Please Stay In the Race Toddy Boy!

                    He says women can’t get pregnant during rape!


Notes on the War Against Women

If the realty it magnifies were not so tragic, Congressman Todd Akin’s statement on women and rape would be hilarious.  Akin, who is the Republican challenger for the Senate Seat of Democrat Claire McKaskil, was enjoying a commanding lead in the race.  But in a fortnight he provoked a swelling chorus from the national Republican Party to quit the race. This rejectionist movement is led by Republican Paul Brown of Massachusetts in the Senate, as they all run for cover to try and avoid the toxic fallout.

Many believe if Akin continues in the race they will lose a seat they had already chalked up in the win column. And the Republican National Committee has announced that no funds will be invested in his Senate bid.  Yet, as I write, Congressman Akin is announcing on Mike Huckabee’s show – the former Republican presidential candidate who had endorsed him –  that he shall not quit the race.  I say bully for you Todd!  Don’t let those Washington part hacks push you around!  What a marvelous gift you are to the Democrats.

Mitt Romney, aka “Mr. Chameleon,” is his usual stiff, cautious, amoral, phony baloney self; pooting around equivocating and accidently exposing his true character. The problem is that the Republicans are already 17 points behind President Obama with women in the coming elections, and Todd Akin’s basic view of reproductive rights is the view of the Republican Party.  And that the Republican attack on their reproductive rights is simply the advance guard of a full-fledged war on women.

The scurrilous attack on law student Sandra Fluke by Rush Limbaugh on National radio – when he called her a whore and said she should allow us to watch her having sex on television.  He was defended by many Republicans and Mitt barely said a word in condemnation.  But this contemptuous attitude toward women is reflected in the Republican Party’s hostility towards the Lilly Ledbetter Act outlawing wage discrimination against women.

Their contempt is mirrored in the assault on Planned Parenthood which provides free cancer screenings for a multitude of women who could not otherwise afford them.  Hence is the fear that this multiple assault on the status  of women will finally be viewed in its entirety, not a sincere change of heart, that’s driving the male chauvinist in the GOP: “Grand Oppressor Party.”

Akin’s  claimed  in “legitimate rapes” women don’t get pregnant, and he claimed to have medical evidence showing that women’s bodies had the ability to shutdown it’s reproductive machinery in a real rape.  He also said that he opposed abortion even if the rape was real, and justified this outrageous anti-woman statement with the argument that it is the rapist not the unborn child who should be punished for the crime.

This statement sparked a firestorm, yet in reality it is the position of the national Republican Party. Committing oneself to a policy of forcing a woman to carry a baby to term even if it is the result of rape or incest has become a litmus test for Republican candidates in large sections of the USA today.  It is so common out there in the red state boonies that a reactionary creep like Todd Akin felt completely at ease spouting such dangerous anti-woman drivel.  And the clueless old fart actually looks surprised at the outrage it has provoked.

Consider Akin’s response: “I made couple of mistakes,” says Congressman Akin, “I made that statement in error.  What I said was ill-conceived…And I also know that women do become pregnant from rape…and I want to apologize for anyone I’ve hurt.”  For anyone who has actually seen the video tape of the statement – which has been looped everywhere in the mass media – the Congressman’s attempt at apology must seem too little too late.

I was overjoyed when Toddy announced earlier today that he intends to stay in the race no matter what the Washington apparatchiks have to say.  He is a gift that wil never stop giving….for the Democrats!  So I hope he continues to believe that his candidacy is an instrument of God’s will, and fervently press forward in pursuit of his goal. He says he does not need the support of the Republican establishment because his passionate grass roots support will put him over the top.  I say onward Christian soldier!


Playthell George Benjamin

Harlem, New York

August 21, 2012



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