The Easter Parade in New York


 This Cancer Surgeon is Sharp as his Scalpel!
 But he had Competition
 From Poet Don Raphel
  And Don Jaun





The Ladies Made their Fashion Statements


 With their Lovely Easter Bonnets


 They Come in all Sizes and Colors



A Different Angle 


There Was Drama 





A Different Angle






High Fashion







 Sometimes the Whole Family Wore Bonnets


 A Family Affair


 There Were All kinds of Bonnets



Fashion Eclectics



And Fashion Outlaws 


Free Thinkers 


Fashion  Subversives



And  Fantasy!

 Fashion Iconoclast


And Afrocentrists!


And the Bodacious Bonnets of Harlem Church Women

Yet for High Style and Male Elegence

Old School Ruled!  


The Easter Parade Was Bootylicious Too!



Eye Candy Was Everywhere


Everywhere you Looked one could see

The Object of the Commodores’ song: “Brick Hooouse!” 

They looked like Kinetic Ebony Sculptures

As they Promenaded About in Varied Costumes





 Stand outs in the crowd

Free Spirits!

Only in New York

The Cavaleir and his Lady

In their own world

Shongo and the Dragon Lady

Representin on the Fifth

The Long and the Short of it

Double Click on likn to hear “Easter Parade” sung by the Great Sarah Vaugh and Billy Ekstine


P.G Benjamin

Harlem New York

Easter Monday 2012
















































































































































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