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                  Mad Money Mitt Preaches the Gospel of Wealth

 On Mitt, Lies and Videotape

The recently surfaced video tape showing Mitt Romney pouring his heart out to his fellow private equity cronies – a group of avaricious troglodytes that Texas governor Rick Perry calls “Vulture Capitalists” – at a 50 thousand dollar a plate coffee klatch, confirms my worst suspicions about this soulless poseur who pretends to the most powerful office in the world.

Speaking from what passes for his heart Mitt called almost half of us moochers and revealed a really sinister side to his character. I have already written that he does not have the character to be president, based on his willingness to build a campaign on outright lies that he knows are lies.  And that he believes if it works the end will justify the means.

This attitude explains why Mitt did some of the scurrilous things he has done; he is a hollow man without a moral core.  As a prep school punk he bullied smaller students to make himself big man on campus, as a businessman he kicked workers to the curb after fleecing them of their retirement benefits to increase profits for investors.

As the governor of Massachusetts Mitt raised fees at state universities, cut taxes for the rich, and left the roads and bridges in shambles, along with an economy that was 47 of 50 states in job creation.  Now he is vilifying the poor for not paying taxes, while he is worth millions and there are charges from the leader of the US Senate, Harry Reid, that Mitt didn’t pay taxes for ten years!

The depths of Mitt’s moral depravity is revealed in his attempt to hide the fact that the healthcare system he instituted as governor is working like a charm…in fact it’s working so well President Obama hired the same economist that designed Romney care to design Obamacare!

But the greatest testimony to his willingness to do anything to win, regardless of the collateral damage, can be seen in his opportunistic and unprincipled piggybacking off a national tragedy to gain a political advantage over President Obama.  When an embassy officer on the ground in Egypt attempted to calm a growing mob with bloody murder on their minds, explained that the US government did not support the blasphemous attacks on the Prophet Muhammad which had inflamed the mob, even though the film had been produced in the US, Romney immediately released a statement condemning Barack Obama for sympathizing with terrorists.

Aside from the absurdity of it, Romney is accusing the President of an impeachable offense.  However on the revealing video – a gift that just keeps on giving – we hear Mitt telling his fellow trolls that he wasn’t interested in hearing a plan to solve the Israeli / Palestinian conflict from a Middle East expert and former diplomat; he would use any flare up in the Middle East to his political advantage.

The murder of the US ambassador in Libya by an organized armed force, and the storming of the American embassy in Egypt, supplied Mitt with the perfect opportunity to launch an attack on President Obama that would call both his competence as Commander-In-Chief and his loyalty to our nation in question.

This is the objective that shaped the communique issued by Romney at the height of the crisis when the President was busy trying to save the lives of American diplomats and citizens, working to defend American interests in the Islamic world.  Anybody who would do foul Mitt like that is not only unfit to be president – and the polls show most Americans agree – but like my uncle Birney would say: “That thar boy don’t even amount to a low down dirty egg sucking dog! “



Playthell G. Benjamin
Harlem, New York
September 20, 2012

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