Miss Ann’s Dancing Horse Lures Mitt to London

Annie and her horse

 “Mitt The Twit” is a bust in London!

Stiff as Herman Munster, plastic as Barbie’s Ken, Mitt Romney has been described as “insincere” and “apparently devoid of charm” in the British press.  It is hard to take a man seriously who comes across the oceans to see the Olympic games but swears that he will not watch his wife’s incredible dancing horse perform in the Dressage.

As is usually the case when he is allowed to speak freely; Mitt’s mouth got him in trouble.  Since his remarks suggest that he is either a bad husband or a bad liar, Mitt is dammed if he does and doesn’t.  One witty British wag called him “a big pile of Mitt!”

Another chimed in on Mitt’s speculation that the British public might not be behind the Olympic Games with the retort: “If not, it’s because they are too depressed by the kind of economic policies Mr. Romney is advocating for Americans.”  And when Mitt expressed doubts about the ability of the private security company, hired by the organizers of the games, to properly police the Olympics, a British commentator pointed out that the problem resulted from British organizers following his example.  Instead of employing good government police professionals they hired some security guards from Bangladesh at cut rate prices.

Thus far The Mittster has gone over like a lead balloon with the British press and public.  He has become a figure of ridicule for the press, public and even the political elite that he wanted so desperately to impress.  The Prime Minister reminded Mitt in a televised public statement that they were presenting the Olympic games in London, one of the world’s busiest cities, and of course it’s easy to hold the Olympics games “in the middle of nowhere!”  I’m feeling him on this; any New Yorker who has visited Utah knows this is a fairly accurate description of the place.

But of all the embarrassing questions raised about Mitt’s knowledge, character and sincerity during his London sojourn, none is more awkward than publicly announcing that he will not watch his wife’s horse perform – even though he is part owner and it is a great honor to have a horse performing in the Olympics.  I am puzzled by his attitude.

As a life-long equestrian I regard dressage riders as artists on par with classical pianist, given their mastery of complex technique and acute sensitivity to nuance, or great ballet dancers by virtue  their sensitivity to equilibrium, rhythm and grace.  In order to make it into the top ranks of performers in this sport one must gain total control over a Thorobred horse, one of the most magbificent and spirited beast the Gods ever blew the breath of life into.  It is an amazing feat of man/ beast collaboration that’s wonderful to watch. So either Mitt is the actually the stiff boring philistine doophus he appears to be, or this is just another attempt to hoodwink the public by disguising who he really is.

I think this guy is at heart a salesman, and he is arrogant enough to believe he can fool all the people all the time.  Hence spurning his wife’s beautiful prancing horse is but a transparent attempt to shed his Richie Rich persona, to pretend he’s down with Joe Sixpack and share their disdain for the follies of the bourgeoisie.

Mitt might fool the British….and Americans who know nothing of horses.  But those of us are into horses know that you can tell a person’s class status and Anglophillic proclivities by whether they ride English or Western style.  The former is the style of the European upper class, the latter is the style of the working cowboys on American ranches.

Hence the dressage is an art designed to entertain the European aristocracy; the genuinely American horse show, which puts fine horses and skilled riders on display, is the rodeo.  It’s as fast and exciting as Barack’s game of basketball, and both are American inventions.

Mitt Knows this, and like his fluent command of French, he is hiding his appreciation for the fine art dressage because it’s politically incorrect with the ignorant, provincial, right-wing yahoos he claims to represent!  But this fumbling attempt at deception  makes him look like a lying charlatan to thoughtful people.  It is no Wonder The Sun, a London tabloid, dubbed him “Mitt theTwit!  “Oh what a tangled web we weave/when at first we learn to deceive.”

The Dressage: A Thing of Beauty!

Horse and Rider become one in body and Spirit



Playthell George Benjamin

Life Long Equestrian

Harlem, New York

July 27, 2012

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