Mitt Romney Doesn’t have the Character for President!

  Would you buy a used car from this slimy dude?

 Reflections on a Lying So and So

By now it is clear to anyone who value ethical politics, and believe the President of this great nation must have a moral center; an inviolate sense of integrity, Mitt Romney is obviously not the right man for the job.  Unlike Barack Obama, whose squeaky clean personal life, rock solid moral principles, personal integrity, humane vision and unimpeachable official conduct, one does not have to make up fake horror stories to discredit Mitt Romney.

It is enough to honestly report his words and deeds.  The Romney campaign is based on blatant lies, both about his own and President Obama’s record.   This amoral approach to politics promotes cynicism among the youths and is a danger to the health of our participatory democracy.

It began with his first political ad, which was a deliberate attempt to deceive the public to gain political advantage.  During the last election a McCain Adviser was overheard saying if their campaign kept talking about the economy the Republicans would lose, because Bush’s policies had wrecked the economy.

Barack Obama quoted the McCain functionary statement in a speech, and the Romney supporters edited the video tape to make it look like Barack Obama was expressing his own views.  This is not a misunderstanding; it is an outright lie, and Mitt has been as silent as a feather falling on water about this perfidious deception.  In fact he has even tried to defend it when called upon to repudiate it.

Mitt is such a cold blooded liar that he makes claims for things that he is on the public record opposing, like the Auto-industry bailout; and he opposes things that he is on record previously supporting – like the health insurance mandate which he invented.  He is such a shameless liar his fellow Republicans had a field day pointing it out during the recently concluded Republican primary elections.

However, knaves and charlatans that they are, all of them are now endorsing The Mittster, and they are rapidly changing their tunes from laments to praise songs.  Although Rick Santorum’s endorsement was so tepid it amounted to damming with faint praise – it took thousands of words in an e-mail to reach his lukewarm choice.  Slick Rick reminded me of a circus performer who holds his nose and embraces a skunk because the show must go on!

Slick Rick

 Getting Ready to Embrace a Skunk!

They appear to forget that we can just go to the video tape and keep their attacks alive.  But as embarrassing as this campaign footage is, the most damming indictment of his character comes from the documented statements of Mitt himself.  For instance he now says he would have gone into Pakistan after Osama bin Laden, after going on record saying that he would expend no special effort to capture the mastermind of 9/ll.

He called such a policy reckless and foolish when President Obama said he would strike at high value targets in the global war against the Islamic Jihadist anywhere in the world, including Pakistan.  Some of the things Mitt says make you wonder if he’s abusing his meds; like when he chides President Obama for having gone to Harvard when he holds two Harvard degrees!  And his son also has a Harvard degree…whaasup wit dat?

There are far too many instances of blatant lies and shameless duplicity to catalogue here; it is enough to consider Mitt’s action on the campaign just a day or so ago.  When a wiggy woman at a campaign event announced that President Obama was violating the constitution and should be tried for treason, and asked what he would do to restore constitutional government, Mitt quickly told this obviously deranged woman he thought the constitution is a gift from God – sort of like the Ten Commandments – and assured her that he would act within constitutional guidelines.

The statement was made before the television cameras and broadcast around the world; yet Mitt never uttered a single word correcting this dangerous lie.  This was his opportunity to separate himself from the far right crazies in the Republican Party; like John McCain did when a woman on the campaign trail accused Barack Hussein Obama of being a secret Arab. Not so with The Mittster.  When asked by reporters later if he agreed with the woman he derisively said…”Of course not!”

But when the cameras were on and the President of the United States was accused of treason, a capital offense, Mum was the word with Mitt.  In a country with a history of murdering its visionary leaders – including the man who ridded American civilization from the wretched sin of slavery in the n19th century and the 20th century prophet who saved the nation from race war – it is the height of moral depravity to encourage that kind of talk in a gun crazed country by remaining silent.

As Dr. King was fond of pointing out, paraphrasing Dante, “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who see evil being done and say nothing.  Lying, slimly, invertebrate may make a good jelly fish, but they don’t have the character be President of the United States.


Playthell George Benjamin

Harlem, New York

May 8, 2012






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