Rudy Giuliani Disses Joe Biden

A hypocritical, racist, blowhard

 A Case of the Pot Maligning the Kettle

As I listened to Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani holding forth on Face The Nation, CBS’ long running Sunday morning news and public affairs show, I thought of the race baiting politics and racist policies Giuliani employed when he was Mayor of New York.  I was torn between impulses of laughter and rage as Rudy said of vice President Biden “I’ve never seen a vice president that has made as many mistakes, said as many stupid things. I mean there’s a real fear if God forbid he ever had to be entrusted with the presidency whether he really has the mental capacity to handle.”  I could hardly believe my ears: Rudy Giuliani questioning Joe Biden’s intelligence and judgment: What Chutzpah!

Evidently, like his cronies in the Grand Obstructionist Party, Rudy thinks the public is either suffering from amnesia or they are too stupid to recognize that they are being played.  Rudy sounded like a reformed whore who has become holier than thou.  After all, based on his criticism of Biden he must believe that we have forgotten his scurrilous history.  Let me refresh your memories.

This is the guy who nearly incited a police riot outside City Hall with reckless rhetoric when he was running for Mayor.  The elegant, gracious, politically astute David Dinkins was Mayor and much of the untutored white ethnic workin class mob felt the same way about him they feel about President Obama: like the world had turned upside down and things were falling apart.  Rudy Giuliani recognized this anger and sought to harness it with barely concealed race baiting rhetoric.

Since this was New York City in the late twentieth century and not Alabama in the 1960’s, Rudy stopped short of employing racial epithets.  He didn’t call anybody “niggers;” instead, he smiled and talked of fairness based on merit not “racial quotas,” while enacting some of the most racist policies of any New York Mayor in the twentieth century.

His sins were all the more perfidious because he had served as the Federal Attorney for the Southern District of New York, thus he was well aware of the wholesale economic discrimination against women and non-white minorities in securing contracts to provide products and services to the City Government – the largest contractor in this gilded city.

Not only did he do nothing to stop the practice – which was in violation of federal equal opportunity laws, he ordered all government agencies to stop keeping records of the race, ethnicity or gender of those awarded city contracts. In other words Rudy systematically destroyed the evidentiary record which provides the factual basis for class action suits by the injured parties.

In other words he rendered the most effective weapon victims of race and gender discrimination could employ to gain legal redress.  Hence solidifying institutional discrimination in New York city government. Yet this racist charlatan now lectures Joe Biden on racism?  The Veep hasn’t a racist bone in his body!

When we consider the question of judgment the “America’s Mayor” fares perhaps even worse.  Lest we forget, this is the guy who appointed Bernard Kerik to Police Commissioner and then recommended him to head the massive Homeland Security Agency. Fortunately he was thwarted in that ambition when the FBI investigated his fitness for the job and discovered Bernie was mobbed up!  Yet his benefactor, self-righteous Rudy, swore he hadn’t a clue about his protégés mob ties; for which he is presently doing from now until in the slammer.

But the most powerful statement about who Rudy Giuliani is came from his daughter.  When Rudy was the leading challenger for the Republican presidential candidacy in 2008, his daughter publicly endorsed Barack Obama!


Playthell George Benjamin

Harlem, New York

Auguat 22, 2012


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