Blood On Her Hands!

   Out Damned spot!  Out!!

 Notes On the Slaughter of Innocent Sikhs

While the spinelessness of politicians in refusing to call for serious gun control in the face of escalating gun violence is understandable, since they must get reelected and their constituents are racist morons– the cowardice and relative indifference to the issue of gun control on the part of the press is disgraceful, a crying shame!  After each of these massacres by crazed gunman suffering from delusions of grandeur, we are quickly told that now is not the appropriate time to discuss gun control legislation because we will risk politicizing a human tragedy.

Yet in a nation with a casualty rate from gun violence on our streets that dramatically exceeds the casualty rates on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq at 34 deaths a day; if now is not the time then when?  The Republican flaks for the National Rifle Association, from whom many have taken money and fear their retribution, always offer the same alibi for the gun merchants – the death dealers: Guns don’t kill people, other people do.”

But if we take them at their word it begs the question of the role Republican anti-Muslim fanatics and their shills at FOX NEWS and WABC radio, who have been manufacturing anti-Islamic hysteria, played in provoking the mass slaughter of Sikhs.  The recent rhetoric of Michelle Bachman amounts to blood libel against Muslim citizens in the US that’s comparable to the blood libel against Jews in Europe that inspired countless pogroms – racially inspired attacks – in the Russian Pale, and led to the Nazi Holocaust. The fact nobody except this writer is drawing the obvious parallels between what Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck does on right-wing talk radio today, and what Joeseph Goebbles did during the Third Reich, is scandalous!

Consider the following remarks by US Congresswoman Michelle Bachman: “It appears that there has been deep penetration in the halls of our United States government by the Muslim Brotherhood.  It appears that there are individuals who are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood who have positions, very sensitive positions, in our Department of Justice, our Department of Homeland Security, potentially even in the National Intelligence Agency.”

Batty Bachman has made these charges in a letter to the departments of State, Justice, Defense, etc. And she has even targeted Huma Abedine, an aide to the Secretary of State and wife of former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, who is Jewish, and her fellow Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellis – the first Muslim elected to the US House of Representatives – as agents of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.  Ellis has challenged Bachman to present the evidence for her reckless charges, but she has yet to respond.

These outlandish charges have been echoed with a vengeance by verbal arsonists in right wing radio led by fascistic clowns like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.  So extreme is their rhetoric Bachman was denounced by fellow Republicans John McCain on the Senate floor and the House Weeper John Boehner said it was “dangerous!”

Distinguished Jewish Rabbis and the venerable Anti-Defamation League have called for Bachman and her Congressional partners in crime to cease and desist in the witch hunt against American Muslims. They can see the danger in this because they have so often been the victims of it.   But Batty Bachman isn’t listening to the Jews; she is not interested in what they think really, because  she is speaking to the protestant fanatics who call themselves “Christian Zionists.”

The latest mass murderer, Wade Michael Page, is an ex-soldier who has been fingered by the authoritative Southern Poverty Law Center as a white racist fanatic, and can be seen online bedecked with neo-Nazi symbols.  Like all of these shooters Page is a lost soul; he had even been kicked out of the army for being a habitual drunk and not allowed to re-enlist.  He had pretty much run out of options in terms of upward mobility.

Hence Page was one of those poor uneducated white males struggling on the margins of society, going nowhere, and driven mad by the fact that many non-whites are doing better than him.  It was particularly galling that non-white foreigners are getting on better than he was in realizing the American dream of affluence.  The ultimate example of which is the fancy talking black guy in the White House with an “un-American” name and many Republicans say is a foreign interloper who bullshitted his way into the Oval Office with lies and deceptions!

Since Page was dumb enough to believe an absurd scenario like that, he is the kind of permanently pissed off white boy who feels that white men are just standing by while the ‘niggers” and “spics” and “chinks” and “towel heads” are taking over everything.  He is horrified that pretty soon his white skin will mean nothing as the majority of Americans will be non-white.  Since Page has been a member of racist metal bands with names like “End Apathy” and “Definite Hate” we can gain entre to his inner life by analyzing the lyrics to his songs.

The words to his song “Submission” testify to his rage and confusion: “Trust is a prelude to betrayal/ Honesty gives way to deception / Compassion is weakness.”  In his state of confusion and impotence, this wanna-be “Mighty/Whitey” went berserk, picked up a gun, and murdered a group of innocent people worshiping in their temple.  Neighbors, former friends and acquaintances all say that he was always talking about a coming race war, and he was disgusted that the White Power “Warriors” are all blow and no go…just a bunch of tough talking pussies!

So Page decided to set an example and take action. The critical lesson here is that white male frustration and powerlessness represents a combustible social problem in our society; which if not addressed is going to lead to more mass slaughter with guns committed by white boys without the talent or education to compete in this society; nobodies trying to be somebody by committing spectacular murders against innocent people!

When we add their paranoid feelings of victimization by a federal government controlled by Zionist Jews – Which they call ZOG, “Zionist Occupied Government,” – in league with their Nigger puppets pretending to be in charge, and now Muslim Jihadist are infiltrating the highest levels of the ZOG, what’s a poor white man to do?  As crazy as this sounds to the rest of us…for these tragic misfits this is the real world.

After all the anti-Muslim rhetoric from Republicans in Congress, it is no wonder that this sad sack white boy, a genuine American failure who longed to do something important, probably thought he was committing  a heroic act by slaughtering the “towel heads” who are infiltrating our government.  Hence although Mikey Page may have pulled the trigger in the Sikh Massacre in Wisconsin, mistaking them for Muslims, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman also has plenty of blood on her hands for inciting anti-Muslim hysteria and celebration of guns that gave license to the deranged gunmen.

Just like the Alaskan Barbarian, Sarah Palin, placing a bull’s eye on Congresswoman Gabby Gifford’s profile might well have provoked the attack on her by a gun wielding madman. They should both be indicted for inciting homicide!  Mad Mickey Bachman may escape punishment in our courts for her scurrilous role as the catalyst for this slaughter, but she will not escape the judgment of history…as she wanders through life like Lady McBeth, crying out damn spot!  While the blood of innocents leave an indelible stain on her character and reputation.

End Apathy: Nazi Rock

The Mass Murderer is on the Right!



Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

August 7, 2012

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