Does Mitt Think We Are Stupid?

A Very Slippery Character
 Notes On a Corporate Raider, Tax Avoider and Compulsive Liar

Since Mitt Romney made it clear in his marathon interviews with television reporters on Friday that he has no intention of releasing any more of his tax records beyond the 2010 and 2011 tax returns –the latter has yet to be released – I am being generous and giving him the benefit of the doubt by calling him a tax avoider rather than a tax evader.

I based this choice not on Mitt’s morality, for there is abundant evidence that he has the ethics of a pirate, but because as a Harvard trained lawyer I assume he has better sense than to break the law by lying on his tax returns.

There are several tax experts who believe that if Mitt’s tax returns are carefully examined by a team of tax lawyers and accountants, specifically looking for instances of fraud, they might well find what they are looking for. They reason that given the amount of tax returns the IRS processes they might well miss something in a tax return that numbers several hundred pages. There are 55 pages that deal with foreign financial transactions alone.  One crack reporter who has delved into all of these matters is Nicholas Shaxson, who published his findings in the prestigious magazine Vanity Fair.

In an article titled “Where the Money Lives,” Shaxson makes a heroic effort to unravel the maze of Romney’s financial dealings and identify his assets –which at present are as hard to identify as Mitt’s real political philosophy.  Speaking of Mitt’s quest for the GOP presidential nomination Shaxson observed “Romney’s gray areas were again an issue when he repeatedly resisted calls to release more details of his net worth, his tax returns, and the large investments and assets held by him and his wife, Ann.”  Shaxon goes on to observe “Finally the other Republican candidates forced him to do so, but only highly selective disclosures were forthcoming…. Particularly jarring were the Romneys’ many offshore accounts. “

Newt Gingrich – a shameless opportunist who has now hopped on board the Romney bandwagon after calling him everything but a child of God – was contesting Mitt for the GOP nomination when his tax return was made public.  After examining the document Newt, who holds a PhD in American history, observed: “I don’t know of any American president who has had a Swiss bank account.”  Reading Shaxon’s article was like trying to read a document riddled with words from ancient Sanskrit, so foreign is the language of high finance to Americans of average means.  The fact that most of us can file our taxes on a couple of pages and Mitt requires a couple of hundred pages to file his taxes is instructive.

As a Harvard trained tax lawyer told me, the massive US tax code is all about ways to help rich people avoid paying taxes; and the more money you have the more you rely on the many loopholes in the law.  That’s why the overwhelming majority of tax lawyers and accountants work for powerful corporations and wealthy individuals.  It seems that Mitt has utilized them all in his vigorous efforts to avoid paying taxes, and yet he is running on a platform of further reducing taxes for the filth rich.  Off shore corporations in Bermuda, foreign bank accounts, suspect retirement accounts: you name it Mitt’s tried it!

That’s why the dollars from plutocrats are pouring into his campaign; a gift from the reactionary Supreme Court in the Citizen’s United decision that began the process of converting our democracy into a plutocracy.  Either this guy is a deluded megalomaniac or he really thinks the electorate is stupid….and judging from the poll numbers he may be right.

For only a woefully ignorant electorate could vote for a man that has pledged to take away their health care; ship their jobs off to China – for instance he refused to criticize the US Olympic Committee for having the uniforms for our athletes made in China – give more money to the rich even as the rest of us scuffle for our daily bread; reinstitute the Bush economic plan on steroids, and hide his dough in secret bank accounts in Countries whose banking laws are so secret they are favorite places for dope dealers to hide their ill-gotten coin.

And this charlatan – who is a possible tax cheat and felon – now demands that President Obama apologize to him.  Chilly B, has answered a resounding no!  They have no intention of halting their interrogation of Romney’s business career.  And if he thinks he can BS his way out of this without coming clean on his tax records, home boy sho-nuff thinks we stupid for real!!!  I have known only two people in my life that had secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands: Both went to jail!  One of them did eight years in the federal pentitenary for financial fraud and tax evasion!  Just sayin.


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

July 16, 2012

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