There Are No Cry Babies Like Republicans!

          Joe Scarborough

 But If I was Marketing Mitt I’d be crying too

Listening to MSNBC’s early news show Morning Joe, I was amused at host Joe Scarborough’s tortured attempt to make a case for Mitt the Stiff as a courageous Commander-In-Chief in the absence of any evidence to support the claim.  In the face of swelling kudos from around the world on the anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden, Joe was vainly attempting to argue that had Mitt been President he would have made the same decision to launch the daring raid 150 miles inside Pakistan to take out Osama bin Laden.

Joe makes this claim in spite of the fact that Mitt is on record arguing that going into Pakistan to secretively take out “high value” targets was irresponsible; he scoffed at the idea as foolishness.  Furthermore, National Security operatives who worked with several Presidents that preceded Obama say they don’t think any one of them would have ordered so politically risky a raid.

Especially since his top military and intelligence experts advised him against it.  Thus we are expected to believe that Mitt, a shameless opportunist who excels at talking out of both sides of his mouth and is no profile in courage, would have given this order when the guy is scared to death of Rush Limbaugh?

Although Joe’s argument is silly and flies in the face of reality, it was very instructive.  It demonstrates why Mr. Scarborough was booted out of his Congressional seat in Florida, alas looking and talking like John Wayne could only get him so far, and it provides a preview of the problems the Grand Obstructionist Party will have selling Mitt to the American electorate.  The conversation this morning questioned whether the President was exploiting taking out Osama bin Laden for political advantage…duh?  Of course he is!  The name of this game is politics.

The more Republican flaks talk, the sillier they sound.  After all, these are the same people who constantly carp about the President having no record of accomplishment to run on.  This is a line of argument designed for nincompoops with amnesia.  It is obviously not directed at an informed citizenry whose memory extends past four years; they are all hard core Democrats.

In fact, Mitt’s campaign has put out campaign ads that are based on easily demonstrable lies, which proves they are banking on the ignorance of the American electorate – “Boobus Americanus” in the words of the late H. L. Mencken.  When the facts are considered, any objective assessment of the way we were when President Obama took office, and where we are now, will reveal one of the most impressive records of achievements of any President in the nation’s history.

Barack’s achievements swell to epic proportions when compared to his immediate Republican successor George Bush, whose claim to the office was, like Mitt’s, based on his business acumen; the first president with a MBA from the Harvard Business School.  Yet his policies wrecked the economy, bringing on the second worse economic collapse in American history.  And just yesterday former President Clinton, whose eight year presidency was one of peace and prosperity, accused Mitt of trying to reinstitute the disastrous Bush economic policies “on steroids!”

Aside from leading the country back from the brink of economic disaster and preventing the nation from lapsing into a deep depression that most economists believe would have been worse than the 1930’s by crafting the Economic Recovery Act, which stimulated the economy, Barack passed the strongest regulations on Wall Street and the banks since the Great Depression to prevent it from happening again.

Barack also managed to pass the monumental Affordable Health Care Act, and his first act as President was to sign the Lilly Ledbetter bill making it a crime to pay women less than men for comparable work.  He saved students billions of dollars by taking commercial banks out of the student loan business and saved a million and a half jobs by rescuing the US auto-industry.

Mitt Romney, his opponent, is on video tape opposing all of these measures. Hence the Republicans are reduced to trying to deny the President’s achievements by conducting a campaign of disinformation and outright lies.  It is an extension of the Republican plan to ruin the Presidency of Barack Obama that Robert Draper exposes in his new book, “Do not Ask What Good We Do,” a plan that was hatched at a meeting in Washington on the very night of the President’s inauguration!

Yet in spite of this scurrilous conspiracy, Barack managed to achieve myriad legislative victories of historic proportions that are far too numerous to list here. That’s why the latest Republican talking point designed to discredit this President is to accuse him of using the eradication of bin Laden for political advantage.

The Mack Man: Selling Dreams to the Untutored Mob
 Rivals the Mittster talking outta both sides of his face!

They even brought out that old phony and fake “war hero” John McCain to lead the charge.  Yet this is a guy that some who served in Vietnam, such as civil rights hero and decorated Vietnam Vet Hank Thomas, believe should have been Court Marshaled for his conduct in Vietnam.  And they have a good point.

The Unified code of Military Justice specifies that when captured by the enemy you are to tell them your name, rank and serial number.  Butt by his own admission big bad John told them a hell of a lot more.  That’s the real reason he played the war hero role down during the election while trying to profit from his tough guy rep.

Senator McCain is a charlatan who has made so many Faustian bargains the Devil has already claimed his soul.  I began the blog Commentaries On the Times with an essay titled “General Clarke is Right: John McCain is Unqualified to be Commander In Chief.”  Three hundred and fifty essays later my first has proved prophetic.

Left with no other weapons the denizens of the Grand Obstructionists Party are whining about the President reminding the public of their spectacular national security failures.  They are accusing Barack of employing the dramatic slaughter of Osama bin Laden, who had become “Osama been Forgotten” under their watch, as a political weapon.

Well….I sure hope they are right.  After all, George Bush landed on the aircraft carrier, flew in sitting in the co-pilots seat in a flight out to an aircraft carrier to announce victory over al Qaeda with a giant “Mission Accomplished” banner strung across the pilot house.  However the war went on for over eight years from Bush’s declaration and did not stop until President Obama finally ended it this year.

So, to the phonies and crybabies in the Grand Obstructionists Party, whose incompetence in National Security matters allowed the 9-11 disaster to happen, and failed to capture it’s mastermind for eight years, I say cry me a river….cause millions of Americans cried a river over you!

Mission Accomplished?

Playing Politics with War!

( To hear Bush’s Absurd Victory speech double click on link below)


Playthell George Benjamin

April 30, 2012

Harlem, New York


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