Cuttin the Fool in Public!

                     Insane in the Brain?


Is Rush Limbaugh’s Jealousy of President Obama driving him Crazy?

While there is no paucity of ready diagnosis for America’s maladies, I continue to believe the most dangerous threat to the health of our society is the epidemic of ignorance sweeping the country. Like Thomas Jefferson I am convinced that the ignorance of the electorate – Boobus Americanus in H.L. Mencken’s coinage– could prove terminal to our participatory democracy. There is no better example of this plague than the slavish attention lavished on Rush Limbaugh, the self-appointed and widely celebrated Philosopher Kingof the untutored, racist, white mob, and Grand Pubah of the Republican Party.

By some estimates 30 million Americans tune in to hear Rush unravel the bewildering complexities of the world; his omnipotence is such that they actually call themselves “Ditto Heads.”  This means the rubber stamp everything Rush says.  There’s no shame in their game.   Whatever Rotund Rush says, like the Pope, takes on the gravitas of dogma.

The Problem is that Rush Limbaugh is a verbose airhead who can barely distinguish his rectum from a hole in the ground; a gluttonous bloated buffoon with the instincts of a con man and the ethics of mass murderer.   His audience is composed of the same type of people who formed the foundation of the NAZI movement, Evangelical white Christian Nationalists.

He thrives among an audience composed of angry, disillusioned, white folks who average 67 years of age and feel the world has turned upside down. In the jumble that followed the collapse of the de jure – i.e. legal racial caste system they have lost their divinely appointed place in the American pigmentocracy that ordained white over black all the time forevermore. A black man in the White House means their worst nightmare has come true.

Rush is a verbal arsonist feeding the flames of their rage; a phony coporate shill inciting to act against their best interests and vote for Republican plutocrats – like Mitt Romney – who despise them. The fact that President Obama is their best friend in terms of his policy choices and humane vision is of no consequence.  They are victims of their racial myths.   And after listening to Rush Limbaugh’s racist diatribes they are quite prepared to cut off their noses to spite their faces.

In terms of his style and intentions Rush is the lineal descendent of Dr. Joseph Goebbles, the Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich – a point I shall have much more to say about in a future commentary.  For the moment I’ll suffice it to say that, like Dr. Goebbles, Rush Limbaugh daily spouts dangerous nonsense that the racist untutored mob routinely confuses with wisdom and truth.   Sometimes he incites violence with his reckless inflammatory rhetoric.  Since I have written about this elsewhere I shan’t belabor it here. (Search Rush Limbaugh on this blog?

To listen at Rush Limbaugh’s recent rabid rant about how Barack Obama’s Ivy League education created contempt for traditional American values, one would never suspect that Mitt Romney, both President Bushes, and all of the right wing members of the Supreme Court that Rush adores, also graduated from Ivy League schools. And that Mitt has more Harvard degrees than Barack.

But considering that Rush flunked out of Northeast Missouri State, and according to his mother he flunked everything, we can assume that the Rotund Rushbo has no clue what goes on at an Ivy League University, nor what it requires to gain admission let alone graduate from one.  Rush Limbaugh is a poorly educated, unread, uncouth, hysteric.  Based on what he has said about his act in interviews, Rush also strikes me as a complete phoney who is in it for the fame and fortune.

Alas, despite his on-air bravado, in deep in his heart and mind Rush knows he’s still the big fat wallflower he was in high-school; an overpaid clown who is little more than an entertaining side show like “Frances the Talking Mule.” The truth is that this colored guy with the funny name; beautiful brilliant wife; spot on kids; who is also the most powerful man in the world, is everything Rush would love to be: right down to his svelte athletic physique, handsome visage and smooth pecan tan complexion. This combination of penis envy, and feelings of intellectual inferiority is driving him nuts, especially since he looks like Porky Pig on crack having a bad day.

That’s why Rush is losing his mind in public as millions watch.  When these profound feelings of personal inadequacy combine with drug abuse and delusions of grandeur, we’ve got a combustible human powder keg spouting madness on the public airways.   The fact that ABC keeps a man on the air who is clearly psychotic and seems to be trying his best to incite some lunatic to  assassinate the President of the United States, or do harm to his family, which would lead to widespread disorder and possibly a race war, is evidence that Karl Marx was right on the money regarding corporate ethics.

“A true capitalist will sell the hangman the rope to hang him with if he believes he can make a profit!” Marx predicted.  Hence the executives at ABC, obsessed with expanding the bottom line, are willing to allow a volatile, racist, morally deformed, cretin to come on the air ranting and raving and disturbing the peace; providing him a powerful platform to denigrate the highest office in our land, just because they can make money.

Alas, Rush Limbaugh may be cutting the fool in public, but WABC – the White Apartheid Broadcast Company – is guilty of something far worse: Gambling the fate of our nation and collective soul for fool’s gold.  That choice may make them a hefty profit….but it won’t get them into the kingdom of heaven!

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He’s Heads and Shoulders above the Competition!

Barack is everything Rush Limbaugh would love to be!!!!!!


Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
July 17, 2012

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