American Exceptionalism and the Mid-East Crisis

Bill Kristol: Pugnacious Chicken Hawk

 Further Reflections on the Arrogance of Power

While most intelligent Republicans – walking oxymoron’s all – either remained silent or criticized Mitt Romney’s vulgar opportunism in speaking out of turn and lying about President Obama’s position on the attacks against American diplomats in the Mid-East; the Arch-neocon ideologue and far right activist Bill Kristol, came out strongly in Mitt’s defense.

“One can question the timing and tone of Mitt Romney’s statement last night.” said Kristol. “One can note he wasn’t as fluent and clear as he might have been at his press conference this morning. Still, the fact remains that the events of September 11, 2012, represent a big moment for the country. Romney is right to sense this, and to seize on this moment as an occasion to explain the difference between his foreign policy and President Obama’s. He’s right to reject the counsel of the mainstream media, which is to keep quiet and give President Obama a pass.”

For me, this statement is proof positive that Romney is the captive of neo-cons, although there are some advisors with different views. (For a thorough discussion of the worldview and objectives of the neo-conservatives see “How the Iraq War Was Hatched in a Think Tank.”)  Since Mitt is as clueless about world affairs as President Bush was, the neo-cons will shape American his foreign policy just as they did under George II after 9/11; a prospect that terrifies this writer.

Kristol, who always reminds me of Daffy Duck with an attitude, is a dangerous sword rattler with a checkered past.  He was the director and guiding light of the Project for a New American Century – from whence the policy wonks who beguiled George Bush into invading Iraq were hatched -and thus played a major role in egging America into war with Iraq.

He is such a rabid right-wing ideologue that the New York Times gave him column but was forced to kick his keaster to the curb after a brief tenure.  Kristol is part of a group of crazed rightwing egghead policy wonks that include people like John Bolton and Paul Wolfowitz, who believe a unipolar world can be shaped in America’s image through the promiscuous employment of military might.

I can think of no one who is considered a credible analyst of foreign affairs that has been as wrong on the big questions as Bill Kristol.  His continued prominence as an intellectual on the far right testifies to their estrangement from reality.  His role in promoting the Iraq war should have confined him to the sidelines for at least a generation.

Yet here he is still talking the same silly warmongering smack, trying his best to get us into a war with the Islamic Republic of Iran – which would make the Iraq adventure look like a dress rehersal – while we are still fighting wars he helped launch eleven years and four trillion dollars ago.

The truth is that Kristol – an impassioned American Zionist, was calling for an invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Sadam Hussein during the Clinton Administration because he thought Sadam was a threat to Israeli dominance in the region.  In a November 16, 1998 article published in the Weekly Standard, titled “How to Attack Iraq,” Bill Kristol rants, “It now seems fairly certain that sometime in the next few weeks the Clinton administration will have to strike Iraq. There are really no acceptable alternatives.”

Since this was over a year before 9/11 why did Kristol consider an invasion inevitable?  He tells us, “Saddam’s recent demand for the expulsion of UN weapons inspectors and for the removal of Richard Butler as head of the inspections regime is mostly a ploy to buy time…The longer the present crisis lasts, the more weeks the United states spends arguing with its allies and with Russia, the closer Saddam comes to his real objective: Finally acquiring chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them.”

It is enough to know that this crazed, warmongering, rabid American Exceptionalist with grand imperialist ambitions and his ideological minions are architects of Romney’s foreign policy, and observe the present anti- American rage all over the Muslim world unfolding as I write, in order to recognize that Mitt Romney’s election to the Oval Office would be an unmitigated disaster!  It would imperil the national security of the United States and threaten the peace of the world.


Playthell George Benjamin
Harlem, New York
September 13, 2012

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