In a Campaign Based on Lies…..

Public enemy Number One

 …….Telling the Truth can be a Dangerous Thing!

The rage and confusion on the Republican / Tea Party Right, that has that shrill nauseating shrew Ann Coulter screaming like a banshee at Sean Hannity, warning that the sky is falling, and Michel Malkin squealing like a hog on crack, was sparked by Romney’s Press Secretary Andrea Salk; who accidently told the truth.

Confronted with the release of a democratic ad featuring former steel worker Joe Soptic, who tells how Romney’s firm Bain Capital closed his steel plant, wrecked his community; caused him to lose his health insurance, and this led to his wife’s untimely death from cancer because she could not get the health she needed.

It is a devastating ad because it features a real blue collar white worker whose family was devastated by the amoral decisions of Mitt’s private equity firm, and Soptic concludes that Mitt doesn’t give a whit what happens to people like him…people just like the white workers Mitt is trying to win through lies and deceptions.

In a panic to explain away the narrative in the ad, Andrea Salk said if the Sopics lived in Massachusetts they could have gotten the medical services they need through Romneycare; the health care system Romney established in that state that Barack Obama’s healthcare program is modeled on. It was the simple truth, but it set off a fire storm in Republican ranks and the pugnacious right-wing punditry is calling for her head to roll!

But that may be the first time that anybody in the Romney camp has actually told the truth; so it has disturbed the natural order and the coalition of forces on the right Mitt has cobbled together is falling apart.  That’s why he just chose Paul Ryan – an extreme rightwing ideologue – as his vice presidential running mate, a matter about which I will have more in my next commentary.

No presidential campaign in the half century that I have been paying attention has been so blatantly constructed on lies. I am not talking about pussyfooting around the facts; I am talking about a wholesale assault on the truth.  Mitt’s first Ad edited a speech by President Obama that completely changed its meaning.

Then they took a factual statement the President made about the role of public investment in the success of private business and completely distorted his argument.  And now they are lying about the President’s position on welfare and calling the Affordable Healthcare program “A war on religious freedom.”

And then there are Mitt’s lying boosters, like the rightwing radio host Brian Fischer, who is ranting and raving to his idiotic listeners that Wade Michael Cage, the neo-Nazi mass murderer who slaughtered the Sikhs in their temple, was a liberal because he hated Herman Cain.  He went on to talk about how the Tea Party whites love Herman.

The fact is that the Tea Party is full of white racist, and they have demonstrated it repeatedly.  There are known racists of long standing who have been invited to speak at their rallies.  If they love Cain it is because he is a self-deprecating coon!   But the fact that he is willing to tap dance on the graves of his ancestors and repudiate their charge for us to struggle and uplift the least among us was not enough for Cage. All he saw was a biggity nigger who had sexually mauled white women.  Hence to argue that this far right racist Nazi is a “liberal” is a blatant lie that insults the intelligence of the American electorate.

It is abundantly clear that Romney believes the American electorate is apathetic and stupid.  There is no other way to explain the fact that the man lies about things that are so easily disproven.  Time will tell if he is right.  The problem for Mitt is that if you build a campaign on lies you must keep on lying; or your story falls apart.

The more you lie the harder it is to keep from contradicting yourself…that’s what happened in the present instance.  And it explains why all the Republican wags and bigwigs are running around like chickens with their heads cut off….Oh what a tangled web we weave…when at first we start to deceive.

 A Lying Rascal!

He will say anything and hope people are too stupid to notice


Playthell G. Bemjamin

Harlem, New York

August 13, 2012

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