman allowing you into her conjugal bed without being very well paid, I’d like to offer a suggestion.  If you want to see some real whores Rush,: you should look first in the mirror…and then in yo bed!”


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

March 6, 2012

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