An Evening of Crazies and Losers

John McCain: Deranged Warmonger

The Republican Follies went from Bad to Worse

           AsI listened to the ahistorical profoundly ignorant rants of Rand Paul, a physician who fancies himself a Constitutional scholar, early on in the evening, I thought things had to go uphill from there.  Not so!.  As the evening proceeded I began to notice a dominant pattern that alternated between crazies and losers. Those whose ideas are so crazy that they have yet to become the policy of the US government, and if they did it would spell disaster; and those who have held power but are currently losers.

In some cases they lost a bid to gain higher office ala John McCain, and others are associated with disastrous policies like Condoleezza Rice, and have been largely banished from any visible role in Party affairs.  Their appearance as prime time speakers at the Republican Convention appears to be some sort of resurrection for burnt out stars in the GOP galaxy.  By the end of his speech Big John had declared war on most of the world.

Then came Mike Huckabee – a failed Rock and Roll bass player, failed presidential candidate, and a jack leg preacher cum radio verbal arsonist -who strolled onstage and repeated every lie the Republican repertoire with gusto. Huckabee is false to his faith, false in his rendition of American history, and false in his professions of concern for the poor and working class – of whom Jesus said “as you do unto them you do unto me.”

Huck also bored us with the obligatory hard luck rags to riches bunk that fuels a fake right-wing populism; then inundated us with impassioned religious mumbo-jumbo!  It is amusing to witness the hypocrisy of Protestant Fundamentalist who try and reconcile their bible – which they swear is the literal word of God – with the heretical theology of Mormonism.

Huckabee has the cadences and impassioned delivery of the southern protestant preacher, but never has it been employed to more anti-Christian purposes.  His speech clearly elevated the imperatives of politics over the requirement to defend the fundamental tenents of his faith.  The Southern Baptist position that Mormonisn is not Christianity may be inconvienent for those who place political victory over defending the faith, but it is more honorable.  On the other hand Huckabee is as complete a fraud as one is likely to find in public life.

It is interesting that the Republicans chose Condoleezza Rice over Colin Powell or Allan West as the foreign policy/national security spokesperson – considering her awful performance as National Security Advisor to George II.  Perhaps it’s because Powell is too sane and West is insane.  So they chose a well-spoken hawk in silk stockings and lipstick who gave them a triple threat: a woman, an African American and a football loving Hawk.

When compared to the saber rattling jingoistic rhetoric of John McCain, who appears to be itching to start wars everywhere, the measured sophistry of Dr. Rice can succesfully masquarade as wisdom.  But upon close examination her ideas about the world are as muddled and dangerous as John McCain’s folly.

Despite her pretentions to great wisdom, like Lady Macbeth, the former National Security Advisor has blood on her hands.  And in the fullness of time she will be exposed by careful historians as the person most responsible for allowing the tragic attack of 9/11 to happen!  I have examine the evidence and have no doubts about it.

Those who would like to interrogate the basis of my argument for this claim should read my essays on Dr. Rice posted on this blog.  Some may think it courageous to have her speak to the nation…I think it’s a risky business, because it invites thoughtful critics to excavate the horrid skeletons in her closet.

Condosleezza Rice giving the Measure of George Bush

A Sophisticated Aunt Jemima

Suffice it to say that Dr. Rice’s speech was a model of erudite foolishness, accompanied by the kind of well-rehearsed theatrics that reveals her training on the oratorical teams that were so popular in black southern schools when she was growing up. When she evocked her parents I could not resisit envisioning her as a precocious little prig who would not hestitate to dropa dime on here mates in order to ingratiate herself with the adults.

She is still a shameless toady to power.  The audience love her corny rap, and none of the speakers fared any better.   Alas it was entirely predictable right-wing hogwash.  The speakers all hit on the same themes and the audience erupted in applause on cue like Pavlov’s dogs.

Then came the man of the hour, Paul Ryan; the Grand Pulbah of the Republican budget hawks: Except he is a fake.  He voted for every one of Bush’s deficit creating measures.  Now he has proposed a budget which if enacted experts say would throw 45 million people off medicaid, while give the rich trillions in tax cuts.

The Catholic bishops and theologians have declared him a hypocrite who professes Catholicism but elevates the teachings of the amoral Russian atheist Ayn Rand over the preaching of Jesus Christ.  Ryan’s speech was a symphony of off key lies; especially his criticism of President Obama’s stimulus program, and his total misrepresentation of the Affordable Health Care Act and Medicare.

Paul Ryan is a career politician and seasoned demagogue with no evidence of a conscience.  Judging from the tumultuous applause of his audience, and the fawning admiration of much of the punditariat, Ryan’s lies about the aims of the policies he is proposing might win him the earthly office he seeks – given the racism, ignorance and confusion of millions of white Americans and their endless supply of money to promote these backwards tendencies – but it won’t get him into the Kingdom of heaven!  This causes me to question Ryans professions of faith.

The Bishops of his church has called his budgetary priorities sinful, and he can conjure no text where Jesus Christ would bless his actions.  The concern for the poor he professed during his speech is contradicted by the Social Darwinist policies he advocates; which will crush the poor while the rich gets richer.  Hence I don’t believe that Ryan has faith in anything but money and power!  If he were a true Christian he would be scared to death that he’s gonna bust hell wide open.  Like my Grandaddy George would say: “Dat boy’s a liar and a fink / his feets stink / and he don’t love Jesus!”


 Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

August 30, 2014

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