Glen Ford’s Black Agenda: Mass Suicide!

An enemy of black America and the Working class

Further Reflections on Black Leftist Intellectuals

As the listeners to my commentaries well know, I tend to write about the great issues of the day in national and international affairs.  Hence I generally leave internecine ethic  squabbles to those commentators of smaller ambitions.  However when those squabbles, which are both ancient and endless, began to affect the course of the wider discussions on the fate of the nation, and the life’s chances of the broader Afro-American community, I feel compelled by an ancestral imperative to weight in.

Last week I promised to write a series of commentaries on the nihilistic trend among black leftist intellectuals – the out to lunch bunch –that represents a clear and present danger to the life chances of Afro-Americans, other non-white minorities, women, Gay Americans, and the working class in general.

This danger lies in their demonization of President Obama – which easily rivals the anti-Obama vilification of the Tea Party – and their insistence that there is no substantive difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.  Thus voting is an exercise in futility because it really doesn’t matter who wins the coming election.

This is such a grossly ignorant and reckless view, especially when advocated by a self-styled leader of black people and the working class like Glenn Ford, that one is forced to wonder if he is and ignoramus, a megalomaniacal charlatan, or – as an increasing number of Black people believe  – a sinister provocateur paid to lead black people and workers astray.

Given the choices, dismissing Comrade Ford as a pretentious, reckless, ignoramus is the most charitable interpretation of his actions. I could literally write a book on his dangerous errors.  But I have better employment for my time.

We need only consider the question of appointments to the Supreme Court to recognize that Comrade Ford’s position on the Democrats and Republicans is dangerous folly.  More than any other group of American citizens the fate of Afro-Americans has been determined by decisions of the High Court.

They can determine our life’s chances in America

Romney must not be allowed to appoint Justices on this Court!

The Dread Scott Decision of 1857 said: ”Black Men have no rights that white men are bound to respect.”  This decision put even those blacks who had managed to acquire their freedom through heroic struggle, like Frederick Douglass, back in the position of slaves. And the Plessy V Ferguson decision of 1896, interpreted the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment -which was designed to protect the newly won civil rights of the exslaves – in such a way that it created a legal system of racial apartheid that made black Americans an inferior caste under the law for another 68 years.

In 1954 the Court reversed this decision after decades of litigation, but it took the 1964 Civil Rights Act to fully eradicate the consequences of Plessy.  But the recent “Citizen’s United” decision will make it harder to elect progressive candidates who will represent the interests of the working class and non-white minorities.

If Mitt Romney gets to appoint two or more judges to the Court they will surely end all affirmative programs for women and non-minorities – in government contracts, private industry, education, and civil service employment.  Not to mention how his promised cuts in public sector employment will devastate the black community economically.

In view of these realities alone, and this is only a partial listing of the horrors a Republican victory will surely visit upon Afro-Americans: Glenn Ford’s black Agenda is a call for mass suicide!  He is a brown skinned Jim Jones, whose politics is as poisonous and deadly as Jonestown Koolaid.

Jonestown Kool Aid Drinkers

Glenn Ford’s Black Agenda will prove just as Deadly


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

September 23, 2012

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