Mitt Romney, Taxes and Class Warfare

How much tax does these guy pay?

 On Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Mitt Romney, aka “Mr. Chameleon,” has finally exposed his true colors, albeit unwittingly.  We have long suspected Mitt of being a selfish, sneering plutocrat but now we know for sure.  The secretly recorded meeting where Mitt lets his hair down with his fellow plutocrats, who paid $50,000 a piece to hang with him, gives us an unfiltered peek into his gilded soul.  He left little doubt that he ain’t feeling the pain of the struggling masses.

In heartfelt statements, perhaps the sincerest expresion of his beliefs we have yet heard from the The Mittster, he told his cronies that nearly half the American people are bums sitting around waiting for a handout, and since these losers paid no taxes they weren’t interested in what he had to say. Hence he was writing them off because he didn’t know how to appeal to them. Thus he was conceding the vote of these deadbeats and freeloaders to Barack; this was his constituency.

Mitt confessed that he had nothing to offer these people with no ambition, who feel entitled to a home, food and medical care and believe the government should provide these things by taking from the haves and redistributing it to the have nots through the tax system.   But since he will insist that these people take responsibility for their lives, Romney said there was no chance that any of these losers would vote for him.

The problem with this analysis is that the states that have the highest numbers of people who don’t pay federal income taxes are Republican dominated red states.  For instance 40% of South Carolinians pay no federal income tax and this is one of the reddest sates in the union.  Furthermore most the people who pay no income taxes are working, and working hard too, but they don’t make enough money to be taxed.  The second largest group is the elderly or people on military disability

However Mitt is only ticked off about poor people who don’t pay income taxes.  He is all hunky dory with the 7,000 people who mad a million dollars or more who paid no income taxes last year, or the 22,000 Americans who made between 500,000 and a million dollars who also paid no income taxes.   And he does not seem the least bit perturbed that 491,000 Americans who made more than 100,000 dollars but didn’t pay a dime in taxes.

We are still waiting for Mitt to release his tax returns from last year, which should raise the suspicions of thoughtful citizens.  Why does a rich businessman that has been filing taxes for decades, and has an army of lawyers and accountants at his command, need extra time to file his taxes? What’s he up to?

While Mitt has no problem with those making grand theft dough not paying a dime in taxes, he seems to lie awake at night fulminating over the gardeners and scullery maids who may be filching a buck or two and hiding it from the tax man – while he is hiding millions in foreign banks like a dope dealer. Yet the shameless verbal bullies in the Grand Obstructionist Party constantly accuse President Obama of waging class warfare.

But through the magic of video tape we have Mitt in living color dismissing nearly have the US population as slovenly parasites while reaffirming his belief that the rich should not be taxed to feed and heal the struggling poor…whose economic condition is proof that they are lazy and morally defective.  It that ain’t class warfare eggs ain’t poultry; grits ain’t groceries and Mona Lisa was a man!


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

September, 19 2012

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