Lies! Racism! Voter Suppression!

 A Belligerent Fat Boy

 On the Republican Strategy for Victory

Watching the speakers at the opening session of the Republican convention it quickly became clear that their themes were based on the series of blatant lies they have been telling about President Obama in their campaign ads.  And it is equally clear that they are addressing an audience who does not care about the facts. This is irrefutable evidence that they believe the people who are likely to vote for them are either stupid or, like them, don’t give a whit about the truth so long as it serves their political objectives.

Hence, early on it was clear that we were in for a protracted charade, a badly conceived farce masquerading as serious drama; a sad spectacle of po dumb rednecks applauding plutocrats and their shills who are pledging to take away their health care, destroy their unions, scrap minimum wage laws, and make them work longer to get Social Security.  And in the absence of affordable health care many will not live to collect on the social security benefit that they have been taxed their entire working life to pay for.  Well, that’s one way to reduce the cost of Social Security.

They are also advocating making it harder to qualify for welfare during a prolonged period of economic depression when work for pay is beyond the reach for millions of Americansm due to structural unemployment brought on by technological innovations and globalization.  The question arises: why are these working class white folks applauding this Republican ticket?

It is a self-destructive move, because their jobs may be shipped overseas any day by the likes of Mitt and his crowd of amoral plutocrats.  These people  would plunge American comunities into chaos faster than hopalong Cassidy could draw his guns, they can increase profits by relocating overseas where they can obtain labor at near slave wages and they have no right to organize. They have done it many times before, and it’s their plan for American workers.

We heard the “Weeper of the House” John Boehner, deliver a tasteless diatribe against President Obama that amounted to bearing false witness…which according to the teachings of his church is a mortal sin.  Boehner is an embarrassment to his lofty office, and raises real questions about the intellectual and moral gravitas of the people who repeatedly elect him to office.  They apparently  believe this crude simple minded palooka is a superior guardian of the peoples’ interest than the brilliant, progressive, legislator Nancy Pelosi – one of the greatest House Speakers of all time.

Then we heard the Governors of Ohio, Wisconsin and Virginia brag about how well their states are doing while denouncing President Obama and the federal government; whose Economic Stimulus policies made it all possible. All of these states benefitted from the rescue of a collapsing economy by President Obama’s policies; after their party’s president, George Bush – who has become a non-person amongst this crowd – wrecked an economy bequeathed to him by Bill Clinton, with a balanced budget and a surplus of billions.

The governor of Ohio conveniently forgot to mention that 1 of every 8 jobs in his state is directly related to the auto-industry!  And had President Obama not rescued that last major vestige of the American manufacturing sector, as Mitt Romney advised, Ohio’s economy would be in shambles.  The state of Virginia was largely insulated from the full force of the Bush Depression by the large number of government jobs the state enjoys.  To close the naval facility at Norfolk alone – the largest naval base in the world – would plunge the state into depression.

Then came that absurd loser Rick Santorum, who was tossed from his Senate seat and kicked to the curb by Pennsylvanians. During the campaign he cast Mitt as the devil, and now has come to sing his praises.  His speech was not only based on blatant lies about the President’s welfare policies, but he nearly dammed Mitt with faint praise.  Sick Rick was a dirty joke, with his barely concealed racist dog whistles.

South Carolina Governor Nicki Hailey was as dull, mechanical and corny as the Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal; another shameless suck up to white racist with East Indian roots, whom the Republicans once thought of as their answer to President Obama.  But then we heard him offer a rebuttal speech to President Obama’s State of the Union Address, and he looked so stiff and doophus I wrote a commentary titled “The Return of Hoody Doody.”  He soon fell into a black hole and we have not seen him on the national stage again.  I predict the same fate will befall Governor Hailey.  She is a shameless liar and a grinning, boring, charlatan.

Miss Ann

Praising her Boo

Just before the keynote speaker, the rotund governor of New Jersey who looks and often acts like a a barroom bouncer, they brought on Mitt’s “secret weapon.”  Ann Romney said she had come to talk not about politics but love.  She lied.  After a sappy condescending pitch to American women, trying to relate to the experiences of working women that she obviously knows nothing about, Miss Ann offered a syrupy panegyric to the Mittster; whom she first painted as the love of her life, she made a dead up political pitch delivered with great skill and panache.  The audience loved her…but not like Sarah the Alaskan Barbarian.

As for Fat Chris…well, after announcing it’s not about love but respect, which seemed to dis Miss Ann’s silly rap, it was the standard free market anti-government, anti-union, American Exceptionalist prattle; which is common fare in the Grand Obstructionists Party.  Hence his heralded speech turned out to be much ado about nothing.

At times he came across as a pompous windbag, belting out his lines like a circus barker.  Reverend Al Sharpton, a verbal virtuosso of the first rank,  called him the “Ralph Cramden of the Republican Party.” But he looked more like a belligerent Humphrey Pennyworth to me.  And he did Mitt no great service.  Of 26 hundred words, there were 1800 words spoken before Mitt was even mentioned.

Then “Jersey Fats”  returned to talking about himself and his accomplishments in New Jersey.  His self-serving performance lends credence to the rumors about that Fats turned down Romney’s offer to run as his Vice-President because he is convinced that Mitt is destined to lose.  Therefore Christy is laying the foundation for a run at the White House in 2016.

Christy may even be deluded enough to believe this artless diatrube would do for him what Barack Obama’s eloquent insightful speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention did for his career.   As I listened to this chain of fools, mountebanks, blaggards and shameless charlatans the Grand Obstructionist Party inflicted on this nation last night – all of whom sang the praises of democracy, yet none spoke out against the shameless and possibly criminal efforts to suppress the black and Latino vote – I was once again reminded of Shakespeare’s words at the close of Macbeth: Twas a tale told by idiots / all sound and fury…signifying nothing!


 Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

August 29, 20

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